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To know more about Singapore Airlines manage booking, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Singapore Airlines is a Singaporian airline flag carrier and has Singapore Changi Airport is its hub. The airline is using Singapore Girl for corporate branding as its central figure. The airline has become four times as the top airline by Skytrax and also for 20 years ranked in Topped travel & leisure. Related to the subsidiaries, Singapore airlines includes many airlines. SIA Engineering Company is handling repair, maintenance, and overhaul business over 9 countries. Singapore Airlines Cargo is operating the SIA’s fighter fleet along with cargo hold capacity.
The launch customer of the Airbus A380 was Singapore Airlines which is the world’s largest aircraft for carrying passengers. Also, the airline was the launch customer of Boeing 787-10 and ultra-long-range version of Airbus A350-900. In terms of the revenue passenger kilometers, the airline is ranking among the 15 top carriers in the world. And as an international passenger carried in the world the rank is on the tenth. The airline in 2019 got the Skytrax World best airline cabin crew. Also in 2019, the airline also gained the 2nd and 4th position respectively for the best airline and the cleanest airline in the world.

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Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

For the easy booking to this fabulous airline, all you need to do is going to their homepage,, and tab on Book Trip, entering the date and the destination you decided to travel while getting the whole details and fares to compare according to your comfort and price and book it right away. 

In case any situation happens that leads you to cancel or change your ticket, ask for a refund, book a meal, book a seat, add for extra baggage, view your itinerary, upgrading your flight, and so many other services, the Singapore Airlines manage booking helping you to get your requirement by just few click. 

You need to go to the homepage, click on the Manage Booking tab, enter the six-character booking reference along with your last name, and proceed with the required changes that you need to make. 

Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

The same procedure goes for KrisFlyer and SQ members but once they login to their account they have access to all of their traveling history plus they will receive some add on and points for each service that they purchase. 

Singapore airlines SQ & KrisFlyer, Singapore airlines manage booking

Baggage allowance

There are limits of weight and number of pieces of baggage to carry your belonging while flying. Certain restrictions and limitations are different by country and airline. It is advised to carry all your medication, document, and valuable stuff with you in your cabin baggage which you have along during the entire journey. Also for the checked baggage, you need to label your name and contact information details.

Allowed checked baggage

Depend on your final destination, piece of concept, and weigh your checked baggage allowance is different. The free checked pieces of baggage allowance will be mentioned to your ticket if you are using Singapore Airlines. 

There are items which are valuable as well as fragile which you should not put them in your checked baggage which are; laptop, silverware, medication, negotiable papers, securities, precious metal, money, valuable items, jewelry, documents related to business or traveling and of course perishable items. 

Weight restriction for the baggage
Flight Class 
AllowanceMembers of PPS Club KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold 
50kgExtra of 50kgTotal of  100kgExtra of  20kgTotal of  70kg
40kgExtra of  40kgTotal of 80kg
Extra of  20kgTotal of  60kg
Premium Economy 
35kgExtra of  35kgTotal of  70kgExtra of  20kgTotal of  55kg
Flexi35kgExtra of 30kgTotal of 65kgExtra of 20kgTotal of 55 kg
Standard30kgExtra of 30kgTotal of 60kgExtra of 20kgTotal of 50 kg
30kgExtra of 30kgTotal of 60kgExtra of 20kgTotal of 50 kg

Passengers are allowed to carry 10kg baggage for their infant. Also, passengers can carry a fully collapsible pushchair or stroller along with a carry-cot or seat car as a check-in item.

Members of PPS Club and Kris Flyer Elite Gold can get the benefit of additional checked baggage allowance for the SilkAir. 

 Piece concept restriction for the baggage

This option is only for the flight to and from the United State

Class To/From U.SMember of PPS Club KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold 
Suites and First 
2 pieces each up to 32kg 2 extra pieces each up to 32kg 
1 extra piece each  up to 32kg 

2 pieces each up to 32kg 

2 extra pieces each  up to 32kg 1 extra piece each  up to 32kg 

Premium Economy 
2 pieces each up to 23kg 
2 extra pieces each  up to 23kg 1 extra piece each  up to 23kg 

2 pieces each up to 23kg 
2 extra pieces each  up to 23kg 1 extra piece each  up to 23kg 

The total of length, width, and height per checked baggage should not be more than 158cm/62 inches.

For the infant you can carry checked baggage with a weight of 23kg depends on the class of your flight. Also for your infant, you can carry check-in items of Collapsible stroller or pushchair and Carry-cot or car seat. 

For those who are the member of PPS Club or KrisFlyer Elite gold member, there is an allowance of additional checked baggage for SilkAir. 

Cabin baggage allowance

When you fly with the airline, you can bring two bags into the cabin with you depends on your class of traveling.

In addition to the limitations stated here, you must also be able to stow your baggage securely in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

Flight ClassAllowanceLimitations
SuitesFirst Business 2 piecesUp to 7kg eachThe total of length, width, and height of each piece should not be more than 115cm.
Premium Economy Economy 1 pieceUp to 7kg eachThe total of length, width, and height of each piece should not not be more than 115cm.

In case of the cabin, the bag is more than the limitation mentioned here, the bag will be collected and kept in the aircraft cargo compartment. And in some cases, you need to pay additional charges for the baggage. 

Seat selection

Depends on the class of flight and the fare you paid, you will get the complimentary advanced seat selection or you can choose to pay a fee for your seat in advance, you need to read the table. 

Suites, First/Business ClassYou’ll get the complimentary seat selection at any time.
Premium Economy You may choose seats in advance for free. Or, if you wish to fly in greater comfort, you may select an Extra Legroom Seat for a fee.
Economy Depends on the fare type you paid, you may get a seat in advance for free or a fee.

To know more about the seat which is payable click here. Those passengers who do not select their seats in advance, they will get the complimentary seat during check-in and 48 hours before the departure of the flights. Passengers can select any seats from the remaining seats at the check-in or the

Cancellations and refunds

You can apply to cancel your ticket online through the Singapore Airlines homepage by clicking on the “Manage Booking” tab but only for the refundable tickets. Those with non-refundable tickets can only get the taxes as a refund. And the refund will be credited to the debit/credit that the passenger used for purchasing the ticket. Sometimes for the cancellation and refund, you may need to pay for the fee. Your ticket needs to cancel within the deadline mentioned on the booking then only you can apply for a refund. Those tickets purchased for flight to/from the USA, cancellation is without penalty but it should be within 24 hours of the booking. And reservation must be made a week or more before flight departure. To get a full refund, you are required to get in touch with the local Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Important numbers (Customer Care)

To get in touch with Singapore Airlines reservation and get more accurate answers during your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service: (800) 742-3333
Baggage Tracking: You can track your baggage here.
Singapore Airlines email:
Singapore Airlines Website:

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