Fiji Airways Reservation

Fiji Airways Reservation, flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Fiji Airways is quite old airlines flying since 1947. They have run a long way down and till now they have so many trustworthy customers, who are flying with them daily. It’s basically settled in Fiji, Nadi International Airport. 

Fiji Airways is flying both domestic as well as international locations. They have achieved about 13 countries and 23 cities worldwide. Their service and co-operation towards their customer make the flight journey with Fiji Airways reservation more comfortable.

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Fiji Airways reservation in-flight service

Fiji Airways reservation

Service gave either in-fight or on the ground by Fiji airways Reservation, both are while helpful, and staff serving these facilities are so co-operative and understanding. So some of the services which are usually needed for passengers are been informed below with a little description.

In-flight meals

An in-flight meal is included in each flight ticket of Fiji Airways. You will get a variety of food meals and voucher packs options on board. Among them, you can opt for any. How many times you will be served in-flight meal will depend on the duration of your flight.

So the options of meals will also differ according to the travel class of the flight. In Business class, meal providers are been prepared by some of the famous chefs of the renowned resorts and restaurants. It means you will get an exclusive taste in your food, that will be served.

And in the Economy class of Fiji Airways, you will get lesser options comparison to the business class, Even in the long haul flight for more than 6 hours, then passengers will be seared two meals with the drink or beverage.

Whereas when you are traveling in the short-haul then you will only get a one-time meal and that too will be a snack box with one drink like apple, orange, etc juices, hot or cold tea, or coffee.

In the flights of Fiji Airways will get a wide range of beverages and drinks, whether its an alcoholic or non-alcoholic both. Some of them are like Spirits Riji Rum, Absolute Vodka, Bombay Saphire Gin, Jack Danie’s Bourbon, Johnny Walker Black Label. If searching for Wine, you will get 3 options for white wine and the red one has 2 different options. 

Inflight entertainment

Fiji Airways are arranged for the full setup for entertainment for passengers in their flight journey. You will get a rage of entertainment stuff for all age groups. You can have a video to watch or even can access to audio to smooth your ear in the flight journey.

So Fiji airways have a back seat screen for entertainment in the flight of A330 aircraft and B737 aircraft. This screen is available in every seatback and can be used by each passenger traveling on any traveling class of the flight.

You can enjoy watching your movie or short documentary it can be either Bollywood or Hollywood. You can even change the language between the selective options you will get. And you can even listen to audio music or album.

Apart from this, you will even get to have a Fiji magazine in flight which you can get from the back seat. You can get all information or news regarding the Fiji flights on the magazine named Fijitimes. 

Baggage allowance

When you are flying a long distance, you have to take your luggage along with you carry essential items. So when flying with any airlines, they will give you a limited free baggage allowance for each passenger traveling in their flight.

There will be two types of baggage allowance one is in-cabin baggage and the other one is checked baggage which will be sending in the hold compartment of the same aircraft you will be flying. So there are certain limits for baggage you will be carried which you have to maintain.

In-cabin baggage

Baggage allowance for the in-cabin luggage for each passenger totally depends on where they are fly whether its international or domestic flight and even with the travel class change baggage allowance for in-cabin will get changed.

So in an international flight of Fiji Airways, you are permitted to take 1 piece of in-cabin baggage whether you are flying in business class or economy class. This is applicable to both adults and children.

Baggage will be weight as 7 kgs maximum with dimensions 56 in length, 45 in height & 25 in width in business class an in economy class dimension must be within 55cm in length, 40cm in height & 23cm in width. And as per infant tickets, one baggage of only 3 kgs is allowed to take in the cabin.

When you are traveling on a domestic flight with Fiji Airways, then you will get only 1 piece of baggage allowance of weight 7 kgs, for both adult and child passengers, whereas there is no such infant baggage allowance in-cabin.

Apart from in-cabin baggage, you can even take an extra handbag, which can be a camera holder bag, personnel item, laptop bag or infant usage item baggage, etc.

Checked baggage

For checked baggage allowance, Fiji Airways will determine it by looking over the flight type, i.e where passenger adult or child are flying to an international flight or in domestic flight nad one more thing in which travel class passengers have their tickets.

So on an international flight all over the world, except over the routes to or from the USA and Canada, the number of checked bagagge will defer from country to country as baggage allowance for each passenger with Fiji airways. But 1 piece of Baggage dimension must be within 158 cm (sum of all side, length, width & height).

So for international business class flight, 40 kgs checked baggage is given as a free baggage allowance, whereas in the economy class of international flight 30kgs weight total must be carried on. Apart from it under the infant baggage allowance, you will get up to 10 kgs checked baggage to send in hold.

In domestic flights, regardless of the travel class inflight, each passenger is allowed to take checked baggage up to 15 kgs weight as a free baggage allowance by Fiji Airways. In case if you exceed the weight, then excess baggage fees will be applied to your checked baggage, whereas each baggage up to 30 kgs extra is acceptable.

Pet policy

Pets are not allowed in the flight of Fiji airways, neither in-cabin nor in the hold of the same aircraft. Along with domestic pets, even guide or service dogs are even not accepted to travel in the regular passenger flight.

Though, pets can be transported in the Fiji cargo service. If want to send your live animal in the cargo, you have to follow certain rules and regulations to make your pet safe and secure in the cargo hold. 

