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Viva Aerobus Manage Booking

In this article let’s have an idea about Vivaaerobus manage booking details. Before that let’s know the other details of Vivaaerobus.

VivaAerobus is one of the top-notch airlines headquartered in Ciudad Apodaca and one of the low-cost airlines based in Mexico. VivaAerobus airlines fly to more than 42+ domestic and foreign destinations around the world, including North America, Asia, Europe, Canada, and more, with a fleet size of 37.

 VivaAerobus became Mexico’s first truly ultra-low-cost carrier from that point on and they provided the best service for their passengers. Instead of opting for cheaper alternatives, such as long-distance bus services, to fly between cities, few people in Mexico could afford air travel 10 years ago. With the youngest fleet in their country and proudly among the fastest growing airlines in the world, Viva Aerobus is Latin America’s lowest-cost airline providing the best-dedicated service throughout the world. 

They currently service 21 Airbus A320 aircraft, with deliveries following until 2021. They currently fly 115 daily flights on 60 routes with our 1100 staff, carrying over 6 million passengers in 2016. They are now able to carry 100 million passengers in their next phase of development by 2020, generating major economic benefits for the tourism industry and creating some 4,200 direct and indirect jobs.

Here you will get all the informations regarding the VivaAerobus Manage Booking under one single plane. If you feel the need of some external help then don’t hesitate to make us a call on +1-800-831-1547. Our executives are available 24X7 and will be happy to help you out.

Make your travel more comfortable and affordable with- Vivaaerobus manage booking 

VivaAerobus airlines always have the best in class and luxury travel conveniences that always make every passenger’s journey very easy and smooth. The multiple destinations can be booked on VivaAerobus Airlines at very reasonable rates through the various methods of reservation. Refer VivaAerobus Flights Reservations.

Process of How to Manage Booking Online

Viva Aerobus understand the passenger’s need to make changes due for any reason and may be confronted without knocking on the door. So they make it easily accessible to the passengers to make changes on their own. In the manage booking tab they provide this feature to make change:

  • Check-in and boarding pass online
  • Select your seat during check-in
  • Change or cancel your flight
  • Pay your reservation while updation
  • Add extra baggage
  • Change your name
  • Select your food
  • Get the itinerary detail
  • Add more services to your trips

You can do all the above-mentioned things. Here we discuss steps by step process of how to manage your booking online.

  • Firstly you have to open the official website of Viva Aerobus and log in to your account with your registered Id and password.
  • This step helps to navigate the home page of the Viva Aerobus where you can see the “My Booking” Tab. You have to just click on that.
  • The next step is to enter your details which are asking in the field which is your Last name, and the reservation code (booking reference number).
  • This step will retrieve your ticket details in which which you need to change.
  • After clicking next you can see here all the alternatives related to your change(ticket date, time, or destination, cancel your booking, pay for extra baggage, correct your name on the ticket).
  • If you are eligible for the changes which are permitted by your ticket you can change it according to your wish and then pay for it online with your payment cards(Debit/Credit).
  • Lastly, after successful payments for your changes, you’ll get a confirmation mail on your email id.

How To Book a Viva Aerobus Airlines Reservation

Would you like to fly from your desired destination to your favorite VivaAerobus airline location? Then you can simply fly on the VivaAerobus Airlines flight after making your reservation, which is very easy and you can make your reservation online with the aid of simple measures. But if you don’t know about the reservation process for VivaAerobus, then you need to know about what’s described in very easy and fast measures. You check the further details in VivaAerobus Airlines.

Steps for making reservations for VivaAerobus

  • First of all, from your preferred computer, go to the official Booking API. 
  • You will now need to pick your type of travel, such as one-way and round trips. 
  • After that, you can enter your preferred departure and arrival destination. 
  • Select your preferred departure and arrival date. 
  • You can check for your flight by clicking on the Find or Search flight tab.
  •  You can now choose from the best available flight deals according to your preference. 
  • After making payment via credit card or debit card, you can simply complete the reservation process.

