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Bangkok Airways Pet Policy

Thailand citizens who want to travel their pets to other countries through air flight journeys are fortunate enough. As there are several airlines in the country which accept pet travel during the flight. Similarly, Bangkok Airways is one such airline of Thailand, which also permits, pets transport in their aircraft.

So Bangkok Airways has a special service for pets under the Bangkok Airways pet policy, which states all the norms and criteria to prepare your pet for a flight journey to your desired destinations. 

It’s been a little upsetting that, Bangkok Airways allow pets but does not permit in-cabin of flight. In short, Bangkok Airways permit pets to travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft and does not allow any pet to carry out in-cabin along with their owner besides other co-passengers.

NOTE: The pet travel service of Bangkok airways is temporarily out of service. And all pet booking till 30 October 2021 has been suspended.

So below we will discuss in detail what are the measures one pet owner have to take to make their pet ready to fly in Bangkok Airways.

  • Only cats and dogs are considered as pet by the airline.
  • There are some snub-nosed dogs and some other breeds that are restricted to travel with Bangkok Airways. The reason of not accepatance is well-being and safety of these animals/pets.
    • American Bulldog
    • American Staffordshire Terrier
    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • Boston Terrier
    • Boxer
    • Brussels Griffon
    • Bulldog
    • Chinese Pug
    • Chow Chow
    • Dutch Pug
    • English Bulldog
    • English Toy Spaniel
    • French Bulldog
    • Lhasa Apso
    • Japanese Boxer
    • Japanese Pug
    • Japanese Spaniel (Chin)
    • Mastiff (All Breeds)
    • Pekinese
    • Pit Bull
    • Pug
    • Shar Pei
    • Shih Tzu
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    • Tibetan Spaniel

Travel with pet

pet's check-in, Bangkok Airway pet policy

As mentioned above, the first-ever condition for travel your pet with Bangkok Airways is your pet will fly to your aspired location in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

This section of a cargo hold or basically a baggage department is situated under the passenger cabin of the aircraft. The cargo hold of aircraft is specially manufactured in such a way that pilots can adjust and control the environmental temperature inside the hold. Which will be quite comforting and safe for your pet.

Only dogs and cats as a pet are the type of species of animals which are been accepted by Bangkok Airways flights.

Age limit:

  • Domestic locations which are been operated by AT72 aircraft model of Bangkok Airways, accept pet whose age is minimum 8 weeks of age.
  • Whereas when you are flying to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui domestic locations, then also your pet age must be least 8 weeks to get permitted to fly in Bangkok Airways flights.
  • Thought apart from these conditions, the age of the pet required to get permitted to fly among the other domestic location of the country must not be less than 4 months.
  • But if you are flying abroad i.e to some international destinations, then make it sure from the country’s local customer regulation regarding the limits on the age of the pet to be transported by air.

Conditions to fly:

There are certain conditions and limits which you have to follow to make your pet travel hazard-free in the entire flight journey.

  • You have to send your pet in an appropriate pet container which must match with the standards of Bangkok Airways pet policy.
  • Bangkok Airways do not accept any pregnant pet in their flight, due to the heath risk of your pet only. 
  • If your pet is found on the day of flight that they are suffering from any illness or injury, then Bangkok Airways may refuse pet travel.
  • Your pet must be clean, hygienic, and must be odor free while sending your pet to the cargo hold.
  • Bangkok Airways pet policy even states that you are permitted to lock at least one pet animal in each pet cage.
  • Pet container will be counted as one such checked baggage in the cargo.
  • But weight o the container will not be included in your free baggage allowance, but as excess baggage. 

Keep in mind:
Bangkok Airways permit pet transport but it had to be noted that, there are certain aircraft of Bangkok Airways, which are not appropriate for AVIH service.
And thus if your flight has been operated by those aircraft, then the fight of your pet will be canceled as aircraft will not be able to give the proper facility to fly pets in cargo (even though your pet has passed all the requirements need to fly in Bangkok Airways flight).

Pet Container:

While sending your pet to the cargo hold of Bangkok Airways, then you have to follow certain measures defined by Bangkok Airways pet policy for the safety of your pets only.

  • Container must be made up of some strong durable material like wood, rigid plastic, glass-fiber, or non-reactive metal.
  • Container made up of welded mesh or wire mesh is strictly prohibited by the Bangkok Airways flight for pet transport.
  • The container should have proper ventilation for air circulation inside the pet container.
  • The size of the container or dimension of the container depends on the weight and size of your pet. You have to get yourself informed regarding the same.

International pet flights:

While flying aboard to some other country land with Bangkok Airways along. And want your pet to follow to that destination, there is a Bangkok Airway pet policy facility for you. Under this, there has a number of rules and regulations for your flight with pets to international locations.

Being the owner of the pet who is taking their pet along in an international flight, you have to respond to make yourself acknowledge and collect the entry permission and any other document required to get easily exit and entry to that particular destination you are flying to.

Apart from all these documents, you also have to take care of the health certificate which must be signed by some valid vet doctor stating that your pet has been vaccinated and rabies-free. And moreover mentioned that your pet is fully fit to travel on the flight.

Though being often a pet passenger in flight, you have to know that in Bangkok Airways international flight to domestic for AVIH pet service is not permitted by Bangkok Airway pet policy.

In any case, if Bangkok Airways accepted the flight, then your pet carriage will not be counted in your free baggage allowance. It will be carried out as excess baggage, for which you have to pay the charges depending on the place you are flying to.

And fees charged by Bangkok Airways will also depend on the weight of the pet and container together and also the size of the container is considered. For domestic flight fees charged till now, the date is THB 180/kg/Sector. But for international flights rate will vary zonal wise and some limits are given below:

Type of aircraftPet container for per aircraftDimensions of the pet containerTotal weight including pet and cage
AT72280 x 45 x 65 cms20 kg
A3192100 x 60 x 75 cms60 kg
A3203100 x 60 x 75 cms60 kg

But the domestic flight of Bangkok Airways fly to international flights, you have to follow procedures required of your desired destination to fulfill to travel your pet.

You have to contact and get information from the local customer center of the arriving airport regarding the age limits, conditions for pet vague, documents required for trait or trader of your pet, or what type of health certification they need to give approval to your pet to enter their country.

NOTE: This is to inform the pet owners that if there is any health risk faced by your pet as they got injured or sick or in extreme cases may lead to pet death. Bangkok Airways is not responsible for these and customers had to accept these happening.

For detailed information, you can contact the official site describing Bangkok Airway traveling with pets.

For pet booking with Bangkok Airway, you have to do an advance reservation for that. Bangkok Airways need a minimum of 24 hours before you want to fly with a pet to confirm your pet reservation.

Do contact for reservation or information regarding the Bangkok Airway pet policy directly to Bangkok customer support team or official site to get help and get your procedure to fulfill for pet fly. You can even contact treknova by dialing toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 which is available for help 24*7.

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