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Short Bio:- WestJet Airlines is the second-largest carrier of Canada, which was founded in 1996 and provided scheduled and charter flight services to more than 100 destinations in Mexico, Canada, Europe, the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. The airlines also operate more than 700 flights and carry over 66,000 passengers in one day. Earlier, the airline all routes were situated in Western Canada, from where airlines were recognized as WestJet.

Destinations:- it serves more than 100 destinations 

Headquarters:- Calgary, Canada

Hubs:- Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and more

Official Website:- https://www.westjet.com/

Customer Service Number – 1-888-937-8538 Call for flight reservation, manage books, flight status, best deals, and offers, in-flight services, check-in facilities and find more contacts here:  West Airlines Contacts

Baggage Policy:- The dimensions of checked baggage must be within 157 total centimeters or 62 total inches. And the weight of more than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds is not allowed. More at WestJet Airlines Bag information

Social Media Profile:-

WestJet is considered the second-largest Canadian after Air Canada. the airline is taking 777 flights and carrying approximately around 66,130 passengers daily. And ranked as the ninth largest airline in North America.

The airline has more than 14,000 employees and doesn’t have any airline alliance. The airline is using Boeing737, Boeing 737 MAX, Boeing 767, and Boeing 787 planes.

Coronavirus spread tends to be the most awful situation all over the world and due to which many of the normal workings have to be restricted to let it stop from spreading and affecting human life.
So WestJet Airlines have to suspend all the scheduled flights since March 2020 and when it will reopen for international flying is unpredictable. But cancellation or changing of itinerary do not cost any type of extra charges.

Moreover, when you will come again to Westjet Airlines for booking new flights, you will get many more rewards. And the value of canceled tickets will be credited to the Travel Bank account of WestJet. It can be used at the time of a new flight booking which is valid for 24 months from the date you purchased the flight.

WestJet Airlines History

The airline was found by Clive Beddo, Mark Hill, Donald Bell, David Neelman, and Tim Morgan and as a low-cost carrier business discovered by Southwest Airlines and Morris Air in the U.S.

WestJet in 1999 discusses a possible feeder arrangement with Air Canada’s network but it didn’t work as Air Canada did the acquisition with Canadian Airlines in the same year. Also, the airline in 2005 started to reduce the interline agreement with Taiwan-based China Airlines, so that to try the company’s ability for being a partner with other carriers.

In 2006 WestJet tried to make a deal with Oneworld to make better scheduling flexibility, but they announced in 2007 that the deal didn’t work. Finally, they got the deal with Oneworld in November 2008 for the partnership of sales on travel to business and corporate travelers.

By July 2008 the airline stated that they signed a memorandum of agreeing to make a distribution and codeshare contract with U.S.-based Southwest Airlines. by April 2010 WestJet terminated its partnership with Southwest Airlines.

In Oct 2010 the airline partnered with American Airlines and later with Delta Airlines too. By 31st July 2018, the airline stopped the joint venture with Delta and American airlines.

WestJet in 2017 teamed up with EasyJet and Norwegian Air Shuttle for providing direct connection at London Gatwick Airport. the plan started entitled the easyJet as Worldwide by EasyJet let the passengers join from easyJet flights to USA and Canada destinations with Norwegian and WestJet. by June 2018 WestJet made 27 interline contracts plus 16 codeshares.


Currently, the airline is flying to 108 destinations within 25 countries all over Central and North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. along with 36 cities in Canada and 23 cities in the U.S., the largest hub is Toronto Pearson Internationa Airport. their main link point is Eastern Canada and Western Canada.

most of the Flights are going to Las Vegas and Orlando with nonstop routes. It has flights from nine cities from Canada to Las Vegas and 11 to Orlando. From July they started their flights to London Gatwick airport. In 2018 they started flying to mainland Europe.

Also to Halifax and Paris. In 2019 they added flights from Calgary to Dublin and Paris. They also added between Calgary to Atlanta and between Toronto and Barcelona.

