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To know more about Aer Lingus Airlines manage booking, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Aer Lingus which means air fleet in the Irish language. The airline is the Irish flag carrier and after Ryanair is the 2nd largest airline in Ireland. The airline was established by the government privatized later on. Aer Lingus has its head office in Dublin Airport, Cloghran. 

The airline is the prior member of the Oneworld airline alliance till 31 March 2007. The airline codeshare is with Oneworld, SkyTeam members, Star Alliance, and interline agreements with JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, and Etihad Airways. The airline flies to 93 destinations all over North America, Asia, and Europe. Even some destinations like Turkey, Uk, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, and Portugal. 

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Aer Lingus Airlines Manage Booking

To start booking your flight and see the fare and scheduled flight, you can go to the home page and start searching for the specific days and fare that you want to start your itinerary. 

Aer Lingus Airlines manage booking is in the home page and you have to click on Manage Trip while providing your booking reference and your passenger name printed in the ticket to proceed with required changes that you want to make regarding of your reservations such as seat selection, additional baggage, cancellation, modifying dates of journey or even ask for the refund. Or you can do some extra purchases such as advanced car parking, book your meal, travel insurance and so on. 

manage trip aer lingus airline, aer lingus airlines manage booking

In “Manage Trip” you can also view all the travel history of yours. Here all your personal details are saved and without wasting time and effort you can use whenever it is required by you. Through manage booking, you are capable of doing check-in as well from 30 hours to 30 days before your flights. 

While managing the booking of a trip with Aer Lingus is not limited to manage trip but also you come online check-in and flight status of your booked tickets.

Online Check-in

When about to check-in for your flight, you needed just two things, one is booking reference, and the second one is your family member name, i.e passenger name on which ticket has been registered.

Though online check-in for your flight is open for you just 30 days before the departure date if flying all only within Europe.

And if you want to check-in but you have had group booking tickets or tickets which are been booked by calling Aer Lingus customer center or from any other 3rd party travel agent,  then you are permitted to check-in for your flight prior to 30 hours before the scheduled departing time.

Check-in has been closed before the departure but exactly how many hours before departure is totally dependent on the destination you are flying from.

Do not worry if you lost your boarding pass anyhow. If you have check-in online early, then you can re-print it. Steps to do so is simple:

  • Enter the booking reference and registered name in the ticket in the online check-in section of Aer Lingus Airlines.
  • Then select the passenger and click on generate boarding pass.
  • Once it been generated, you can reprint it and ready to go the airport for flight.

Flight Status

So for online Aer Lingus Flight Status, you have to follow some steps:

  • First, you have the option by which you want to check the flight status either by city name you are flying from and to or by your fight number.
  • If selected city, then you have to choose the city from you are flying and arriving city name and date on which you have booked your tickets for departing.
  • And if selected by flight number, then simply your flight number printed in your ticket and the date of departure.

Seat preference

While check-in you will be allocated a seat but in case you have some preference to choose your own seat then you have to book in advance. Though you need to know that pre-booking is not fee-free and fees are calculated per guest and flight. Also, it can be changed at any time. Here let see what are the per flight: 

Aer Lingus Seat Fees, aer lingus airlines manage booking

There are three different ways which you can select your seats:

  • Pre-booking. Choose a particular seat before flying.
  • While booking a flight. Here you are with more options for seats. 
  • Afterward in Manage Trip. once you decided the seat you can go ahead and book it. 

In case you don’t want to pre-book your seat, the airline will allocate one according to the available seat during check-in. 

You can also purchase an extra seat by booking online or visiting the airline local reservations office. On the bases of the seat, you are going to be charged for the seat as well as taxes and some additional fees. But there won’t be any baggage allowance added to your additional seats.

One important thing is the seat that you purchase is non-refundable but in the case, for any reason the seat you purchased is not available then you can claim for the refund by filling up the airline Refund Request Form.

Baggage Policy

Dimensions for each bag have to be 158cm/62in  in a total of width+ length+ height. And weight should not exceed 32kg/70Ib.  There are 3 ways for checked bag options available on flights.

Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance, aer lingus airlines manage booking

Checked Bags which is allowed in your fare

Except for Saver, all fares can have 20kg of the checked bag per passenger without any extra fee. Passengers traveling on Plus, AerSpace, and Advantage can carry one bag with a weight of 20kg. Bags fee will be applied for the baggage with additional weight. 

Aer Lingus Checked baggage,aer lingus airlines manage booking

For the extra weight baggage, the calculation is according to the destination and booking channel. Passengers can carry strollers fee-free for the infant along with one of the items such as a Booster seat, car seat, or travel cot. 

Online baggage booking

There is an option of the discounted rate for online booking of baggage two hours before the departure. You can do a bag booking while booking your flight, after booking your flight in Manage Trip or During check-in.

Checked Bag Fees

Fees for the bags depend on the route that you are flying, fare, type, when, and where you did your booking. Also, the fees are for a one-way trip.

Aer Lingus checked bag fees

Excess Baggage Fees

In case you do not have pre-book checked bag before, in the airport you will be charged for 

If you choose not to pre-book a checked bag in advance and arrive at the airport with a 20 kg baggage allowance for each passenger and for additional kilo you will be charged per kg. Excess baggage per kg is €10. You can not upgrade your baggage in the airport on the day of your traveling and additional fees will be applied per kg. Also, bag fees are non-refundable. 

Aer Lingus Airlines cancellation/refund

If you booked your ticket directly from the Aer Lingus homepage and the flight got canceled or delayed due to any issues, you need to check  Flight Disruption Information to get updated on the latest details for the current travel advisors as well as available options for requesting a refund or rebooking.

Those who applied their booking through third parties such as online agencies, another airline, or travel agent have contacted those agencies to get the required help.

There are different rules based on different situation of booking for the refund and cancellation which are; 

Bookings directly with Aer Lingus.  Those who booked directly via, after the cancellation can fill the Refund Request Form to ask for a refund. The amount will be refunded back to 7 days working days and you will receive notification by email. Flights that are from/to the USA if canceled within 24 hours of booking will be refunded full and need to fill the same form to apply for a refund. 

Up to 2 hours before your flight schedule you can apply to cancel or change your booking. Also, cancellation of an individual booking which is from the multi-segment itinerary is based on change and can increase the flight fare.

Bookings made by the third party.  If you booked your ticket through an agent, online agent, or any other way, to make changes or cancellation you have to go to that agency, not the airline. 

Cancellations via fare type

Smart Fare or Saver.  booking on these options are non-refundable. Also the additional fees such as booking meals, seat, baggage is non-refundable.

Advantage, Flex Fare, or Aerospace. if you cancel 2 hours in advance to the flight departure the full booking charges will refund you. But the fare difference will be refunded if your booking was non-refundable. You need to know the additional fees such as meals, Seat, baggage fees are non-refundable. 

Business Fare.  If you cancel before the flight departure, you can receive the % of unused government tax policy. If your original reservation was upgraded, you will get the refund of the fare difference only. And additional fees such as meals, seats, baggage fees are non-refundable. 

Business Flex Fare. you will receive a full refund if you cancel the booking before the departure time. If your original ticket was non-refundable, you will receive only the difference in the fare. Additional fees such as meals, seats, baggage fees are non-refundable. 

Aer Lingus Airlines Important numbers (Customer Care)

To get in touch with Aer Lingus Airlines reservation and get more accurate answers during your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service: (516) 622-4022

Baggage Tracking: For your baggage tracking click here.

Aer Lingus Airlines email: contact them here.

Aer Lingus Airlines Website:

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