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Cool and Unique Things to do In Orlando – A Guide to O-Town’s Heart

One of the main attractions of the Sunshine State, Orlando stands tall and proud of its beautiful theme parks, serene weather, and exciting adrenaline-inducing activities. Orlando is so full of activities and places to visit that it gets almost confusing to the point of a nuisance to choose a perfect destination for yourself and your family.

Don’t get in a fluster because of it. We are here to present you with the most genuine and hand-picked list of Unique Things To Do In Orlando classified as per the person. So the next time you are searching for a romantic destination or some weirdly fun and cool activities to do in Orlando, you can always refer to this list.

From fun-seeking adults to madly in-love couples, from Theme Parks to Orlando’s Tourist attractions, we have something for everyone here. So without wasting time, let’s get started!

Cool Things To Do In Orlando for Adults:

If you are an adult who is done with the usual amusement parks and is searching for some other unknown fun activities in Orlando, then you can surely bookmark the upcoming list.

My Bear Spa
Lake Eola-Sky View
Front Yard Festival Orlando
Titanic Exhibit

1. Have a fun visit to ICEBAR, Orlando

Visiting ICEBAR tops our list of weird things to do in Orlando due to the unique and cool use of hardcore ice that the place has. It is a fun bar setting decorated with over 70 tons of hard-covered ice offering cocktails in glasses made of pure ice. YES! You heard it right, not only the glasses but the entire decoration is of ice. From seats to cutlery to paintings and wall decorations. Each and everything.

Once you are done looking around the bar and enjoying your drinks, you can shed the chills in the fire lounge area with mouth-watering hot food. From tasty food to live DJs to dancing parties and date nights, ICEBAR has a special and unique setting for every guest.

2. Visit the unique “My Bear Spa”

You can enjoy a complete hour soaked in beer in your very personal Treatment room either alone or with your partner in this cozy and warm Bear Spa while sipping with your unlimited dose of crude bear. The visitors are first welcomed with a personalized touch of their names written on the entry door of your room.

Either have a good time soaking in bear or enjoy the nice and warm fireplace at the side of your room or simply have a nap on the mushy bed while listening to the calm music radiating from the wall speakers. The choice is all yours!

3. Enjoy the scenery at Lake Eola

Take a break from your mind-numbing schedule and draw a relaxed breath at Lake Eola and its surrounding park. You can come and relax on the flower beds near the river and watch the beautiful swans floating in peace. Not only this, you can even rent the swan boat to have a better look at the lake and swans.

Open to the public from 06:00 AM–11:59 PM for seven days, the park provides the Eola House which can be booked for small parties, baby showers, birthday celebrations, and pre-wedding functions. Now wouldn’t a celebration around the beautifully clear lake full of swans be great to make your special day even more special?

4. Attend the Front Yard Festival

Heaven for the people in love with arts and different cultures, Dr. Phillips Center hosts this vibrant Front Yard Festival to kinder the lost souls. The festival can run up to 6 months at its best and 1 month at its worst, showcasing various forms of music, dance, traditional childhood games, filming, indoor and outdoor sports, yoga, gym, and much for.

It is a wonderfully fun activity that you can crash within a small budget if you are staying anywhere near Orlando. We suggest you go and enjoy these performances with a couple of friends and have a good time away from your daily hectic schedule.

5. Experience the history unfolding at Titanic Artifact Exhibition

As the name pretty much suggests, it is a sort of museum tour that exhibits the recreation of various items from Titanic. But it is not just it. The actors and performers dressed in a professional way give a tour of the entire exhibit while performing the heart-wrenching story. Along with that they also share the true stories behind the exhibits of Titanic.

House of the Exhibition also includes The Ship of Dreams Guided Tour, Titanic Adventure for Kids Guided Tour, Heroes of Titanic Guided Tour, and many more. These are the specialties that include the Titanic Artifact Exhibition in the list of Cool and Weird Things to do in Orlando.