Traveling with infants

If you are planning to travel with your kid, it is vital that when you book your ticket, you have all the necessary details. To fly, infants must be at least 7 days old. If your baby is less than 7 days of age, you must show a medical certificate with a direct expression of an air travel authorization. Each adult can hold only one infant for safety reasons, and may not fly in seats located at emergency exits.

You can choose between these two choices if you are traveling with a child under 2 years of age:

Traveling in your lap with your kid (infant-in-arms)

  • You won’t pay for your fare (fees or taxes), so you won’t be allowed to take the baby’s carry-on or check-in luggage. 
  • Your child is expected to sit on your lap throughout the trip.
  • You can only fly with one infant in your arms.

Traveling in a single seat for comfort

  • Next to yours, you can reserve a seat and pay the full fare and taxes applicable.
  • Your baby must be seated in a plane seat (CRS) or a device that you must wear and hold properly. Thinking about you and the safety of your infant, we suggest choosing a pair of seats next to the window to more conveniently carry your baby’s seat.

You can bring these things for your baby

In both cases, as checked baggage, you can take a stroller or baby seat at no expense, you just have to check it in at the counter at least 2 hours before your flight departs.

Without thinking about its weight, carrying all your baby needs in an extra diaper bag or backpack, adding our Baby Kit for just 440 MXN per flight, you only have to follow the same weight specifications and measurements for carry-on setup. The stroller can also be taken to the airplane door and a baby seat is checked in.

Liquid transport restrictions in carry-on bags do not extend to anything you bring for your infant, so we encourage you to fly without worries with your favorite food and/or bottle.

Rules For Unaccompanied minors

It is important to take into account that all minors between the ages of 2 and 17 must have their own seat and pay the full cost of their tickets and taxes; this entitles them to bring the same carry-on and/or checked luggage as an adult, taking into account the considerations of the modality of travel chosen at the time of purchase. You can transport them as part of their checked luggage if you are traveling with minors and you want to bring a stroller or a baby seat or add the Baby Kit to your reservation if you want to take it separately.

Note that minors are unable to travel in seats situated at emergency exits for safety reasons. 

Reservation Changes (ie; date or time of the flight) by VivaAerobus

VivaAerobus shall make every effort to comply with the reservations booked, however, if necessary, VivaAerobus can make changes and/or modifications to the flights at all times and at its absolute discretion, including, without limitation, the date and times of such reservations. For the foregoing purposes, VivaAerobus shall inform the Passengers, through their email or telephone number used for the Reservation, of the corresponding change in time and/or date, so that the Passengers can take such steps as they deem necessary. 

VivaAerobus disclaims all responsibility if the notice concerning the change of reservation does not come to the attention of the Passenger, whether due to the Passenger’s error in entering his/her contact information while making the reservation, such as his/her e-mail address or telephone number, for example, or to difficulties receiving emails. Viva Aerobus assumes that the email address given by the passenger is accurate and legitimate, as it is the sole duty of the passengers to correctly enter it and correctly operate it. Nonetheless, VivaAerobus advises its passengers to confirm, before departure, the time of their flight(s) on the VivaAerobus Website.

Delays of less than 4 (four) hours on scheduled flights or those arising from the forwarding of scheduled flights shall not be considered as adjustments to reservations. With regard to delays of less than 4 (four) hours, Passengers shall be entitled only to the Compensations provided for by Viva Aerobus in its Compensation Policies under the current legislation.

Cancellation process through Manage Booking

VivaAerobus does not allow the revocation of reservations and/or additional services previously purchased by the passenger. Only those cancellations made within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the reservation has been made will continue. Passengers willing to cancel shall therefore contact the VivaAerobus Call Center, indicating the reservation code and the reasons for such cancellation. Similarly, in order to obtain a refund, VivaAerobus must indiscriminately prove the payment of the reservation.

You can go through the VivaAerobus homepage

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