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Austrian Airlines Pet Policy

Traveling with pets in aircraft has been quite normal over the past several days. And many airlines around the world had permitted pets to travel along with their owner in flight. Similarly, Austrian Airlines allow pets on their flight with certain limits.

For pets traveling in flight, one should have to follow all the rules and restrictions said by the Austrian Airline pet policy. Austrian airlines permit pets either in-cabin or in the cargo hold, but you have to keep your pet in the pet carriage hold only for the entire flight journey.

Thus below we will give you detailed information regarding Austrian Airline pet policy, as airlines focus on the well-being of your pet and try to give a good flight journey to you and your pet too.

General rule

pets as checked baggage, Austrian Airlines pet policy

Under Austrian Airline’s pet policy, they have certain general rules and limits which every pet owner who is about to take their pets on a flight must know and follow for the good welfare of their pet only.

  • In the same pet container, passengers are allowed to carry two pets together, who are familiar with each other.
  • When you are making your pet fly with Austrian Airlines, just mark that your pet’s age must be within 12 weeks. And if you are flying to countries like the USA, then pets’ age should be 16 weeks at least.
  • Small puppies and kittens are not dependent on their mother and must be weaned.
  • The way of transport of your pet whether it’s in-cabin or in the cargo hold will totally depend on the size and weight of the pet container along with your pets.
  • There is one another thing that comes in the approval of your pet travel is the pet transport rules in the flight of the country you are flying to.
  • Whereas simple rules are if your pet is small in size then in-cabin, and if your pet size is quite large which can not fit in-cabin, then it will be transported as in cargo hold.
  • There is an exception for assistance dogs or guide or service dogs with new rules and regulations for transport in flight.

In January 2020, under Austrian Airline’s pet policy, they have added some rules in the general. The new rules state that there is a breed of cats and dogs named brachycephalous, who has a short-nosed are not allowed to fly in any aircraft of Austrian Airlines. These types of breed usually face a breathing problem when comes under air pressure due to flight flying over high heights. 

The transport of large animals in a cargo hold is also restricted by many destinations. So before departing day, get information and confirmation of your pet transport by the service center of Austrian Airlines.

So to confirm the import and export information and further document required for transport either in cargo or in-cabin. You should go through the website for animal welfare regulations and legal requirements. So by this, you will get yourself ready for yourself and your pet with all the requirements needed sat get approved for a pet flight.

NOTE: There are some countries that only allow pet transport in the cargo hold. Thus countries are the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

Pets as in-cabin

When airlines say pet will travel in-cabin, they mean that your pet can travel along with you in the regular passenger cabin of the aircraft. There are certain benchmarks for getting permits to fly in-cabin.

  • In-cabin only small animals like dogs and cats as a pet will get permission.
  • Your pet must be kept inside the pet carriage of the standards mentioned by the Austrian pet policy, throughout the flight journey.
  • The weight of the pet and the container should be measured within 8 kgs or less, to become eligible for the in-cabin flight journey.
  • Dimensions of the pet carrier, if want to carry them in-cabin, then Austrian Airlines’ pet policy stated that it should be a total of 118 cm and separately 55 cm in length x 40 cm in height x 23 cm in width.
  • You have to be within this limit for pet containers. So that it gets fit easily under the passenger seats in front of you in the aircraft cabin.

Pet container:

So other measured have to look over on pe container for traveling with pet in-cabin:

  • The container should have soft corners and sides and it should be leak-proof.
  • It should be bite-proof as the pet may bite and tear up the soft pet bag.
  • The container should be clean and hygienic from the inside and pets must be odor free.
  • They must have proper ventilation from all sides.
  • The container must be well equipped with a lock, so that your pet may not able to come outside.
  • The container must be spacious enough according to the size of your pet so that it can sit stand and lie down in its natural position.

Pets as in cargo hold

pets as in cargo hold, Austrian Airlines pet policy

When your pet and pet container do not meet up the standards for traveling in-cabin then your et will be sent as in cargo hold of aircraft. But to make your pet travel in cargo hold also, you have to maintain some conditions stated by Austrian Airlines pet policy.

