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Vietnam Airlines Manage Booking

So here you will get all the information regarding Vietnam Airline booking. We provide you a comfortable and safe journey. You will get all details online of Vietnam Airline on your fingertips. Flight details, seat selection etc anytime with Vietnam Airlines. Also we give benefits and facilities to business class passengers, passengers with Disability, pregnant women and passengers with medical issues. There are different schedules for national and international flights as well. Below is the info about the Vietnam Airline Manage Booking.

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Vietnam Airline Manage Booking
  • Check-in Vietnam Airlines

For Check-in you need to book your seats with Vietnam Airline. You can check your seats on the website. Select your seat as per your conveniences. And then you will get the option of online check in. 

  • Online Check-in:-

For online Check in you need to visit Vietnam Airline website or its airline mobile app. There you will get the option of online Check in. Only that user can Check in who have already registered his/ her booking with Vietnam Airline or having Valid E-ticket operated by them. 

In town check-in – Vietnam provides in town check-in to their passengers. It simply means you can check in , arrange baggage drop, and also receive your boarding passes in advance in the Vietnam airline office. This plan not only helps you to stay away from the queue at the airport but also save your time.  This service is only available 2 hours from the departure time.

Kiosk Check-in– Kiosk check in is now available in the Vietnam airport.

Airport Check In- Airport check-in schedule according to departure timing of your flight. In case if the departure timing changes , check-in timing is adjusted accordingly. Different airports and carriers have different Check-in  times. Make sure you have clear info about your airport check-in timing or you will miss the flight. You should reach the airport prior to the departure of flight and keep enough time in your hand for airport check-in.

Fly on time With Vietnam Airline:- Vietnam Airlines depart timely. Boarding gate closed before 15 minutes of departure of flight. Opening and closing time of boarding gate depends on the departure of Vietnam Flight, we value your time. Different timing is assigned for national and international flights.

  • Travel Information of Vietnam Airlines:-
  1. Baggage-We provide a comfortable and safe journey. Travel informations consists of as follows:

Baggage– Your Baggage need to be not more than the Vietnam airlines allows you or you need to pay extra payment for your luggage or repacked. Your baggage should not be exceeded by 32kg. Also applied for some countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. This may vary for different carriers. Vietnam Airlines follows a piece concept for luggages.

Hand baggage– Hand baggage includes a hand bag, maximum weight for the hand baggage should be 10kg, the total dimension of one accessory must not exceed 115 cm. 

We provide you prepaid baggage operated by Vietnam Airlines.

Restricted Baggage- Things like Explosives, Radioactive, infectious, Toxic substances, gases, flammable items and other dangerous items are strictly prohibited in the flight. We suggest you do not carry such things when you are travelling on flights. 

Special baggage charges– There are some special baggage charges on bulky baggage, pet carried , golf sets

Baggage claim- You can claim if you find your baggage delayed or lost or damage anyway. You can go and claim the report immediately to any staff present at the airport.  

  1. Special Service– Passengers can check in their baby stroller. Vietnam gives the facilities for infants & children. We  provide free meals for infants and Children. Also infants under 2 years are not allowed to occupy any seats. New born babies are not accepted on board. If you want to enjoy the delicious meal on flight, you need to book before 24 hours of departure. 
  2. Reservations– if you want to book an extra seat, there is some criteria that is you only have the option to book the extra seat on the same class, on the flight and on the same date.
  3. Passengers with Disabilities- Passengers who are suffering from any kind of disabilities do not need to pay any services charges. Dog services are also free of chargers.
  4. Travel Documents– You need to carry all possible documents which are required during travelling , like a passport or travel documents, identity card etc.
  5. The travel document conditions– The document should be of original copies , it should be valid, birth certificate must be original copies( duplicated is not allowed). Document without stamp will be not accepted. Illegal documents are strictly not allowed.
  1. Passengers with Medical Conditions– Passengers will need medical clearance includes:-

They will need an Oxygen Service, they will require stretcher service, Pregnant ladies or passengers will need extra medical care.  And also they need to carry Medical documents along them.

Vietnam Airlines provides Advance reservation to this category of passengers but the passengers should be comfortable to travel with airways.

  • Ticket Change:- 

Option for ticket change is only available if you are booking online. 

Airport and transit With Vietnam Airline Manage Booking:-

Lotus Lounge- it is a place for passengers to focus on the business or their relaxation. Lotus Lounge provides comfortable facilities to their passengers.

  1. Luxurious and elegant space for relaxation.
  2. Meal in the recognized hotel and Restaurants
  3. Seating area
  4. Charging points for charging appliances like mobile, tablets or lappy.
  5. Business area with internet connected computer.High Speed Wifi Connectivity.
  6. Separate smoking zone
  7. Bathroom

All comfortable facilities are provided by Lotus Lounge here. You can enjoy your journey without any disturbance with Vietnam Airlines. For more information, you can visit the Vietnam Airline website.


There are some benefits for SkyTeam members are as follows:-

  1. Business class Passengers
  2. Platinum members
  3. SkyTeam Elite Plus Members.

Now these are benefits:

  1. Priority check-in area
  2. Priority baggage drop-off
  3. Priority Boarding
  4. Priority Baggage handling
  5. Priority service at ticket/transfer desk

Flight Connection for Vietnam Domestic Flights

  1. Online Check-in
  2. Airport check in
  3. Checked Baggage
  4. Boarding passes
  5. Baggage Tags
  6. Security inspection
  7. Boarding Gate
  8. Board
  9. Enjoy your Flight
  10. Disembark
  11. Boarding gate
  12. Board
  13. Enjoy Your Flight
  14. Disembark
  15. Receiving the checked baggage.

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