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Air Astana Manage Booking Seats, Flights & Reservations

Air Astana is based in Almaty, it is a flag carrier of Kazakhstan. Mainly Air Astana is operated in Domestic as well as International services on 64 routes from its local location that is Almaty International Airport Air Astana is a joint venture between Kazakhstan’s sovereign wealth fund and BAE System. Air Astana was Incorporated in the year of 2001( October). And started its first commercial flight on 15 May 2002. Here you will learn about Air Astana manage booking

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Manage My Booking With Air Astana:-

Possible facilities are provided by Air Astana for manage booking to their passengers are as follows:-

  • We give access to view the flight time, fare Conditions, and taxes.
  • Also if you want to make a change in your booked flight, select a seat or place your meal order.
  • For this, first, you have to visit our website and book your trip.
  • For more info:-

Online Check-in With Air Astana Manage booking:-

Notice:- Because of Pandemic (Covid 19) Air Astana manage booking started web Checkin for their passengers to avoid crowds and make a safe and happy trip.

There is a time table for Web Check-in that is 36 hour upto 40 minutes prior to the timing of flight departure. So make sure that you Check-in before 40 minutes of your flight departure to enjoy the comfortable tour with Air Astana.

How To Start Your Journey With Air Astana manage booking:-

Things which you need to follow in order to get a travel experience with Air Astana are as follows:-

  • First step in order to get travel experience with Air Astana manage booking is to go to the official website of Air Astana and do Web Check in on the site
  • It is available in all the departure airports in our entire route network.
  • For check-in you need to enter your Surname and Your Identity proof to our website for verification.
  • Then put your Passport number or your E-Ticket number and press enter.
  • You can follow the guide which is available on the website of Air Astana to pursue your booking.
  • You need to carry your print out of Boarding passes in the airport and in the whole process of departure.
  • If you are using a mobile Boarding pass, you don’t need to carry a print out of the boarding pass.
  • We provide you the free selection of seat without any additional charges

Check-In is available for the following passengers online, but boarding passes need to be collected from the airport:-

  • Passengers having infant(s) or child(ren) along with them.
  • Passengers having Youth fare tickets.
  • Passengers having Senior fare tickets.
  • Passengers who are agreed with the airline anti-fraud procedure.
  • Passengers who have a Special Service request while booking the tickets. 

 Following are the points where Web Check In is not Available:-

  • Passengers with extra seats are not one to Web Check-in.
  • Unaccompanied minor are not one who do Web Check-in
  • Or A passenger on a stretcher

If you want any changes on your booked tickets for instance, changing of seats you can easily go to the same site where you had booked your seat. By using that website you can change things as per your desire.

Online Refund Form Air Astana manage booking:-

There is a form available for a refund on the website of Air Astana. You will get it where you had purchased your ticket on the same page of Air Astana. For a refund, you need to fill in the information given in the form and submit.  Refunds will be only made to the fare rules of your tickets. Unnecessary refund forms will not be accepted by Air Astana.

Book MySeat with Air Astana:-

You can have additional comfort by selecting your favorite seat with Air Astana. There you will get an option for choosing your particular seat where you love to travel. For that you can use this option that is MySeat. 

How to use MySeat?

For this you need to reserve MySeat directly when you are booking your online ticket. Check in before 24 hours of departure.

After booking of tickets online you will get a confirmation letter by Air Astana by email. Make sure you receive a confirmation letter of confirming the booking.

Essential Information of Air Astana:-
  1. Baggage Information-
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Carry-on baggage– There is Dimension for Carry-on Baggage that is 56*45*25 cm. Only passengers of business class can carry Two Bags with them.
  • Dangerous goods- Do not carry any sharp or dangerous item with you like Knief , Electronic gun, Lighters, Electronic smoking device, any heat producing Item, match box etc. 
  • Special Baggage-  Air Astana Gives you opportunity for a certain period of time. There you can buy special baggage, where you can carry an oversized bag with you.
  • Additional Baggage- If you want to go for a long period of time to your destination, and want to carry additional bags , you can enjoy it upto 30% discount with additional baggage. 

 How to Book Your Additional Baggage ?

 For that you need to book this before 36 hour prior to the departure of your flight.You can go online, on the website of Air Astana and easily book your Additional Baggage. 

  • Smart Baggage Info- Smart Baggage is a recently developed, in this you can easily carry your installed battery, motors, GPS, Bluetooth etc. It has the power to charge any electronic device like mobile, lappy, etc.
  • Carriage of Pet- We allow you to  carry your pets as we understand our customers want to travel with their pets. So we give you special preference  for pet carriage. Air Astana allows small pets like cats, dogs, birds, fish etc. First inform Air Astana About your journey with your pet so that we can confirm your travel comfortably.

You need to confirm some documents of pets before departure of flights are as follows:-

  • You need to carry your Pet’s Passport.
  • You need to carry a veterinary Certificate
  • An identity microchip or tattoo for European Countries.
  1. Flight Informations-

Book Flight

  • Multiple Destinations- For Multiple destination Air Astana provides you different tourist locations for your happy journey. In multiple destinations you will get 4 locations means 4 stoppages. We ensure your happy journey with Air Astana. 

For international travellers from Kazakhstan to their dedicated destination , we provide 15 days of relaxations via free entry.

Domestic passengers travelling with Kazakhstan over three or four flights sectors.


  • Youth and senior fare- Youth fare is available on the website of Air Astana for the age of 16- 25 years. If below 16, please book your youth fare via our ticket office of Air Astana.Senior fare is available for the age group of 60 or above.
  • Group Booking- Group booking is different from individual booking. You can book your 10 or more bookings at time. For instance, conferences, weddings , or traveling with family .

There is the significant advantage for group booking are as follows:-

  • First fill the application form for group booking
  • In order to book now or pay later option
  • You can pay in part.
  • You have the option of the same price for everyone.
  • You can reserve a seat either if you don’t even know the name of all the participants.

Other information for group booking you can visit the official website of Air Astana. You will find a form where you have to enter all the information about the tour and participants.

Terms and Conditions Of Air Astana:-

  1. Rules of air carriage of passengers and baggages
  2. General conditions of contract
  3. Online booking Terms and Conditions
  4. Terms and conditions for alternative payment for Air Tickets
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Copyright notice
  7. Air Astana website terms and uses.

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