Fun and Wierd Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks:

We all know that Orlando is a city known for its Theme Parks. But sadly, somehow it has been restricted to them only. Yes, the theme parks in Orlando are beautiful but they are not the only things beautiful in Orlando. So in a quest to overcome the notation, we will be providing some unique things to do in Orlando apart from theme parks.

Congo River Golf
Congo River Golf
Brevard Zoo ORLANDO
Brevard Zoo ORLANDO
Andretti Indoor Karting & Games
Andretti Indoor Karting & Games
Nona Adventure
Nona Adventure
Chocolate Museum and Cafe
Chocolate Museum and Cafe

1. Assemble at the Chocolate Museum and Cafe

Now this is what we call the ultimate happiness. Something that should surely be on your list of unique things to do in Orlando. Now imagine a tour around a place covered in the chocolate fountain and imagine the fun and excitement. Orlando provides an entire scheduled tour to increase your excitement ten times.

The tour starts with the museum containing all the famous landmarks made of pure chocolate and preserved properly. As the tour precedes, you would be able to hear the fascinating story behind the monuments made of chocolates. Travel further toward the cafe to enjoy mouth-watering chocolate items, Gelatos, Peninis, Patries, and most amazing On-the-house special items.

2. Be a water baby at Nona Adventure Field

Heaven for a water baby, Nona Adventure Park is a floating Aqua park with more than just simple water rides. The park consists of many adrenaline-inducing water sports and activities that will leave your mind racing and your heart yearning for more.

Nona Adventure Park is one the coolest places in Orlando with a 60-foot climbing tower course and a grand water skiing field and adventure camps. The aqua park is open for all the day in a week and if you don’t wish to be in the water, then you can try the adventure course.

3. Make new friends at Brevard Zoo

Home to all kinds of different animals, Brevard Zoo invites its visitors with open arms to spend some time with various races of animals and birds. Starting from the huge rhinos to the delicate butterflies, from small colorful pigeons to tall giraffes, you can see a variety of beings enjoying their almost natural habitat.

The authority provides many other activities apart from sightseeing including Paint and Learn Art Classes, Zoo & BBQ, Roaring Back to School Event, Bonsai Weekend, Boo at the Zoo Family Event, Jazzoo Featured Event, and much more. But these events are not annually present. You would need to hurry and grab your share of the tickets before the events end.

4. Try your luck at Congo River Golf

Now many of you might skip this because of the assumption of it is boring and not your cup of tea. But believe us when we say that you all will love this tremendous place and it has nothing to do with golf. Yes, award-winning miniature golf is a huge reason for its tourist attraction but it is not the only reason.

Even if golf is not for you, you can have a nice long walk in the tropical rainforests ( which are totally safe), just sit beside the mystic waterfall, or explore the mysterious caves, it is totally up to you.

5. Enjoy an evening at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

For lovers of Virtual Reality and Arcade Games, we here present the go-to place that is enough to pump excitement in your body. From 35 mph Andretti traveling carts to multiple fast lanes of bowling, to prized arcades that include laser tag games and reality stimulators, everything at Andretti’s is designed especially for lovers of virtual reality.

Once you are done draining your energy, recharge yourself with the vast menu of foods and drinks including varieties from Fresh Wings, cheezy mozzarella, and Potato Skins, to Patron Tequila, Top Shelf Martini, and exotic Mojito. The menu will steal your heart no matter whether you are a vegan or non-vegan.

Romantic Things To Do In Orlando for Love Birds:

How can we forget our very special Love Birds? When you are in love, every season, every place is romantic with your better half. But something you need a change in your surrounding, something different from the same old usual. That is what we are here for. Next to come is the list of Unique Things To Do In Orlando for Couples.

