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How to Make a Complaint to American Airlines Customer Service

It can be said that not every traveller has a problem-free experience flying, whether it is your first time or you have encountered problems when flying a couple of times in the past.

Although airline operators keep everything organised for the sake of both their and their customers’ convenience, however, things can go wrong at times. The most common problems occur with handling passengers’ baggage. There have been several occasions with one or more airline operators, where they had management issues with handling baggage of their passengers. And, while most of these problems have been dealt with promptly, there are some whose problems were not effectively resolved.

Even the world’s largest airline operator, such as American Airlines, did have its passengers experience problems, where a few could not be resolved. Thus, leaving the affected passenger(s) helpless and in dire need of a swift solution. Here, we are going to look at how to contact American Airlines, particularly in situations where there has been some sort of a problem that needs to be fixed.

Our guide will provide you with relevant contact information to help you quickly make a complaint to the American Airlines customer service centre.


Issues for Which You Can Contact American Airlines Customer Service

Although it is unusual, there may be moments when you experience a problem with American Airlines’ services. This could be anything – from a non-trivial inconvenience to a more severe issue that requires special attention.

The most commonly occurring issues or problems that can be encountered by passengers when flying with American Airlines, or any other airlines, for that matter, are listed as under:

Problems are unpredictable. However, there are solutions available to tackle such unforeseen problems by the respective airline operator, in this case, it is American Airlines.

How to Complain About a Problem to American Airlines

Generally speaking, you can complain about the airliner’s services, for which you are unhappy, in two ways: by physically visiting the help desk/customer service representative or an officer at the airport, or by contacting the reservations desk and officers from your home via phone and internet.

We also explain the steps for both methods along with an example in the following.

In this example, we shall look into the steps on how to complain about baggage handling problems with American Airlines.

1. At the Airport

When you are at the airport and experience a problem with your baggage, for instance, then the best way to deal with it is to first, approach the airport’s baggage handling office. If your problem is taken care of here, then it’s well worth it.

However, if your problem is not resolved here or you are still not satisfied and seek an effective solution, then your second attempt will be to visit the airport’s administration office and make a complaint there. The airport’s administration office is usually regarded as a high-level office for countering critical problems of customers (passengers). The authorities and public relations officers cater to queries and issues of passengers personally. So, you are most likely to have your issue resolved here, or perhaps, be suggested with alternate advice that meets your satisfaction.

It is also important to note that depending on the severity of your problem, e.g. lost baggage or delayed in the arrival of your baggage, it could take the authorities from a few hours to several days, taking into consideration all the worst possibilities that may occur in the event of resolving your problem.

2. From your Home (or another location)

You can also submit your complaint to the designated officers and authorities of American Airlines to help you quickly resolve your problems.

Taking the same example as above, i.e. lost baggage or delayed in the arrival of your baggage, you can contact your airline operator or the airport via phone, e-mail and their online form, which is usually provided on their website.

(a) Contact via phone: When you are at home, at a hotel or at a different location, you can speak directly with American Airlines customer service by phone. Again, this is the first step of getting your problem taken care of by the representative.

Usually, speaking to the airline’s or airport’s customer service representative directly over the phone can provide you with a solution or an alternate solution immediately.

The next two methods are required in situations when your problem is not immediately resolved and you are suggested to contact authorities at higher levels. So, let’s take a look at these methods as well.

(b) Visit American Airlines website: American Airlines has its official website (, where you can find their contact details and get your problems resolved as quickly as possible.

Their website provides a phone number for their customer service centre and an e-mail address, for customers who wish to write their query or complaint that is managed by all levels of customer service and administration.

(c) Submit your query or complaint via online form: Their website also contains an online form page, where you can fill in your query or grievance and then send it to the authorities with the click of a button. The authorities will then, in most cases, reply to your query or complain, either in an e-mail (if you have provided it to them) or talk to you via a scheduled phone call (if you have provided your phone number to them).

You will find the online form by clicking the “Contact” link, which is usually displayed at the bottom of their website.

Useful Resources for Getting in Touch with American Airlines Customer Service

All domestic and international airports are mandated to have communication mediums that allow passengers to easily and quickly contact the airliner’s support representatives and public relations (PR) officers to counter queries and complaints of their customers.

Below we have provided the physical address, phone number and an online resource to help you get in touch with American Airlines customer service.

Address: 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85034, United States

Phone Number: 1 800 371 4771

E-mail: At present, American Airlines customer service does not have an official support e-mail address that can be used by their customers for communication. There is, however, an online form available on the airliner’s website at, which you can use to submit your query or complaint. You can find the online form via the “Contact” link displayed at the bottom of their website.


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