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Sunwing Airlines Reservations, Flights Seats Online Booking Tips

The airline is a Canadian low-cost base and has its headquarter in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario. Sunwing Airlines is flying from Canada and the USA to a destination within the USA, South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

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Sunwing Airlines Reservations, Flights Seats Online Booking

However, if you are interested in getting some tips & reservation information about Sunwing Airlines, read this article. We will talk about how can you reserve seats on Sunwing, when can you select seats, what is Sunwing booking number, etc.

The airline during the summer season offers domestic services all over Canada and European Cities as well. Also, the airline operates seasonal flights from all over 30 local Canadian gateways like Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport, Calgary International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and Edmonton International Airport.


Sunwing Airlines Reservations

It became the second-largest tour operator in the Ontario area in 2004. Mark Williams former employee of Skyservice asked Colin Hunter the CEO of Sunwing travel group to start the airline. And they decided in a few weeks to launch the airline. November 2005, they started with a Boeing 737-800 flying from Toronto was the airline’s inaugural flight. And Sunwing started to operate its first direction in December 2005 from Sudbury, Ontario to Varadero, Cuba, as of its first international flights. By November 2006 the airline flew for the first time out of Montreal. In 2008 the airline developed to operate in 29 cities. 

Sunwing finalized $350 million to get two Boeing 737-800 and four Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft from Air Lease Corporation in 2015. Seneca College and the University of Waterloo began a partnership with Sunwing in 2016 from the cadet program that includes flight and mentoring training through Sunwing. The airline got delivery fo their first Boeing 737 Max 8 on 25th May 2018. 

Why Choose Sunwing?

  • Comfort: The award-winning inflight service began your vacation off in style
  • Efficiency: The Boeing 737 recommends an optimized offering from innovative technology with an important reduction in fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
  • Unbeatable prices: Using the greatest fuel-efficient aircraft which has less impact on your wallet and the environment.
  • Performance: The Boeing 737-800 extends the most reliable record for on-time departures and arrivals.
  • Experience: The Boeing Sky Interior emphasizes a modern design that creates more comfort and more legroom.
  • Reliability: The precise design philosophy provides for extended flight time and less expected delays due to maintenance inspections.


Sunwing Airlines flies to across the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba, Central, and South America. And the popular destinations are Varadero, Punta Cana, Cancun, and Montego Bay.

In Canada, the airline serves various domestic routes, like Toronto to Vancouver that flew daily as of Summer 2015. Other connections are Stephenville, Gander and St John’s from Toronto. As of Summer 2015, the airline served service to Caribbean destinations from Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Houston, Lansing, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Rockford. Also, the airline operates flights all over Europe. 

Sunwing Airlines Reservations inflight service

Inflight services are different by flight time and destination. The award-winning inflight service is fit in all flights bought as part of a vacation package to the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico but not for the USA and within Canada flights.

✈Sunwing Fleet

Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737 MAX 8

🍴Food and beverage

The crew is offering free complimentary wine with the selection of juice or soft drink which is not available on a trip within Canada or the U.S. And for the food and snack, they have a very vast menu but that’s chargeable and for the payment, they only accept credit cards.  

🧒Children activity kids

The airline is providing a backpack supplied with different activities to use on the flight which includes activity books with puzzles and coloring projects. And the gifted beach ball. 

📺In-flight entertainment 

They are offering 8 audio channels with the option of Jazz, Classical, Children’s or Country tunes for the passengers to make their trip much happier. 

🏬Duty-free shopping

Sunwing offers in-flight Duty-Free from your seat, that you can buy products at unbelievable savings. We suggest an extensive range of products including colognes, jewelry, spirits, cigarettes, and gift articles. Onboard Duty-free shopping is not available for all destinations like on flights to and from Florida, despite, you can pre-order duty-free to be achieved on your return flight. Furthermore, onboard service can be done pre-order duty-free which will be given right to your seat but pre-order is not available from Charlottetown, Gander, Windsor and flights to the US.

For more insight regarding the pre-order services and shopping, you can click here.


Carry-on baggage for one piece with a max weight of 5kg and maximum dimensions of 23*40*51 cm is complimentary.for the checked baggage, first bag as a part of the package with mac weight of 23 kg is complimentary. For the extra baggage with 23kg, you need to pay 36.75 (USD/CAD).

Sunwing Airlines Reservations/Cancelation/Changing An Air

For the booking reservation, you can either book on or booking on sale Center 1-877-SUNWING

For changing the air booking you can do it up to 45 days before departure with the fee payment of $50 per file. If the price reduces no refund will be returned but if the price increase, you need to pay the extra charges. Name changes are coming as a cancelation option. 

For the cancelation need to check the beneath the table.

Sunwing airlines cancellation, Sunwing airlines reservations

Optional Services 

There are optional services that airlines charges with the fee to be as follow:

Elite Plus upgrade

Up to 6 inches of more legroom, advance seat selection, priority boarding and check-in, even you are allowed to increase your baggage allowance up to 30kg and priority of baggage handling. All in only $50 (USD/CAD) per flight.

Advanced seat selection

For all routes, be it domestic or international flight there are considered to be an extra charge of $20 (USD/CAD) per flight and per passenger. 


Per person, per flight is $3 (USD/CAD) per headset and it is not available on all routes. 

Additional products

Other services that the airline is providing for the passengers are blanket, backpack, pillow, eye shades all in $12 (USD/CAD) per kit.

Sunwing booking number, customer service and support

The airline provided the Sunwing app to download on Android (Google Play) and IOS (Apple Store) and free international calling app.
For the support, compliment, and question you can give your feedback here.

Social Media 

You can get in touch with the latest news, updates, and offers from Sunwing Airlines by joining their social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Even you can share your reviews and feedback to help the airline improve itself and other passengers to make a better decision regarding their trip using your experience.

Dial our toll-free reservation and booking number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate & special offer on Sunwing airlines online booking reservations.

Frequently asked questions

What if the price drops down once I booked the flight?

If the price gets to drop down after booking the flight, the company makes sure to refund the extra payment but it is applicable only for those tickets which are before 90 days of the flight departure. For more information check here

Where can I get more information related to the right of passengers? 

For more information related to the right of passengers, you are requested to check or Airline Travel information, passenger care by clicking in here and Canada Transport Agency at

How much before the flight departure I have to be at the airport? 

The Airline is recommending you to reach an airport 3 hours before your flight departure.

How to claim the luggage that was damaged? 

You need to immediately inform the Sunwing Airlines representatives in the baggage hall. But in case you notice the damage after leaving the airport, you can claim within 7 days of your arrival using this link 👉, but you have to ensure the baggage tag is still attached. Your detail will remain in their system and they let you know about the latest updates. 

How to get help with the lost items in flight?

For any mishappening regarding your items lost in Sunwing Airlines, you need to contact to Sunwing Airline’s baggage department by email on And in case of being far by the destination, you can contact your Sunwing representative.

If the flight has a delay and I don’t fly with it, how do I claim for it? 

You can click here to acquire proper information. And check the online website to make a claim directly. 

Sunwing Airlines


Seat comfort
In-flight entertainment (WiFi, TV, films)
Onboard Experience
Customer service
Value for money
Check-in and boarding
Food and beverage


This is a Canadian low-cost airline. And the headquarter is in Etobicoke, Toronto. It offers services to Canada and the U.S to the destination in the U.S, Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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