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United Airlines is the third largest airline around the world in the United States of America and specifically well-known for operating a large domestic and international route network spanning cities large and small across the United States and all six continents. The airline has been serving its well-appreciated air flight services to various destinations across the globe. When measuring United airlines by its fleet size and number of routes it operates, it is recognized as the third-largest airline in the world.

United Airlines is a major US airline based in Chicago, Illinois. United Airlines was first founded in 1926 as a postal service airline called Varney Air Lines and has since developed into the world’s third-largest leading airline.

In 2019, United Airlines ranked fourth in the domestic market share of American airlines, accounting for about 15% of the market share. The main competitors are Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Airlines. United Airlines currently operates nine aviation hubs, the main hubs are located in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Newark and San Francisco. Other airports are in Guam, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Washington, DC. Chicago O’Hare International Airport is United’s largest hub, and the number of passengers in 2019 will exceed 1,06 million.

In the year 2019, the number of passengers on United Airlines exceeded 162.4 million revenue passengers. United Airlines generated more than $1 billion in baggage fees that year. The airline’s parent company, United Continental Holdings, generated more than $4.2 billion in sales in 2019, which is one of the founding members of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance.

Here we are giving you all the information related to the United Airlines reservation policy, that you can use while making a booking through United Airlines. But in case you are still stuck with them for any services, feel free to call us on +1-800-831-1547 or you can buy their services directly from us through treknova.com

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United Express the impartial carrier worked as a regional service by using the United Airlines. In overdue 1920s, the airline changed into professional through the mixture of many airlines wherein the oldest being the Varney Air Lines founded in 1926.

Chicago-O’Hare being the most important hub in terms of the wide variety of exits and passengers flown with a complete of eight hubs underneath United Airlines.


One or more airlines use airline hubs or hub airports to concentrate passenger flow and flight operations at a given airport. They act as transfers (or transfer stations) to take passengers to their final destination. [a] [b] It is part of the spoke system. An airline operates flights from several non-hub (spoke) cities to the hub airport, and passengers traveling to and from the said cities need to transit through the hub. This paradigm creates economies of scale, enabling airlines (through intermediate connections) to serve pairs of cities that would otherwise not be able to provide economic services without interruption. This system contrasts with the point-to-point model, in which there is no hub, but direct flights between spoke cities. The hub airport also provides services for origin and destination (O&D) traffic. Some of the hubs that are operated by the United Airline are given below:


This hub is for the Rocky Mountain region and is the 4th biggest hub for the United Airline. The airline almost carried 71,000 passengers per day in 2017. 


Hub for the midwest region of the United States and the biggest hub for the airline. Almost 99,000 people per day are traveling through O’Hare.  


This hub is the primary gateway to Latin America and is the 2nd biggest hub for the airline after the merger with Continental Airlines. Almost 91,000 people fly with United Airlines through Houston. 


This is the main hub for the Eastern Coast of U.S. and New York City market and is the 3rd biggest hub for the United Airline. The main gateway to Europe, also including the flights to Asia and Latin America. About 78000 passengers fly through Newark on United Airline.

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Book a United Reservation for the best travel experience

  • To simplify travel plans, airlines provide passengers with online booking options.
  • In addition, passengers are provided with the option of managing bookings, with the option to modify their bookings.
  • In addition, in order to bring comfort to passengers, airlines have introduced a variety of cabins, which can be selected according to their requirements and budget.
  • For frequent flyers, the airline launched the Mileage Plus program, which provides passengers with points for future purchases.
  • In addition, airlines will promptly initiate various transactions and offers, and you can view these transactions and offers in the airline’s ‘transactions’ section.

 In addition, passengers can also easily enjoy a variety of other services to book United Airlines. In addition, for passengers who have questions about the airline’s booking process, they can read this article for detailed information.

United Airlines flight booking

 For passengers who do not understand the United Airlines booking process, the airline will provide passengers with online and offline booking options. Therefore, in order to help passengers make reservations, please follow the steps below to book airline reservations online.

  • Visit the airline website and click on the ‘Book’ option to start the booking process.
  • Now, provide the booking information for the departure city and arrival city, and then continue the booking process.
  • After that, provide the number of passengers and the appropriate date of the journey.
  • Then, click on the ‘Search’ option to find available flights.
  • In addition, select a flight to book, and then proceed with the booking.
  • Now, provide the details of the traveler and click on the continue option.
  • Verify the payment details and pay for the reservation.