Nightlife of Orange Avenue
Nightlife of Orange Avenue
SeaLIFE Aquarium - One of the Unique Things To Do In Orlando
SeaLIFE Aquarium
Discovery Cove
Discovery Cove
The Wheel at Icon Park Orlando
The Wheel at Icon Park Orlando
Tibet Butler Preserve
Tibet Butler Preserve

1. Discover the beauty of Discovery Cove

Romance in water with your partner surrounded by lush green valleys and peaceful surroundings or simply visit the underwater creatures, swim with the dolphins on the surface, and experience their world. You can either walk on the sea sand, hand in hand with your partner or enjoy a relaxing massage with Cabanas Day Beds. It all depends on you.

Cool things to do in Orlando’s Discovery Cove:

  1. Experience Wind-Away River
  2. Freshwater Oasis with Oaters
  3. Slip into the 85-degree temperature of Serenity Bay
  4. Feel like an explorer in Explorer’s Aviary

2. Hike at Tibet Butler Preserve

Perfect for an enthusiastic couple, Tibet Butler provides a medium to overcome all the pent-up day-to-day frustration of your daily life and some time to work on your relationship with your partner. Witness the well-groomed 3.6 miles of the trekking route while sightseeing nature around.

Either walk hand in hand with your partner in the lush green area or challenge yourself to hike on the uneven rocky course of Bulter Preserve. If you and your partner aren’t interested in hiking, you could join some of the animal programs organized by the center. The preserve is open on all seven days from 8 am–6 pm so hurry up and grab your tickets to the scenic butterfly garden, bold hiking trails, and thoroughly planned animal help programs.

3. Reach for the sky on The Wheel at Icon Park Orlando

We guess many of you are already aware of the iconic Wheel, one of the main attractions of Orlando’s Icon Park. But for those who don’t know, let us tell you that the Wheel is 400 foot tall Ferris wheel that provides a skyline view of Orlando like no other.

People from all over the country visit the wheel for a special couple ride and some romantic time with their partner. Over the past few years, the wheel has seen more proposals than any other place in Orlando. The couples travel all the way to ride the Wheel and start a new journey at the top of the wheel with the millions of stars above their head and an endless sky before them. Romantic much!

If you are not a fan of Hollywood-style gestures, you can simply shop in 50+ unique authentic shops, mouth-watering food, exquisite nightlife, and most importantly free parking.

4. Enjoy the nightlife of Orange Avenue

Perfect for night owls who would rather spend their night partying, Orange Avenue is a classic spot for party animals. Heart of Orlando’s Nightlife, Orange Avenue will take you back to your initial dating days with late-night clubbing, exclusive food restaurants, larger-than-life parties, a perfect dreamy date night and not to forget Orlando’s larger-than-life resorts. From exclusive VIP rooms to closely packed dance floors to common DJ areas, Orange Avenue will constantly keep you on your toes.

The clubs and dancing pubs have something for everyone. Fan of Indie Music? Do visit The Social. Looking for themed bars and restaurants? Wall Street Plaza is your go-to place. Fan of classical art? Visit Theatre Downtown for heart-swelling classic plays.

The Wall Street Plaza arranges a straight-out-of-Barbie World kind of fiesta and dinners on New Year’s Eve, St Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

5. Enter the new world with SeaLIFE Aquarium

For a true water baby, SeaLIFE Aquarium is your safe place surrounded by majestic sea creatures and mighty blue waves. It has Florida’s first and only 360° tunnel view that increases the experience many folds.

The Aquarium is filled with entertaining events such as the Jelly Wall Exhibit(a kaleidoscopic color effect produced by jellyfish), the Indian Ocean Experience( experience the sea life adapted by the Indian Ocean), Feeding Frenzy(feed your favorite fish as a part of behind the scene tour), and finally everyone’s favorite Coastal Rockpool Exhibit ( a touch tank that will let you contact with the micro-animals of the ecosystem).


With the final destination, our list comes to an end. We hope that we were able to suggest something for everyone. Orlando is filled with many more beautiful breathtaking sites that cannot be summarised simply into a list. But we hope that we have given you something to start with. Hope you have a fantastic journey travellers!

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