So when you are playing to send your pet or transport any live animal in the Fiji cargo hold, then you have to keep the carriage of your animal stong and rigid. It should be properly locked so that animals inside can not able to break it, and come outside and harm themselves and other stuff carried out in the same cargo.

Animals like dogs, cats, birds, or any other domestic animal can be transported through the help of Fiji Airways. Before sending it to the cargo hold, their health certificate will be checked, their vaccination certificate for the safety measures will also be evaluated. Apart from it, permission letter with other essential documents needs to enter respected country you want to transport your animal must be ready and cleared.

Your live animal will not be transported as a free baggage allowance when they have food carrier and the carriage they will be locked have been transported all together. It will cost to transport in the Fiji Airway’s cargo service.

Though if you are traveling along with guide or service dogs, then you can send it in cargo with free of cost. Under the animal transport, there is a condition, that if any mishappening happened or any life risk to your animal, then the customer will be totally responsible for it. Fiji Airways will not take any responsibility for that.

Travel with infant

Infant traveling is something that Fiji Airways take too much care for, as the safety of the baby is much more important. So while you will be traveling with an infant, you will be an extension safety belt in the flight. 

The infant can not occupy a separate passenger seat in flight and can not travel alone even. So an adult must be accommodating with them and an infant has to sit over the lap of the adult. Apart from it if you can carry the car seat for an infant, then you can purchase an infant seat with the child ticket fare.

One adult passenger can travel along with at least 2 infants along with them. One will sit on the lap and the other one will hold the passenger seat on board which will be cost as child fare ticket. In the flight you can also avail Bassinets for your infant, you can collect it from the check-in point only.

Despite traveling over the lap, you have to book a separate ticket of your infant that will cost you according to the infant fare decided by Fiji Airways. Infant age starting from 7 days till 2 years is acceptable as an infant, after this age bar you have to book a separate seat in the flight with child fare.

Pregnancy policy

Pregnancy is considered to be a medical state by Fiji Airways. So whenever ant pregnant passenger is traveling they have to go under certain rules and instructions to get approval for the Fiji Airways staff.

So first of all its been suggested in general that if your health is not good, then please avoid air travel. Apart from this, if you have any complications in your pregnancy, then Fiji airways will not accept in-flight to fly.

If you have everything good, fir to travel then Fiji airway will accept pregnant passengers till the 35th week of pregnancy. You have to submit the medical certificate to the staff of Fiji Airways at the airport which must have the signature of the valid doctor who is treating your pregnancy.

Medical must contain detail about your health and fitness, not having nay complication, and must mention the expected day. And even the type of pregnancy whether its a single or multiple pregnancies.

You have to fill one medical form which has been issued on behave of Fiji Airways, only for the safety measures of the pregnant mother and the baby she is carrying.
Medical clearance form by Fiji Airways.


Contacting Fiji Airways is not a very hard task. You can easily get in contact with the Fiji Airways customer support team. They are quite co-operative and understand your queries and give solutions to it accordingly. So there will be many resources to get in touch with them.

Phone number

So there are several phone numbers by which you can contact them. and each country has a separate Fiji Airways reservation customer-based support team who is solving the problems of the customers with possible solutions. They are available 24 hours a day for your Fiji airways reservation queries to solve. The general number for country Fiji are:

  • +679 672 0888 or
  • +679 330 4388

Email ID

So you can even contact them through their email id. You can write down all the complaints or suggestions you have apart form it you can even enquire about your problem solution through the mail. SO the mail id of Fiji Airway is:


Though the address of Fiji airways will differ from each country so, the registered address of co-operating office of the Fiji Airways is in

Nasoso Rd,
Fiji Islands

Social media

As everything is growing digitally, so the social media platform plays a crucial role to get more updated. So Fiji Airways has many social media accounts over different platforms. And customers following these accounts will get to know the needful information they may need.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last-minute unpublished call only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

Fiji Airways Covid Policies

Fiji Airways has made flexible policies for its customer so that they can travel with all their comfort.

Safety measures

  • Wearing a mask every time while traveling should be the first priority of the passengers.
  • Every surface is sanitized in the airport as well as in the flight.
  • You will not see any Fiji staff without the PPE kit.
  • You are requested to check in online to save your time and avoid contact.
  • There is a special service available only by Fiji Airways, that some of the hotels will send your baggage to the airport by contacting the Fiji staff, only the hotels which are connected with Fiji.
  • You can download FijiMagazine for an online magazine.
  • Download the careFiji app for downloading the boarding pass online.
  • Social distancing will be maintained at the airport.
  • Baggage kiosks are installed at the airport.
  • A Health declaration will be needed to be filled and your temperature will be checked at the airport.
  • Customer Wellness Champions will be available for the customers on board for any health-related issue.
  • Food and beverages shops are working but only with cashless payments.
  • You won’t be allowed to change the seats once you are seated in the flight.
  • The Fiji Aircraft have cleaned after every flight keeping in mind all the sanitization policies.
  • The aircraft have filters installed for clean and fresh air.

Travel Requirements

  • Different countries have different requirements. See the requirements and carry all the documents required along with you.
  • Almost everywhere, the covid negative report is asked, so make sure to get yourself a test and report before taking the flight.
  • The destinations requirements might change at any time, try to stay updated with them.

Booking related query

  • Those whose tickets were canceled by the airway can get their flights rescheduled, get credit for the flight which can be used ill December 2022 on the next flight, or can be refunded.
  • Extra charge for changing the flight status won’t be charged.

Fiji Airways is always there for you to travel safely.