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Air Transat Manage Booking

Air Transat Manage Booking Online. Air Transat was established in December 1986, it’s a Canadian airline. Air Transat is the third- largest airline in Canada, it serves 60 destinations in 25 countries. It is owned and operated by Transat A.T. Inc., a total number of fleets of 43 aircraft. It has more than 5000 employees working for them.

Air Transat has also won many Awards in the year of 2012,2018 and 2019 for being the best Airline. It specializes in charter flights from 19 Canadian cities to vacation destinations. Air Transat is one of the leading airlines for Holidays and vacations travel airlines. We are taking all the measures to prevent you from this pandemic of Covid 19. With Air Transat your journey will be safe and sound.

Travel Information Of Air Transat Manage Booking:-

  1. Hand Baggage- Handbags must be light in weight that can be easily placed in the upper compartment of flight without having anybody’s help. Only one piece of hand luggage is allowed on the flight with you. If you are carrying any lappy bag, camera bag, wedding dress, or sports bag, for these items you do not need to pay any extra charges (one piece). If you carry more than one bag, you will be requested to pay some amount. 
  2. Prohibited Items – Smoking Materials like Torch, Lighter, electronic cigarette, Gun lighter, and matchbox is not allowed on the flight. 
  3. Liability Limitations- Our Airline company is not a signatory of the IATA interline agreement, we don’t accept luggage from other airlines or we don’t transfer luggage to other airlines. Make sure your luggage is checked and safely transferred to our airways.
  4. Air Transat Cargo- Things which you can’t carry with yourself on the flight, there is some other arrangement for that product. Air Transat Cargo carry all those things which are dangerous or not allowed in the flights. Cargo and its partner directly take things anywhere you want to take them. 
  5. Our fleets-  Airbus and Boeing.

Special Services of Air Transat Manage Booking:-

  • We provide you better services for your journey. We make your journey comfortable.
  • Accessibility, special needs, and Medical Equipments
  • Special meals – For special meals contact the meal department.
  • Group travel – Air Transat allowed groups of 10 or more than 10 in a group aboard.
  • Pets and assistance dogs.- Air Transat pet policy allowed passengers to travel with their pets.

Flight Status and Schedule of Air Transat Manage booking :-

  • Arrival and Departure- You can obtain details before 48 hours of arrival and departure.
  • Flight Schedule- You can Schedule your flight 15 months in advance and can enjoy your safe and happy journey.
  • The flight operated by another carrier-  Every flight has its own rules and regulations, your departure or arrival can be operated by a carrier other than Air Transat.

Inflight Services of Air Transat Manage booking:-

We provide you lots of inflight services for a great and enjoyable journey.

  • Entertainment- You can go and check out the songs, movies, TV shows that will be playing for the next flights. 
  • Menu- For the menu, you need to contact that section for any meal or beverage.
  • Duty-free Boutique- Duty-free boutique is not available at this moment in time.
  • Onboard coin charity

Travel Documents for Air Transat:-

What documents you will need will travelling with Air Transat are as follows:-

  • Passport And travel documents-  Here you need to carry proper documents like a passport and ID card whenever you are traveling by Air Transat.
  • Required advance passenger information- All your information is required before you travel with a flight. So take care of the stuff.

On board Comfort of Air Transat:-

  • Seat Selection
  • Option Plus
  • Club class

Security- well-Being with Air Transat:- 

Covid 19 will not ruin your travel plan because we provide you the safest journey with Air Transat. Under the Security program of the U.S.  Department of homeland 

  • Traveler care- All over the world is facing the pandemic of CoronaVirus, we are taking all the precautions and safety to make your journey safe and sound. We are taking all the possible measures to avoid an unhealthy environment. Air Transat recommended online check-in, online payment to avoid crowded places. Wear your mask while traveling. Travel only if your health allows you to travel. 
  • Mask Policy- There are some rules before entering in the airport are as follows:-
  1. Wear your mask at Check-in.
  2. Continue wearing your mask while boarding
  3. Only you can remove your mask during eating or drinking.
  4. During deplaning

    As requested from our team, keep wearing your mask at the time of Check In to deplaning.

    Mask which will we accepted are as follow:-

  1. Medical Mask
  2. If in case non- non-medical mask you are using your mask should cover your nose and mouth completely.
  3. There should not be any hole in your mask
  4. Your mask must allow you to breathe properly.
  5. The scarf is not allowed 
  6. Only face shields without masks are not allowed.

NOTICE- If you are a pregnant lady, please note that there will be a risk traveling by air. 

Secure Flight Program by Air Transat:-

There is a security program by Air Transat for which we collect more and more information about our passengers. this program is designed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in the year 2009. 72 hours prior to departure you need to submit all the details and information about the traveler. This is applicable to all the passengers traveling by air.

Information like your full name, address, gender, date of birth, Redress No.( only if applicable).

Insurance with Air Transat:-

Why you are required to purchase Insurance with Air Transat are as follows:-

  1. In case you lost your baggage or you got it in damaged condition.
  2. If you want to cancel your trip because of illness or any other health issues, no need to worry you are covered with our cancellation insurance.
  3. If you are so sick, you don’t need to pay anything at the destination.
  4. Cancel 6 days to 24 hours prior to departure, you can receive up to  80%.
  5. If you will miss your flight due to many reasons like an earthquake, weather condition, or a change of flight schedule, you will get a seat on a new flight.
  6. If you need any help with travel advice or restaurant suggestions, our club plan will help you.

Online Check-in with Air Transat:-

Things which you need to know about Online Check-in with Air Transat:

  • Eligibility and restrictions
  • Baggage 
  • Passport Requirement
  • The accepted method of payment
  • Electronic Boarding pass 
  • Train+air booking ( Train+ Flight)
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