 In this way, passengers can easily book the United Reservation Center. However, if passengers fail to book a ticket, they can contact the airline reservation center for help to easily book a ticket with the airline.

Here is how to manage UPS reservations:

To view or modify a UPS reservation, please open your UPS confirmation email and select ‘Manage your reservation’. If you need further assistance, please call 866-263-7950 to contact United Customer Service.

Get a receipt online

For upcoming trips or past trips, please review the reservation and select ‘View Receipt’, or request an email receipt from this page. You can also request a receipt for in-flight purchases on this page. If your past trips are no longer shown, please request a past receipt.


United Polaris Business

On June 2, 2016, United brought its new, redesigned international enterprise-class seat with a view to replacing modern commercial enterprise-class seats. The Polaris seat converts right into a 6′ 6″ flat mattress in a 1-2-1 configuration or a 1-1-1 configuration, presenting all-aisle get entry to for each seat.

The seat boasts more than one storage area, temper lighting, more than one charging port, lumbar support, and advanced dining and amenity services. The seats are available on Boeing 767, 777, and 787 planes.

The counters for check-in are separate for passengers traveling in United Polaris Business. Any flight traveling abroad is offered with table linens, multi-course food and it also includes pre-departure beverages. The customers are given access to the Polaris lounge wherever it is available as well as priority for baggage handling and boarding process.

The seats are fully reclinable to one hundred and eighty degrees into lie-flat like a bed. In the domestic first-class the service and in-flight entertainment are similar as well as the amenities too.

United Premium Transcontinental service

The service is offered on transcontinental routes such as between Los Angeles and Newark or between San Francisco and Boston. This cabin is offered with power outlets, inflight WI-FI and on-demand entertainment with a variety of food catering.

These particular routes aren’t entitled to complimentary premier upgrades. Complimentary dessert, fruit, alcoholic beverages and hot-entree are offered in the flight to the passengers since July of 2017.

United First and United Business

The cabin seats on international flights such as Central America, Caribbean and Canada are offered as United Business and when these same flights travel domestic routes, then they serve as United First. 

The seats have 97 cm seat pitch and feature fully lie-flat like a bed. The customers are given complimentary snacks and beverages, different check-in counters and priority baggage handling and boarding. 

Economy Plus

5.1 cm more reclining ability of seats and are 89 to 94 cm of seat pitch and are available in all of the flights of United. The seat is available for free to all the MileagePlus members. 

The members that are in silver class can select this seat at the check-in counter, while the members of Gold, Platinum and Premier 1K can choose this seat while booking tickets. 


This type of seating is available on all type of flights and they recline about 2-5 inches with a seat pitch of 31 inches. The seats have some form of engagement for the passengers like personal device entertainment, DirecTV, inflight WI-FI and AVOD. 

For domestic, the Caribbean and few Latin America Flights, the snacks and food are for purchase. According to the distance and the time the flight includes fresh meals and snack boxes. For international flights, the meals are complimentary and are available for every passenger. International Flights which have a long duration feature pre-meal which is usually a light snack. 

Basic Economy

This is the lowest fare for the flight which provides most of the features as of economy class but seat selection/upgrades, full-sized carry-on baggage and group seating are not available for the passengers flying in this cabin. Some of the member features aren’t available for the passengers travelling basic economy. 

United Airlines Reservations Online Booking Services

The airline provided services for the passengers who travel with United Airlines to provide them comfort and satisfaction.

Want to know about the United Airlines manage booking flights and reservation, CLICK HERE.

Baggage Information

Every passenger is allowed to hold one carry-on bag with one non-public item (backpack, briefcase, laptop, purse, etc.). Carry-on luggage shouldn’t exceed 22 inches of length, 14 inches of width and 9 inches of the top which incorporates handles and wheels also.

Personal items shouldn’t exceed 17 inches of length, 10 inches of width and 9 inches of height.

The check-in baggage shouldn’t exceed 62 inches of overall dimensions including length, width and height and it shouldn’t weigh over 23 kg for Economy class and 32 kg for First, Business and Polaris Business class. If the dimension or weight is exceeding then an additional fee will be incurred at the airport.

For more information, read United Airlines Baggage Policy.

