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Fiji Airways Manage Booking

Managing your bookings online now become easier with all the new policies that have been introduced by Fiji Airways. These new policies include Online features for managing your services. They have a special section for Fiji Airways Manage booking, in this section you can make changes to your reserved itineraries. Such as making changes to your reservations, booking seats, making cancellations, applying for a refund, and much more.

Steps for ‘Manage Your Trips’ online for Fiji Airways

Many passengers need changes in their flight due to many reasons some are personal and some are professionals. You can avail Manage booking service after purchasing your flight ticket where you have the authority to make some changes directly on the website on their own. You can even cancel your ticket if your ticket fare class gives you permission to cancel with or without cancellation charges. In manage booking services you’ll get some services like you can check-in and get a boarding pass online, select your seat during check-in, change or even cancel your flight, pay your reservation while updating, add extra baggage, change your name, select your food, get the itinerary detail, add more services to your trips. So, here will discuss how to manage your booking online for Fiji Airways.

  • The very first step is to open the browser and then enter the URL of Fiji Airways it means to open the official website of Fiji Airways.
  • Login with your login Id and password. In case you don’t have a log-in id then create your Id signing up.
  • After login, you are on the homepage of Fiji Airways. Here you can get the ‘Manage’ tab, move your cursor on that.
  • Now many options will be open on their list. Find manage your booking and click on that.
  • The next step is to fill out the empty field which is your booking reference number and the last name of the passenger and then click on search.
  • This step will help to retrieve your ticket details so that you can cross-check that you are going to make changes to the right ticket.
  • Now you can make changes to the alternatives given in the options that may be cancellation or flight changes. This is totally based on your ticket fare class or if your ticket permits you.
  • After selecting your alternatives you can proceed further. If your request for change is approved and finalized then you’ll get a confirmation mail for the update status.

Fiji Airways Manage BookingGroup Flight Booking

Fiji  Airlines provides the best fare for a group of 10 or more adults traveling to the USA.

It also provides information on when is the best time to travel and provides group check-in, baggage allowance, and other special group deals.

Seat Selection with Fiji Airways 

Using the Manage Booking option you can request your preferred seat. Although Fiji Airways do its best to get the passenger their preferred seat, if they don’t Fiji Airways has the right to provide different seats. Passengers’ actual chosen seats will be confirmed only at the time of check-in. Some seats like Exit Row and Bassinet are not allowed to be revered before check-in

Fiji Airways Tabua Club Loyalty Reward Program

Fiji Airways Tabua club loyalty program makes customers flying more enjoyable and personal. Fiji Airways customers can enjoy the benefits of exclusive Tabua Club membership every time they fly. It is easy to join the club in the following ways:

  1. Fill in the form and payment details at Join Tabua Club online 
  2. Email the customer service for tabua club request form
  3. Call the Fiji Airways center and get more information on Joining the Tabua club

Features of Tabua Club Loyalty Reward Program
Members of Tabua Club enjoy the below facilities

  • Priority Reservation dedicated to Tabua Club Team
  • Tabua Club Plus Status 
  • OneWorld Connect Priority Check-in, priority boarding, and Lounge access
  • Faster Airport experience
  • Earn a free upgrade to Business Class
  • Upgrade a family member
  • Global Lounge Network
  • Guest Access to Lounges
  • Children Access to Premier Lounge
  • Extra Personal Service
  • Earn frequent flyer points or status credits

How to Fiji Airways Flight Booking Online

Once you have done the flight booking, It is simple to manage booking with Fiji Airways 

  1. Enter the booking reference number 
  2. Enter your Last Name 
  3. Click the Search Button

Fiji Airways Manage BookingOnline Changes

After the flight is booked with Fiji Airways you may be eligible for online changes. For that, you

have to simply enter booking details on the left side panel to find if you are eligible for any online changes.  

Following booking are eligible for online changes

  • Flight booked directly from Fiji Airways Call Centre or sales office
  • Flight booked directly from
  • One-way and return point-to-point travel
  • You have an email in your booking reservation

Fiji Airways Manage Booking Special Flight Offers 

Fiji Airways offer special flight deals for Return trip and Onaway booking with the airline

Fiji Airways offer For Return Trip flight booking

  1. In the FROM field choose the origin,  where you are traveling, select the city or location
  2. In the TO field choose the destination, where you are traveling, select the city or location
  3. Select from the Departure calendar select the DATES of  departure
  4. Then from the Return calendar select the DATE  of the return flight 
  5. Then select the travel class  – only the Economy option is available
  6. Select the category of passenger and the number of passengers Adult, Child (2 to 11 years), or Infant (below 1 year)
  7. Then select confirm
  8. Then click on the Search button

Fiji Airways offer For way flight booking

  1. Select the flight type One Way
  2. In the FROM field choose the origin,  where you are traveling, select the city or location
  3. In the TO field choose the destination, where you are traveling, select the city or location
  4. Select from the Departure calendar select the DATES of  departure
  5. Then select the travel class  – only the Economy option is available
  6. Select the category of passenger and the number of passengers Adult, Child (2 to 11 years), or Infant (below 1 year)
  7. Then select confirm
  8. Then click on the Search button

Special Travel Needs information with Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways welcomes and makes your journey easy by offering assistance for customers traveling with special needs.