WestJet Airlines Reservations Services

WestJet fleet

In March 2020 airlines performs all Boeing aircraft with the Boeing 737-600, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 MAX 7, Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing 737 MAX 10, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 787-9.

WestJet Airlines Reservations

In-flight entertainment

They are having 5-inch touch screen seat-back TV for each seat. The system is using satellite TV while only available the aircraft is operating above Canada. It is having different Channels like news, sports, and also children’s channels and of course, WestJet Channel, which displays a regional map with the aircraft’s location, GPS altitude, and speed around.

Passengers can use their own mobile devices and laptops. Also, you can have free access to a USB at each seat. you can also access games, magazines, music, movie, and TV shows. In business and premium classes they also offer noise-canceling headphones while they are serving standard earbuds instead.

Food and beverage

For the flight with less than four hours, the airline is offering complimentary snacks and beverages but for alcoholic beverages, you need to pay. They also have to buy onboard meals in economic classes on aircraft. While food and beverage are complimentary in business and premium classes.

In the case of flying international foods, snacks and beverages even alcoholic beverages are free for all classes. WestJet of 737-600 and 700 planes are offering cold sandwiches, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages ad snacks.

And on WestJet of 737-800,737 MAX, 767-300 ER, and aircraft 787-9, there is a hot and cold meal, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, and snacks.


You can book your seat in advance while booking your flight by using the manage trips. They are offering three types of seat selection.

1. Basic
There is Standard, Preferred, and Emergency exit for selection at a higher fee.

2. Econo
Same as basic there is the availability of Standard, Preferred, and Emergency exit’s seats

3. Econoflex
If you miss out on the seat selection while booking, your seat is going to be automatically selected for no fee at the time of check-in.

Baggage Service

WestJet airlines know that while traveling you need to carry many necessary items in luggage. So according to this consent, airlines allow baggage to take along with you with some instructions and guidelines. 

Hereby WestJet airlines have separated two types of luggage to carry in flight one is a carry-on bag which you can carry in the cabin of the flight and the second one is checked baggage which will be carried on in the hold baggage hold of the aircraft of your flight only.

You can come up with 3-4 bags for checked baggage and in exception to some flights of WestJet to carry 3-2 baggage. If in case you have exceeded the number of luggage then you have to pay for extra baggage.

Luggage which you want to carry in-cabin along with you, then you are permitted to carry only 1 carry-on bag of 53 cm x 23 cm x 38cm and 1 personal item of 41 cm x 15 cm x 33 cm dimensions without any fees.

Apart from them this if want to know more deep detail about the WestJet Airlines Baggage Policy, click on the link and read.

Traveling with Infant

There are certain instructions that must be followed if you are flying with Infant. Though baby whose age is within 8 dawgs of birth to 2nd birthday is considered to be an infant. And for them, you do not need to buy flight tickets for seats as they must be traveling in a lap of an adult who’s age is a minimum of 6 years old.

Though if you are carrier your infant in a car seat then you have to purchase a separate seat in flight. You have to show them an age-proofing document for your infant where their name spelling and birth date are mentioned.

For the safety of the newborn infant whose age is just less than 8 days, WestJet suggests you consult with a doctor and get an approval letter from the airlines that your baby is quite fit and well to travel in flight without getting harmed/her health.

Payment options

There are different ways to pay for your flight, here we are talking about how to pay for your flight.

Gift cards. You can purchase the gift card for your use or gift it to someone else.

WestJet dollar. You can use WestJet dollars to spend on flights or your vacation packages. Cover a few or as much as you want on the basis of the fare portion that you need to book for Economy, Premium, or Business fares. 

Discount Codes. They made a difference in their discount code system. And you can check the more detail here. Other ways are Travel Bank credits. Hold the Fare, WestJet UATP program,
The payment can be done in the airport by the different accepted forms which are given in the table.

