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WestJet Airline Manage Booking

WestJet Airline Manage Booking Seats, Flights & Reservations

Westjet Airline Manage booking. It is a Canadian airline company, established on 29 February 1996. On this day for the first time, the Westjet flight departed. It started its journey at a very low cost as it has major competitors. In this era, Westjet is the second-largest Canadian air carrier. It provides charter air service to more than 100 destinations in Canada. It was grounded due to a disagreement with Transport Canada in mid of September the same year.

In early 1999, new CEO Steve Smith made WestJet’s Initial public offering of stocks at 2.5 million shares. The name of its parent company is Onex Corporation. It paid $31 per share for the company and a 67% premium to its market value at the time.  The total no. of employees working in this WestJet airline is around 4500 (June 2020). And its fleet size is 125.

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Flights of WestJet Airline Manage booking

Westjet provides many flights for different groups of customers. Basically, there are four kinds of flights Westjet provides to enjoy a happy and comfortable journey for its passengers. Mainly they are as follows:

  • Direct Flights –  Direct Flights are those flights that directly take you to your destination location without any stoppage, basically, it starts from your location to your dedicated location.
  • Multi Cities Flight- Multi cities flights give you the happiest trip as you can travel to 5 cities in one trip. 
  • Flights of business travel- Flight for business travel is more convenient for business class people. It gives you pleasure, without any interruption in your work.
  • Groups and Conventions – Here you can book more than 5-7 people tickets and enjoy the trip with discounts. 

There are some access which Westjet gives you (self-serve option).

  • Change and Cancel Flight- For change or Cancellation of fight you need to call on the no. of Westjet that is  1-888-WESTJET (1-888-937-8538). Only if your booking is done with cash. You can only call if your travel time is within 72 hours. Other information about the cancellation will be guided by our agents. 
  • View Occupied seats and manage your seats- One hour before you can check and change the seats as per your requirement, Charges or fees will vary according to the seats you choose.
  • Upload guest information and travel documents- You have an option to Upload Guest info and travel document, there you can upload your travel documents like PAN, Permanent resident card, Passport, and Known traveler number. You can upload documents online and request Westjet to verify your documents online.
  • Download the Westjet App- By downloading the app of Westjet you can book your ticket by your handy mobile phones and enjoy the trip with comfy.

Manage my Vacations with WestJet Airline Manage Booking:-

Before going anywhere, first, go to the site of Westjet and click on the manage my Vacation, there you will find so many exciting places and all the details at your fingertips. Select your favorite location with Westjet and enjoy your trip. After selecting of location, go and select your seat as well.

Retrieve itinerary and receipt:-

To get your itinerary emailed to you, you need to fulfill some requirements of Westjet:-

  • You need to do the booking with or through the service center of Westjet.
  • You need to provide the same name which you have used in your booking
  • Also, provide the email address which you used while booking a ticket.

There are criteria where we do not send you an email:

  • If you are booking your seat with another online website instead of Westjet.
  • If you book your ticket through a travel agent 
  • If you book your ticket through AIR MILES
  • If your trip was more than three days ago
  • Or if someone’s email is used during booking.

These are the cases where we don’t send you an email.

Check In Information of Westjet Airline:-

  • Westjet airlines manage to book and want their passengers on time, So we Advise all the passengers to Check in before 90 minutes for Canada Flights and 120 minutes for international flights.
  • You need to reach 40 minutes prior for your boarding process before flight departure.
  • Baggage is only accepted before 3 hours of flight departure. 

Note:- Check-in timing varies from airline to airline.

Boarding Information of Westjet Airline:- 

Things which you need to carry for the collection of boarding passes are as follows:-

  • You need your Reservation Code
  • You will need your passport if you are traveling to the US or on any international flight
  • All the information about travel, and accommodation like hotel name, Address, etc.
  • After completing all the processes successfully, now you can collect your boarding passes.

Saving E-boarding pass of Westjet Airline:-

What is the use of the E-boarding pass of Westjet are as follows;

  • Make sure you have saved your E-boarding pass on your mobile, if it is not saved you may face difficulties. 
  • If you are an Apple user( iOs 10 or newer) can have multiple e-boarding passes on your Apple device( wallet).
  • If you are using a printout of the e-boarding pass, you will not be allowed to further the process of Westjet Airlines.
  • In case you forget to save the e-boarding pass, go and recheck it again on your mobile or to Westjet airport Kiosk.
  • You cannot forward your E-boarding passes to anyone, in case you want them we can resend you to the other email address.

Comfortable journey with Westjet Airlines:-

    Westjet airlines know how difficult it is to find a comfortable journey for some people.

  • You can select your seat before 1 hour of departure.
  • You can cancel or rebook without any penalty before December 2020.
  • We have a proper app from Westjet from which you can book your seats for yourself and your family easily. 
  • We provide you the option to upload your documents online with full safety, from there you can verify all your documents by requesting Westjet to check your documents online.
  • Westjet has its own website where you can find all the updates regarding tickets, flights, and other information. So must visit our website.

All these facilities provide WestJet with happy customers. Hope this information is helpful for you.

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