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5-Star Airline Rating – Everything You Need to Know

Just like many businesses around the world are awarded for their quality products and services, the aviation industry too, is not left behind. There are independent organisations that keep track of airline companies, assess their services both onboard and at airport, and if they qualify, are awarded with golden stars, certificates, trophies, medals, etc. Here, a “5-Star” rating is similar to such type of awards that is given to airline carriers for their quality services and products which they provide to their customers.

In this blog, we are going to provide you a detailed information on what are 5-star airline carriers, how are they rated and what’s in it for travelers.

What is a 5-Star Airline?

A 5-Star Airline is an airline carrier which is felicitated with a top tier rating award for providing best quality products and services to customers, both onboard and at airport.

This 5-Star Airline rating or global benchmarking system of airline standards was introduced by Skytrax in the year 2000. The independent air transport research and analysis company has since been awarding points to airline carriers from around the world for their quality services with their Star Rating program. A 5-star is the highest tier in the company’s rating system program.

So, an airline that is rated a 5-star means that the carrier renders the highest level of service and best experience both in-flight and at airport to its customers throughout the trip.

What Factors Determine an Airline’s Grade Rating?

There are several factors that are significant in determining the rating of airline carriers and their services at the airport as well. Thus, due to this, only a few airline carriers are able to make it to the list, while other airline carriers are rated with either a 2-star or 3-star awards.

The following are a couple of factors or standards that are thoroughly assessed by Skytrax in order for airline companies to achieve the highest certified grade rating.

  • Aircraft design and model adopted by airline companies
  • Airline’s safety practices
  • Arrival, departure and transfer of passengers
  • Airliner’s base airport
  • Check-in facilities
  • Checked baggage allowance
  • Loyalty programs (like frequent flyer program, travel awards program, etc.)
  • Premium status membership programs
  • Airport lounges
  • Premium and complimentary services at airport lounges
  • Airport staff friendliness
  • Behaviour of flight attendants
  • Travel class in flights
  • Onboard services by cabin crew
  • Seat configuration and comfort
  • Seat pitch and legroom space
  • Quality of entertainment and internet connectivity facilities onboard
  • Quality of snacks, meals and beverages served onboard
  • Other facilities and amenities available in-flight and in airports

It may be challenging for a quality analysis company like Skytrax to grade an airline carrier in all aspects of products and services being offered. However, what the company can really look into is the consistency of high standard experience that an airline delivers to its passengers both in-flight and at the airport. Also, the quality of service rendered by the staff at the airport and onboard will significantly decide the airline’s grade.

The only thing that is not included in the assessment are reviews of customers because the company thinks it is not consistent and accurate for determining an airline’s quality rating.

World’s Certified 5-Star Airline Carriers

At present, there are only a few commercial airline carriers that have been awarded a 5-Star Airline Rating by Skytrax.

Below is a list of these airline carriers in alphabetical order for providing best quality services and facilities to customers.

  • ANA All Nippon Airways
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Japan Airlines

The rating system of airline carriers’ quality services and products stands them apart from the rest.


For an airline carrier to win the highest grade rating is a great achievement. This recognition further makes airline carriers the “go-to” choice among travellers, which is also necessary for their business.

Although some airliners may raise concerns about this rating system. But, as long as the company behind this global benchmark of airline standards is assessing all possible aspects in every possible way, the result will be fair.

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