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To know more about Jetstar Airways manage booking, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline in Australia with the headquarter in Melbourne. Jetstar is with Qantas Airways as a two brand strategy. Qantas is targeting the premium full-service market while Jetstar is targeting the low-cost market. Jetstar’s market share in and out of Australia is  8.5%. Jetstar serves a large domestic network, regional and international flights. The airline main hub is Melbourne Airport.

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Jetstar Airways Manage Booking

You can book your flight online, going through the homepage of the airline, and search for the flight with your desired destinations, date and get all details while comparing the fares to select the best deal and decide to fly according to your comfort. 

Jetstar Airways designed an app for the passengers, which is available on the App store as well as Google Play to keep track of your flights, check-in, and itinerary. The app is helping you to book your flight and store your traveling history. Also, it gives you real-time information. Apart from booking and checking, it is easy to book a seat and get your boarding pass easily and quickly only by having an app on your phone.

For Jetstar Airways manage booking, you need to go to the homepage and click on the Find Your Booking tab to manage your booking online. Manage booking is helping you out to discover airline features and make you able to change your ticket date, time or destination, cancel your booking, pay for extra baggage, correct your name on the ticket, online check-in, get extra additional services, select your preferred seat, select your food, get the itinerary detail and receive the email to your self or someone else, you can view your itinerary and booking details and even request special service, and many more to discover. 

jetstar airways manage booking

Jetstar Airways manage booking is helping you to save money and time and make your travel a lot easier. Also helping you to update your details like customer information. 

Jetstar Airways baggage policy 

Baggage allowance depends on the route and cabin class and you need to confirm the regulations on your printed ticket. Along with your hand baggage, you can carry one personal item bag like a lady’s handbag, an umbrella, coat, infant’s carrying basket, walking stick.

Carry-on baggage

The airline starter fares are to assist you with a carry-on baggage allowance of 2 items with a maximum weight of 7kg. But you are allowed to buy an extra 7 kg for the carry-on baggage which shall not be more than 14 kg of 2 times.


Those who are flying with Flex bundle and business class can have a carry-on with the weight of 14 kg of the 2 items. The baggage should be fit overhead and the small one should be fit beneath the passenger’s seat. Passengers should know that carry-on will be weight at the airport. 

The sizes for overhead cabin carry-on should not be more than (H 56cm x W 36cm x D 23cm). To know more about the carry-on information, click here.

Checked baggage

The checked baggage that you carry, can be in the weight range from 15 to 40 kg. To get a better rate for the baggage it is advised to buy the checked baggage online while booking flight. If you decide to purchase online after booking or at the airport, the checked baggage will be costlier. 

The checked baggage fees vary for different routes. Each passenger is allowed to purchase up to 40 kg for the checked baggage. But an individual bag can not be more than 32 kg. As per the size charges fee, the airline is charging extra for the baggage which is more than a meter, as it is considered as an oversized bag. To know more about the checked baggage, you need to click here.

Jetstar airways seat selection

For advance seat selection you can go through Find Your Booking tab on the home page of the airline or even you can go through the Jetstar Airways app which you have already downloaded on your phone. Seats offered by the airlines are:

  • Extra legroom.  This option is for those who need more place to relax their legs. 
  • Upfront seats. These are the seat that useful for landing sooner than other passengers. 
  • Standard seats.  The standard seats. 
Jetstar Airways seat selection, jetstar airways manage booking

Those who booked Starter fare their standard seat selection is optional. Those passengers with Starter Plus bundle also have their seat selection included in their booking ticket. And passengers with Starter Max bundle have all the options whether standard, extra legroom or upfront seats. Passengers who bought the Flex bundle can choose standard or upfront seats and the Business bundle class have the free selection seat in business cabin. 

Those who are picky and passengers who are traveling with their companion are suggested to book their seats in advance because if they don’t do so, automatically seat selection will be run for them which may cause the passengers uncomfortable and make them seat away from their friends or families. Though all seating reservation has regulated with conditions to apply. 

Although while booking the seats, passengers have to keep in mind that the purchasing seats are coming as non-refundable fees. However, if you intend to change your flight, the seat allocated to you will be the same as your previous purchase. If you change your flight and there is a higher fee for the second flight’s seat, then you have to pay the differences. In case your seat for any reason from the airline gets canceled, the airline will refund you the full payment of your seat. 

Jetstar Airways cancellation/ refund & change

You can use the Jetstar Airways App, call the airline call center or check on for rebooking or changes required to be made for your ticket. You can also request a refund online by Find your Booking, airline website and proceed for the refund. 

Those who booked their ticket through third parties are required to get in touch with and proceed with their cancellation or refund request. ​

You can cancel your ticket within 24 hours from your purchase and you won’t get charged for the ticket cancellation. To receive the full refund of your booking, you have to request for refund 24 hours after your purchase and the amount will be deposited through miles or vouchers which can be used for a future booking. You need to know the cancellation should proceed while 7 days from your flight departure is left and the charges you will pay is depending on your flight route. However, you can cancel your ticket 2 hours before departure as well but you receive the refund after deduction of tax and other charges applied for cancellation. 

If your ticket is under refundable booking, you will get a refund for the cancellation of your flight and if your ticket is nonrefundable, you won’t receive any deposit against your booking cancellation. If delay or cancelation of the flight occurs, the airline helps the passengers with compensation and refunds of the flight fare. Which is all focused on the circumstances for the delay or cancellation.

Claiming refund from Jetstar airways

To claim your refund, you need to contact Customer Care. The refunds will be completely credited to your original payment mode. If part of the ticket has to be refunded then the difference will be reduct and the payment refund will proceed. 

Jetstar Airways Important numbers (Customer Care)

To get in touch with Jetstar Airways reservation and get more accurate answers during your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service Number: +61 39645 5999
Baggage Tracking: Get your baggage update here.
Jetstar Airways email: You can contact the customer care here
Jetstar Airways Website:

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