On-Board Entertainment

While talking about United airlines onboard entertainment, there are many means of entertainment they have arranged now so that their customers don’t feel boarded and make their flight hours fruitful by using:

1. DIRECTV: In this, you will get to have more than 100+ channels and lastest videos to watch to avoid boredom in the flight.

2. New seatback entertainment system: united Airlines introduced some new seatback system when you can sit and enjoy the latest movies and entertaining stuff without getting wear out of the long flight hours.

Apart from this, you can even jump to your own device to make yourself engaged. The airline also provide magazines to read which is great for the reader lover.

Infant Policy

Passengers of age below 2 years of age are considered to be an infant and permitted to fly only over the lap of their respected guardian or parents i.e they are not allowed to cover up a single seat. And moreover, you do not have to book a ticket with airfare for your infant when traveling within the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

And when you have an international flight with an infant,  then also you have to book a flight ticket without a seat for the infant but you have to pay a certain amount for an infant traveling the flight. You have to inform at the time of your reservation only that you will be traveling with an infant in the flight cabin.

It’s mandatory even one day older from the 2nd birthday of an infant, they have to occupy the seat with the valid airfare ticket has to be booked.

How to contact United Airlines Customer support team

The passengers can contact them at any time. The help is available for 24 hours 7 days a week.

Live Chat

The agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for providing the solutions to the customers with any problem.


For general doubts and questioning call at 1-800-864-8331 to get your doubts cleared. The team is available 24/7 and will do anything to help as soon as possible. 

For people with speech and hearing disabilities dial 711 for relay services or contact at 1-800-323-0170.

To get all the resources of connection to United Airlines official customer Support team, Click Here.

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You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate for any airways, special discount, offers, and last minutes unpublished deals which is only on calls.

Frequently asked questions

QUES: Are United Airlines economy tickets refundable?

ANS: No, for cancellation of an economic class in United Airlines, there is no refundable option rather than cancel and rebooking it.

QUES: How to do United airlines reservations online?

ANS: For United Airlines reservation online, there is a site which provides service of flight, car, hotel booking, even vacation package, and many more.
So their official site for Online reservations will help you book your travel tickets online by yourself. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get last-minute unpublished deals & discounts.

QUES: Can you cancel United airlines flight online & if yes then how?

ANS: Yes, you can cancel your United Airlines flight ticket online within 24 hours of purchase for full refunds. But after 24 hours of booking day, there are terms and conditions applied for refunds.

QUES: Can you do United Airlines reservations check-in online?

ANS: Yes, you can check-in online over the United check-in site before 24 hours of your departure time.
Read more about online United Airlines Check-in.

QUES: How to get United airlines flights status?

ANS: From the United Airlines flight status site, you can check the live statue. though sometime it may not accurate, until the flight hasn’t canceled, you are suggested to arrive at the airport on your scheduled departure time.

United Airlines Reservations Online Booking Tips

Covid – 19 Policy You Must Know

United Airlines has joined hands with Clorox to ensure the sanitisation of the airlines for their flyers and staff. They want everyone to travel safely and be in the best of their health. 

Also, they have come up with some rules that get updated and can change without any prior notification. 

Change fees

Change fees for most of the cabins are to be waived off and for some are waived off till may 31st,2021. So, you can change or cancel your flights with United Airlines with utmost ease. 

Face mask

The policy of the airport is to wear the face masks throughout your journey starting from your place to the place you are heading to. Children aged 2 and adults should be wearing the face mask before entering the airport, else they will have to face the problems of breaking the rules. Not even for a single second the mask should be off their face, they can only vent it off while easing or drinking. If a traveller is disabled or facing any issue for not wearing a mask they need to fill a form after booking the tickets to tell the airlines about the issues, and the airlines will look into the issue and may grant you the exemption of wearing the mask. 

Covid-19 reports

You can download the United app for any assistance you might require during the trip. 

Any one travelling to the US, even their own citizens will have to show the covid test report or the negative report. The United airlines request you to please stay at home if you get even a single symptom of Covid-19, and do not travel for at least 14 days and until you get over the symptoms completely and get a negative report. 

Safety measures taken by United Airlines

United Airlines’ aim is the health of the customer, so in order to keep their customer safe, they get their staff tested regularly and check their temperature timely. We also provide our customers the sanitizer or the sanitisation wipes in order to be safe.