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Airport Security after 9/11 Post Terrorist Attack In USA

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the act of terror changed so many things in NewYork and of course flying rules as well. Though there is a lengthy procedure of checking in the airport, but we all are used to it by now. One of the major changes in airport security after 9/11 is the creation of the Transportation Security Administration for helping US Airport guards. 
There have been so many changes for gaining the trust of people for rejoining the fly journey and secure them from terrorist activities. They spent a lot to increase security and took so much of precaution.

Some of the Airpot security after 9/11 are as below:

  • Identification requirements. There should be the ID of yours matching with tickets.
  • Shoe Removal. Passengers need to remove their shoes while checking before boarding. 
  • Baggage. All the passenger’s bag whether is for carrying on or checked must be screened. 
  • Liquid Ban. throughout the security, you are not allowed to carry out more than 3.4 ounces of liquids. 
  • Special Items. Passengers need to remove their laptops before checking from their bags.
  • Jackets hast be removed before body scanning. 
  • Increasing pat-downs to check the passengers. 
  • Only passengers are allowed to be inside the premises of the airport gat areas.
  • Cockpit doors stay lock during the flight. 
Airplane-Safety, Airport Security after 9/11
Airplane Safety

Extra Security since September 11

They created the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), which is formed by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. This group started to have a clear view of the background of the criminal in airports. Within 9 years after September 11, collected $15 billion as security fees for September 11th. The mentioned fees have added to the passenger’s ticket for providing the TSA to pay for the extra security work. 

Airport Security, Airport Security after 9/11
Airport Security

Ironically,  before the attack of 2001, passengers were allowed to carry knives with a length of 4 inches, box cutter, baseball bats, needles, darts, scissors, nail cutter but after the incident took place. Security went on high alert.  Which are explained in details:

Protecting Aircraft

Since 9/11 they sealed the cockpit and pilot kept lock behind the impregnable door till the flight reached the destination. The other airport security after 9/11 was the increase in the security of the air marshal workforce. Meanwhile, pilots are allowed to carry a gun while they are properly trained. 

Separating the known travellers

It has become the main goals to separate the passengers who are needed more scrutiny from other passengers. And it created so much of passengers uncomforted with this rule. 

Professionalizing the screener workplace

On and before the special date of 9/11, there were fewer than 20000 screeners in airports, with low wage and poor trained hired by airlines. Which was making the job of hijacker much easier to reach their own goal.  After the incident thew government kept its own security instead of the airline’s security in airports. And that’s how TSA formed. 

Upgrading technology screening for recognizing bombs and weapons

Airline and airports spent hundreds of millions to create a safer zone. One of the other airport security after 9/11 is to scrutinize the luggage of the passengers.lately the mini van-sized detection machine in airport lobbies has started to do the bag screening. Also, they provided body scanner machines to increase the security  

At the end 

After the terrorist’s activity happened in 2001, many people started to avoid flying and questions about the security check in the airport has risen. Therefore governments spent millions of dollars to increase the security in public safety of the airport.  Even the government added Sept. 11 fee and Air carrier fees to increase the security. 

The added security also started for the airport security after 9/11 like full-body scanner, explosion detection systems and randomized pat-downs. All the actions have taken to secure the safe travelling and since then the world didn’t observe any other devastating tragedy.
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