Customer support

You can contact to WestJet at 1-888-937-8538 and for WestJet Vacations call on 1-877-737-7001. Those with phone numbers from outside any of these countries can ask for calling back

You can Click Here to get all the sources to get connected or contact WestJet Airlines’ official customer support team.

Social media

You can contact WestJet Airlines through social media 24*7 and get a response quickly. They have AI (artificial intelligence) with the name of Julliet that answers your question through Facebook messenger and Twitter. You can also contact their WhatsApp number on +1 403-444-2552.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

WestJet Airlines Flights Reservations

Frequently asked questions

QUES: How many bags am I allowed to check?

ANS: You are allowed to carry 2 to 4 bags while for traveling on WestJet Encore you are allowed to carry 2 to 3 bags. For some distances like Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago only 2 bags are allowed.

QUES: How much does checked baggage cost?

ANS: Fees for baggage depend on the fare bundle and WestJet Rewards tier. for the first bag is $30-$36. second bag #50-to $59. Excess bags for the third and fourth one is $100 to $118. Other fees for sports equipment and firearms are $50-$59.

for traveling to or from Europe the charges are for the first bag $60-$71 and the second bag $90-$107.

The charges are counted in USD and CAD.

QUES: What to do for reservation and fee of pet?

ANS: The reservations for the pet can not be done online and you need to contact than at 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET). But you need to know that the pet kennel fee considers pets traveling in the cabin or checked baggage.

On each flight limit number of pets are allowed. Therefore it is required to do the booking for your pet as soon as possible.

QUES: Do I have to buy Internet to watch TV shows and movies?

ANS: TV shows and movies are recorded onboard servers and you need not pay extra. And can get access without an internet connection.

QUES: Are all content of TV shows and movies suitable for all ages?

ANS: WestJet picks content with taking care of their guests in mind. they keep content advisories and synopses of all films and TV shows to enable you to make a suitable choice for you and your family.

QUES: Is there a fee for a carry-on/personal item?

ANS: Every passenger is allowed to bring 1 item of carry-on baggage along with 1 personal item which has to meet the given suggested size by the airline. The size for a carry-on bag should be 53cm 23 cm 38cm( which means in inch 21915). For personal items, sizes should be in cm 411533 (in inch 16613).

QUES: How do I get the best price when booking my flight online?

ANS: To check the best price you need to check the booking calendar to find out the best offers of WestJet Airlines with the lower price. You can have more time to decide about your trip by using Hold the fare with today’s price.

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WestJet Airlines Covid-19 Policies

WestJet Airlines wants the people flying with them to be safe, that is why they are providing no-charge Covid-19 travel insurance to its customers. Travel Insurance Coverage includes Covid-19 medical costs to a maximum limit of $200,000. This insurance is available for flights to and from US and US territories till 31 August 2021.

Change/Cancel Policies

  • You won’t be charged extra while cancelling or changing the flights with WestJet Airlines. 
  • If you are planning to cancel the flight or your vacation, you will get the full refund in the travel wallet of WestJet and you will be able to use it in the next 24 months. 
  • Higher flight tickets or hotel prices will be paid by the customers. 

Safety above all

Safety above all is the main agenda of WestJet Airlines. It is trying and coming up with new processes whenever possible and is trying to implement them in its airlines. 

  • Added a new thing while sanitizing the aircrafts that is fogging off the airplane.
  • Filters are installed in the aircraft which filters the air every 2-3 minutes. 
  • Every single thing in the aircraft is cleaned after the flight. 
  • Travellers are provided with the sanitizing wipes while boards, if they might want to clean any surface before touching. 

Restrictions to follow

  • Covid test report is required to take a flight. 
  • Every destination has different rules that are needed to follow, so don’t forget to check them out before going. 
  • Everyone above the age of 2, needs to wear a mask at the airport full time, while boarding and even while departing, can’t take off the mask even for a second, else will have to face the repercussions.
  • While departing at the canada airport, you will get done with the COVID-19 PCR molecular test before leaving the airport. 

WestJet is every time thinking about your safety and improving every day to serve you.