So when you are sending your pet to the aircraft cargo department, according to IATA (International Air Transport Association), they have set some standard rules for every airline for pet and pet containers to approve pet transport as in cargo hold.

  • When your one pet exceeds the weight of 8 kg along with container weight, then you have to send it to the cargo of the aircraft.
  • If you are coming up with 2 pets in the same one pet container, then the weight of each should be no more than 14 kg.
  • Check before sending pet carriers to the cargo hold, that pets’ body parts like paw or tail may not get in contact with outsiders which can be harmful to your pet only.
  • The Pet container must be comfortable large enough based on the size of your pet so that it can stand straight and lie down to sleep or can take a turn inside the box.
  • You should attach a food and water supply container so that during the journey, staff in cargo can ser the food and eater facility to your pet.
  • Check that your pet container must be leak-proof and the bottom floor is fitted with some non-reactive absorbent material.
  • As a big pet container, it should have at least three-sided air ventilation.
  • Make sure pet containers must be of strong rigid material which is not easily breakable get escape.

Under the Austrian Airline pet policy, they are concerned about the pet’s smooth flight journey without getting harmed or any trouble. So they may even restrict some time at the check-in point

  • So at the check-in point if your pet’s behavior is found to be not normal or not under control, then also Austrian Airlines can refuse their transport.
  • If your pet breed is one such breed that is quite aggressive or fighting or commercial animals, then these breeds are not permitted in the Austrian Airlines aircraft.
  • Your pet container must match the requirements or standard measures decided by Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Airlines’ check-in guidelines are been set only to make your pet flight safe and comfortable for the entire journey.

Note* The entire set of pet cabins and the fee may be forfeited or according to the new flight schedule and availability at the time of flight change or at the time of cancellation.

Restricted breed

There is some breed which is strictly not permitted to fly in an aircraft. So Austrian Airlines’ pet policy has classified those breeds as flighting animals and brachycephalic breed cats and dogs.

But if under some condition these breeds of pets get permission for flight, then there would be special requirements for their carriage and documents, which pet owners have to follow.

There are certain problems that your pet can face on the flight. Breed of snub-nosed is usually advised not to carry over the flight because they are having respiratory problems. Thus when the flight takes off at a high altitude, it creates some air pressure which will create a shortage of breathing and this will be a factor in risking your pet’s life.

You should read all the special case information for Austrian Airlines before applying for your pet.


Pets which are been stated as endangered breed dogs:

  • Monkey pinscher
  • Bull Dog (all breeds except American Bull Dog)
  • Pug (all breeds)
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Boston Terrier
  • pugilists
  • Brussels Griffin
  • Bull Mastiff
  • bull terrier
  • Chow Chow
  • English Toy Spaniel
  • Japanese Chin
  • Japanese Spaniel
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pekingese
  • Pit Bull
  • Shar
  • Peo
  • Shih Tzu
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Breeds of cats which are been endangered and are not allowed:

  • British shorthaired cat
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Himalaya Cat
  • Persian Cat
  • Scottish folding ear cat

When you are flying to or from the United Kingdom you have to show a Brexit agreement and in case you have not booked your pet flight i.e no deal for pets, then you should get in touch with the Europe pet travel facility on their website:

At the time of your booking or reservation, you must inform Austrian Airlines in advance that you will want to make your pet also fly along with you.

This will help Austrian airlines to communicate with all the applications required for pet travel on their flights and help you in getting confirmation of your pet accordingly, before your departing day.

Austrian Airlines charges for pet travel on their flight. Though fees for pet transport depend on various factors like the size of the pet, dimensions of your pet carriage, the weight of your pet along with the carriage, and even sometimes, the destination to travel is also come in adding up extra fees.

Furthermore, for Austrian Airlines’ booking and reservation, contact directly Austrian Airlines’ official site or get in touch with the customer care center for full support and help. Still not getting a resultful response, then you can even contact our, treknova customer care center by the call-in toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 available for you 24*7.

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