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Aegean Airlines Pet Policy

Love for pets is quite genuine and some don’t want to get apart from their pet and thus request their airlines when they are flying to another destination. Many airlines don’t allow carrying due to animal life risk or sometimes keeping the comfort of co-passengers in mind.

But today we will talk about Aegean Airlines Pet Policy which had permitted its customers to travel with pets with some guidelines according to their pet breed, size, health, weight, height, etc. You just have to make your pet trap in a box along with you or make travel as cargo.

Being an owner of the pet and wants to fly with them, then you have to aware of the fact that, booking tickets for a pet in flight is done in advance. Only pet owners of Dog, Cats, and Ferrets are permitted to have online booking. But other than these animals you have to contact the customer care to get your advance booking for pets.

As space for pets is limited, i.e only limited numbers of animals can travel in a flight thus, you have to book in advance so that you may not face any problem. So before booking just confirm by Aegean Airlines call center that if there any vacancy for pets to travel.

Rules of Aegean Airlines Pet Policy

Aegean Airlines Pet Policy

Some rules under Aegean Airlines Pet Policy are quite clear. These are the rules which you have to follow if you want to carry your pet along with you.

Small pet rules:

  1. They have a list of breeds of pets that they allow to travel with. Some are cats, dogs, ferrets, and some mammals family-like weasels, polecats, ermines, and zibeline. They have set up some exceptions.
  2. Every passenger can travel with at least one pet in-flight which must be a lock-in an animal box or container, easily available to you. Weight must be in total 8 kilos with both pets and the box.
  3. The size of the container must not more than 55cm length x 40cm height x 23cm width.
  4. If you are flying in DH8-100, DH8-400, and ATR aircraft then your pet box can be of 40cm length x 25cm height x 25cm width.
  5. You can travel with more than 1 species of pet or breed who are familiar with each other but it should be in the same one box together and weight 8 kilos in total including both containers and the animals.
  6. Though if you are traveling with the baby then, you are not permitted to carry tour pets along with you in the cabin under Aegean Airlines Pet Policy.

For general information, if you are traveling with a pet or pets in a cabin with the animal container, then you must not exceed 5 but it also includes other holding times like baggage and special equipment, i.e, pet box must be one of them.

Large pet rules:

  1. If you are having huge size pet or, whom you want to travel to other countries to the destination, you are traveling to, then they will be going in a baggage compartment 
  2. Aminal must have a medical certificate which says they can fly more than 3 hours in case of flight hours exceed.

Medical Report of pet

  1. The Pet owner should have a medical certificate within 12 weeks of your flights and should have applied anti-rabies vaccination.
  2. It’s important that your pet or animal’s age should be 105 days at least if they are been traveling in cargo.
  3. Its must that your pet is hygienic clean smell good and most important must not be pregnant.

Booking & Charges

If you want to travel with your pets, then you have to book the reservation in advance. You can book your reservation through either the official website of Aegean Airlines or the call center of the airlines. You are only allowed to make reservations for the dogs, cats, and ferrets.

The reservation of other than these animals/pets will be made through the call center of the airline.

As each passenger is allowed only one pet with him, so the pet reservation will be made on a priority basis.

In the case of connecting flight, the passenger needs to check the availability by contacting the call center of Aegean before the trip begins.

The charges applicable on transportation:

CategorySizeWeightDomestic FlightsInternation Flights
Pets in CabinsSmallUp To 8 KgEUR 30EUR 60
Animals in the Aircraft holdMedium8 to 25 KgEUR 50EUR 110
Animals in the Aircraft holdLargeMore than 25 KgEUR 90EUR 180

Note: The cargo dimension should not be exceeded 105cm length x 75cm width x 79cm height.

Documents and check-in

  1. Before your departure time of flight, you must arrive 1 hour before that if traveling with a pet as pets traveling has its separate check-in.
  2. At the check-in gate, you have to place your pet’s health book for inspection. Your pet should fit the airline’s requirements regarding ID microchip.
  3. If the pet is not traveling with its owner, they should submit a written authorization by mentioning the declaration of the person whom pets are traveling with.
  4. Though pet’s online check-in is available, but still boarding pass is available at the airport only.

Charges for pet tickets

  1. While booking, charges applied to the pet ticket on the basis of each container even so it has any numbers of pets, just weight must not exceed 8 kilos.
  2. You can re-issue or re-alter the ticket of your pet as long they have mentioned for this service.
  3. Its quite good that with Aegean Airlines, if you have already issued your ticket, but didn’t yet book, then yes you can book your pet tickets within 2 hours of your departure.
  4. Valuable tips for the pet owner, if in case you have to cancel the booking of your pet, ticket fare is refundable.

To get your booking done for your pet in advance you can visit their official site for Aegean Airlines Pet Policy for booking but if you are getting any problem regarding it, you can even contact the Aegean Airlines customer support team. Dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get instant help from us.

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