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Volaris Airlines Reservations, flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Volaris is the ultra-low-cost carrier Mexican Airline. The base of the airline in Mexico City and the largest airline hub at  General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport in Tijuana.

The airline is serving Central America, Mexico, and the United State. Their strategy is to offer low base fare to increase their market share though they provide good quality service with extensive customer choice. 

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Volaris Airlines Reservations

However, if you are interested in getting some tips & information about Volaris Airlines reservations, read this article.

Volaris is targeting passengers who keep visiting family and friends while being cost-conscious and having the leisure travelers in Mexico also the U.S and Central America. The other great achievement of the airline is to receive the ESR award for the social corporate responsibility of 7 consecutive years. 


Volaris Airlines Reservations

Volaris was established in 2005. The airline started its flight from Mexico City to the airports in the USA after making an agreement with Southwest Airlines. The Mexicana de Aviacion quit flying in August 2010, Volaris obtained their slots at the International Airport of Mexico City. Southwest and Volaris ended their agreement in 2013.  In 2015, Volaris began going to Guatemala City, Guatemala, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and San José, Costa Rica. by the time of 2016, Volaris become Mexico’s second-largest airline, after Aeroméxico Airline.

Volaris Airlines Reservation Services

Volaris Airlines Reservation has so many services for the comfort and easy travel of their passengers, Here we are going to check some of these services;

💼Baggage policy

There are policies to carry your baggage under 3 options of Basic, Classic, and Plus. 


That’s the lowest possible price considered for traveling options which you can carry the one personal item that measuring with the maximum size of 14*18*8 inch. 


In this option, you can carry one personal item with a maximum size od 14*18*8inch and a carry-on with a size of 22*16*10 inch. 


This is for those passengers who already know they will have more bags. Here they can carry one personal bag of 22*16*10 inch, and a carry-on with the size of 22*16*10 inch. This option is also letting you choose your preferred seat without extra pay. 

🤰Pregnant Women

The (IATA) International Air Transport Association suggests that to travel until the 36th week of pregnancy and while there are no complications with the pregnancy.  

After the 36th weeks of the pregnancy, the passenger has to carry a medical certificate which gives the authorization from the doctor to travel. The certificate should have the full details and the contact number of your doctor. With traveler full name and notification related to her pregnancy. In case of lacking the certificate from your doctor, you are requested to fill and sign the notification of pregnancy provided by the airline which says you are aware of the risk of flying while pregnant. 

🐾Fly With Your Pet

While you want to carry your pet during the flight you need to check the following instruction:

Measurements of the cage

The cage that you want to carry your per has to be approved by air transport and the size should be 17.5 lengths,12 widths and 7.5 height in inch. Your pet needs to be able to move in the cage.

Type of Cage

You can carry a soft or rigid cage for your dog but in the cage of the cat, it has to be a rigid plastic cage with the recommended size. 

Place on board

The cage has to be kept under the seat in front of you safeguarded with a provided zip tie which has been given in the airport. 

♿Assistance for Customers with Disabilities

Passengers with cognitive disabilities have to ask for assistance in advance at the airport. There is no continuous supervision for passengers with cognitive disabilities. If a person has some health issue of like not understanding about safety then they are not allowed to travel alone. The other assistant is given by the airline is Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Speech impairment. For any other kind of disability problem, you have to check medical conditions to get more information about being allowed to travel with this airline or not. 

⚕️Medical Needs

You can carry your required medicine which has to meet the airline recommendations and restrictions.for more detail checks in here

🐕Service Dogs

Psychiatric and emotional animals support animals are available while traveling in the cabin with no additional cost if only you have recent documentation issued by doctors with a maximum of one year before the flight, which says that the passenger needs the animal while traveling on the plane. In case of not having proper documentation, you have to pay for the service dogs.  

Optional services for Volaris Airlines Reservations 

Hold your fare

While booking your ticket if you are unsure about booking, you will see the option name “Hold my fare and Pay later”. Which allows you to pay the amount within 72 hours. If you don’t pay by the given time the ticket will get cancel. 

Volaris Airlines Combos

You can add the airline combos while your booking flight to travel with everything you require and save more. But these additional services are only available once you do the ticket booking. These Combo services are: 👇

More Flexibility

Changing your flight like date, route, time or even name. Also, you can get the earlier or later flight which valid 4 hours before the flights. You can either contact the call center 4 to 24vhour before your original flights or at the airport 30 minutes to 4 hours after its departure. 

More Baggage

The checked bag weight should be with a maximum of 55 Ib. but you can carry an extra carry-on and sports equipment or musical instruments and should meet the requirement of the permitted weight and dimensions.

More Speed

The airline is supporting those willing priority boarding and business fast pass and the standard seat selection at no cost.

Volaris Hotel

You can use this option to get the lowest accommodation for domestic or international destinations. It helps to save money, access to the best hotels quickly.

Customer Support for Volaris Airlines Reservations

You can call them on their call center within Mexico and  Metropolitan Area at 1102-8000. For the rest of Mexico, you can call on toll-free number 01-800-122-8000 and for the U.S 1(866)988-3527.

Or you can mail them to

Call for Volaris Airlines reservations 

For Flight Reservations, you can dial on 1-802-210-3331

Payment Options

The payment can be done with credit, debit cards. They are accepting American Express, Visa, Diners, Mastercard, Todito, Discover, UTAP and Carnet cards. 

Also, you can do the payment by using PayPal or Coppel pay. Also, you can pay in cash while you can use any participating banks or stores. The other way is to pay online. The other available option is the digital wallet to pay faster for your ticket.

Social Media

You can keep yourself updated about the latest news, progress, promotions, and discounts by checking their social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Also, you can give your suggestion, review, and feedback and check others’ reviews to decide better for your trip plan.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last-minute unpublished deals & special discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Volaris good airline?

Volaris airline in Mexico is the second-largest airline and is the low-cost carrier that is flying non-stop to the 50 destinations. The airline is operating with Economy Class seating. as an overall conclusion, the airline is worth for money.

Is Volaris serving free food and beverages?

Volaris airlines are not offering free food and beverages. The airline has a wide range of snacks and beverages which you can choose and pay.

Is there any inflight Wifi in the Volaris Plane?

Volaris Airlines doesn’t have any paid or free inflight wifi during the flight.

What will be the the chargest for flight cancelation on Volaris Airlines?

For the flights from or to the US, you can cancel or change reservations within 24 hours of your purchase without extra payment.

Does Volaris refund?

You are allowed to cancel your domestic flight hours after purchasing your ticket and before check-in for the flight.

Where does Volaris fly in US?

The airline flys from the U.S to cities in Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Also, from Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Denver, and Oakland.

Does Volaris have TV?

As it is the ultra-low-cost airline, they are not providing any kind of entertainment even TV while traveling but in case you want to use your own devices, it is pretty fine. though you should keep in mind that they don’t have outlets for devices as well.

Volaris Airlines


Seat Comfort
In-flight entertainment (WiFi, TV, films)
Onboard Experience
Customer service
Value for money
Check-in and boarding
Food & Beverage


That is the low cost and Mexican Airline with the base in Santa Fe, Álvaro Obregón in the Mexico City. The first flight started in 2006 from Toluca – Tijuana.

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