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To know more about Alitalia Airlines manage booking, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Alitalia is late 19s Italian airline, set up in 1999. It is one of the largest airlines in Europe holding 12th position. It has paired with SkyTeam and SkyTeam Cargo Alliance of Air carrier. They have 93 number of flights covering 100 destinations by February of 2020. This Italic airline has built its headquarters in Fiumicino, Rome, Italy.

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Alitalia Airlines Manage Booking

You can book your flight online, going through the homepage of the airline, and search for the flight with your desired destinations, date and get all details while comparing the fares to select the best deal and decide to fly according to your comfort. 

Alitalia Airlines designed an app for the passengers, which is available on the App store as well as Google Play to keep track of your flights, check-in, and itinerary. The app is helping you to book your flight and store your traveling history. Also, it gives you real-time information. Apart from booking and checking, it is easy to book a seat and get your boarding pass easily and quickly only by having an app on your phone.

For Alitalia Airlines manage booking, you need to go to the homepage and click on the Manage My Booking to manage your booking online. “Manage Your Booking” is helping you out to know more about the airline features and enable you to change your ticket date, time or destination, cancel your booking, pay for extra baggage, correct your name on the ticket, online check-in, get extra additional services, select your preferred seat, select your food, get the itinerary detail and receive the email to your self or someone else, you can view your itinerary and booking details and even request special service, and many more to discover. 

Alitalia airlines manage booking

Alitalia Airlines baggage policy

The airline has different section related to the baggage allowance and policy. However, here we are covering all you need to know about the main section which is a handbag and checked baggage. 

Hand Baggage

Passengers are allowed with one handbag with a weight of 8 kg and a linear size of 115 cm. The given size is included the handle, wheels, and side pockets. Alitalia Airlines also letting you carry any of the personal items such as a laptop bag, briefcase, or handbag. 

Checked Baggage

Passengers can have a bag with a linear size of 158 cm and the weight should not be more than 23or 32 kg, which depends on destination and class of the reservation. However, Light fares are not allowed for carrying checked baggage, but the handbag is allowed with some limitations. 

Alitalia airlines checked baggage, alitalia airlines manage booking

The baggage has to have a tag containing the contact information of the passenger for the safety of the passenger’s belonging itself. The airline is accepting the cardboard boxes however, it has to be labeled with the passenger’s name. The boxes will be considered in checked baggage. 

Passengers who need assistance for their mobility can apply for the checked baggage by contacting the flight departure for the needful action to be taken. The checked baggage should not be more than 32kg and if it exceeds the passengers has to pay the extra fees. To avoid the expensive charges for additional baggage, we recommend you apply for online and purchase the extra baggage through the website which is costs you less than the airport.  

In the table down, the charges for the bag with a size of more than 158 cm and up to 203 cm is mentioned.

For the excess weight of more than 23 kg and which should not be more than 32 kg, for all destinations the amount of 100USD/120CAD/ 85EUR has to be paid. And for the extra luggage as in second luggage, the fee is 100USD, 85Eur or 120CAD And for the 3rd to 6th luggage is 285 USD, 240 EUR or 330 CAD. for all destinations oversized baggage the fee is 300USD, 25 EUR or 360 CAD. 

Alitalia Airlines seat selection

Having the comfort seats are coming as additional services that the airline gives to the customers to make the flight very pleasant experiences for its passengers. These comfort seats are available for the Economy class. For the domestic flight, these seats ar3e located on the front row, and passengers who are allocated on these seats can get off the plane sooner than others. However for international flights, the spaces are much more for the passengers to relax.

 To buy the economy class comfort seat in domestic and international flights, the airline provided the map of aircraft which will show up while the online check-in or even choosing the seat in the airport itself. The different cost  for the different destination has been shown in the table below: 

To purchase the seat comfort, you can proceed with online check-in, you can go through Manage my Booking of the home page, you can purchase at the airport or even booking at the ticket counter of the airline at the airport or Authorised travel agencies and Customer Center.

For the domestic flight, the comforts seats are located at the first 7th row of the aircraft. For the international flights, seats are near the emergency exits and the extra legroom is expanded from 12.7 cm to 91.44 cm which is 5in to 36 inches. As far as intercontinental flights, the comfort seats are near the Economy class partition and the emergency exits. While the extra legroom available is from 25.4 to 121.92 cm which is 10 to 48 inches.

Purchase and refunds

Customers who are in the USA, don’t need to pay for the service charge of buying tickets on the airline’s website, call center, or in the USA airport ticket counter. The payment for the online reservation can be made by credit cards( American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa).

If the reservation made a week or more before the scheduled flight, the airline lets you hold a reservation for 24 hours before you do the payment. However, the ticket should be bought via the call center (800 223 5730) or the ticket counter. 

After you purchased your ticket, if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, you can proceed without the extra charges and full money will be refunded back to your original booking mode only if you decide to cancel 24 hours after your reservation and there is a week or more left for the flight departure. Passengers can call the call center number at 800 223 5730 to request for a refund and cancellation. 

If the flight canceled after the provided time the fees of $20 have to be paid per cancellation, if the cancellation made by the passengers, not the airline. 

If the cancellation happen due to any problem from the airline, the passenger receives assistance like hotel accommodation at the airport pr even transport from the airport. If the airline has a delay of more than 3 hours or cancellation, passengers can request for the compensation amount. but if the cancellation or delay happens due to some extraordinary situation beyond the control of the airline, passengers cant request compensation. 

To change the date of your reservation or destination, you are required to go to the website of the company and then click on Manage my Booking. While providing the last name and booking references, proceed with the required changes that you have to make. Also, these procedure to change the date is chargeable and if the new ticket that you apply to book is more expensive the current one, you have to pay the differences.

If the fare of the new ticket is less, first the airline will reduce the changing fee from it and the difference of amount will be sent to your original account of your payment. Those passengers who booked their ticket from the third parties, agencies or the airline agencies, regardless of any changes or refund they want to make, they are required to contact them. Because changes can happen online or through the website, if only you purchased your ticket online or via the mobile app. 

Alitalia Airlines Important numbers (Customer Care)

To get in touch with Alitalia Airlines reservation and get more accurate answers during your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service Number: (212) 903 3494
Baggage Tracking: For baggage, tracking click here.
Alitalia Airlines email:
Alitalia Airlines Website:

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