Assistive Device

  • 2 pieces of Mobility Equipment are allowed per person free of charge as checked baggage
  • Each item must not be more than 32kg
  • Equipment should be kept in the upright position in freewheel mode
  • Equipment must be for your own use

Incapacitated Guests

Fiji Airlines provides a ‘ Meet and Assist ‘ service for customers traveling with some illness, recent surgery, blind or deaf, or because of some medical, physical, or mental condition, individual traveling requires assistance.

For these passengers first, you have to fill out a Medical Information Form which can be downloaded from the website and should be submitted to Fiji Airways prior to traveling

Elderly Persons Service Information with Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways provides all the assistance to elderly passengers traveling with them. Under’ Meet and assist’ Fiji Airways organizes wheelchairs for elderly guests. Only you have to contact the airline prior to traveling and request to make the arrangement  

Expecting Mothers / Pregnant Women

Expectant Mothers who are in good health can travel by Fiji Airways up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy. A medical certificate has to be signed. 


Fiji Airways recommend checking in the strollers, as strollers are not allowed in the cabin. If you need a stroller in the airport then you may chick-in the stroller at the gate and ask for assistance from the check-in staff.

Fiji Airways Baggage Services

Under Baggage services of Fiji Airways if any of the Oneworld member airlines misplaced, damaged, or delayed the baggage, then they will have to make all possible efforts to look for the baggage and deliver it to the passenger’s address. Below are the baggage policies of Fiji Airways

  • Baggage Liability – Expenses will be reimbursed based on proof of claim
  • Delayed Baggage – If in case the bag does not arrive in time, then the airline makes sure you receive the baggage within 24-48 hours
  • Damaged Baggage – to report baggage damage you should report it before leaving the airport
  • Baggage – Online Claim – First have to file a reference number
  • Expense Reimbursement- Have to show the receipt for the actual loss of the baggage
  • Missing Items- you should report the missing bas=gage to the arrival baggage service and any item missing from the baggage should be reported within 24 hours of arrival from domestic travel and within seven days of international travel 

Fiji Airways Baggage Policy

You can carry one carry-on item and one personal item to the aircraft

In addition to your allowance stated above, you may carry on board with you the following items for free:

  • A handbag or  purse
  • A reading book 
  • An overcoat, wrap, or blanket
  • An umbrella or walking stick
  • A small camera or a pair of binoculars
  • Passengers traveling with children below 2 years are entitled to carry a 3kg free cabin baggage allowance which may include things like nappies and baby food etc.
  • A pair of crutches, braces, or other prosthetic devices for the customer’s use, provided that the customer is dependent upon them
  • A Wedding Dress / Gown
  • 114x60x11(185cm) Garment Bag
  • Duty-Free items purchased at the airport before boarding

Baggage Allowance 

Cabin Baggage for international cabin baggage allowance

  • ATR Aircraft
    Adult & Child – Economy – 7 kg (1 piece), Business  – 7 kg (1piece)
  • ATR B737/A330
    Adult & Child – Economy – 7 kg (1 piece), Business  – 7 kg (2piece)
  • Infants (below 2 years)    – All Classes    Additional 3 Kg

Cabin baggage dimensions

  • Total Dimension for Economy class Cabin baggage must be 118cm (46’)
    – (55cmx40cmx23cm)
  • The total Dimension for Business class Cabin baggage must be 126cm (50’)
    – (56cmx45cmx25cm)

Fiji Airways Baggage Tips

While traveling it’s important to take extra care of your important and valuable baggage

  • Hand carry the fragile item
  • Hand carry imp documents and important business papers
  • Pack check-in baggage properly and securely
  • Tie name tags or cards onto your baggage
  • Remove any old tags if there
  • Remove any protruding objects from your baggage

To get in touch with Fiji Airlines flights, and seats, manage booking, and reservations, and get more accurate answers to your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service: 1-888-247-2262

Baggage Tracking: 1 888 689-BAGS (2247)

Fiji Airways  email: Mail them 

Fiji Airways Website:

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