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Air France Baggage Policy

One necessary step while planning your trip is to get your bags organized after you have booked your ticket. So if you have booked your reservation on Air France recently, the next thing you would want to check is the Air France Baggage Policy.

This guide could help you to avoid overweight and oversized baggage at the airport, gain a good idea of the required excess baggage fees. You would also gain an idea of the number of handbags and checked luggage or that you are allowed to take with you.

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Air France Baggage Allowance

Hand Baggage Allowance

Want to know how many bags are allowed into the cabin with you? This depends on the cabin class or type of travel cabin during your trip via Air France. You will be able to view your travel cabin on your ticket.

Economy class Passengers belonging to Economy Class may bring one hand baggage plus one accessory.

Premium Economy/Business Class Passengers belonging to Premium Economy Class, Business, or La Premiere cabins can bring in two hand baggage items plus one accessory.

Your hand baggage should fit the overhead bin in the aircraft cabin and your personal item should fit underneath the seat in front of you. If seated in an emergency row, the personal accessory should fit into the overhead storage bin.

Personal items can be any of the following : 

One handbag, a briefcase, or one small bag used for a notebook computer, camera, or any other electronic device.

What are the weight and size restrictions for hand baggage on AIR FRANCE?

The weight limit for Economy class passengers is 12 kg, that is, the combined weight of your handbag plus the accessory should not be more than 12 kg or 26 lb.

As for Premium Economy class or Business Class or LaPremiere cabins, the combined weight should not exceed 18 kg or 40 lbs.

Now wondering how much the size limit should be for your handbag on AIRFRANCE?

The dimensions should not be greater than 55 x 35 x 25 cm. This includes the wheels, pockets, and handles so make sure you measure them too. Air France staff will also help you to check the correct size of your handbag before boarding. If it exceeds the dimensions, then your bag will need to be checked in.

Personal items should not be greater than 40 x 30 x 15 cm or 16 x 12 x 6 inches.

What additional items can I bring on AIRFRANCE?

Apart from your handbag and personal item, you are allowed to bring an Umbrella, Jacket, or coat, Duty-free items purchased at the airport, accessories for children like a stroller, and medical equipment.

Liquids like baby food, medicine, etc are accepted but other liquids, creams, and pastes are accepted under the following conditions :

The liquid container should be placed in a clear plastic bag which is sealed and this container should not exceed 100 ml. The volume of the bag should not be greater than one liter and its dimensions not be more than 20 x 20 cm. Only one clear plastic bag is allowed per passenger.

If you have a connecting flight via other airlines, then you have to check the airline baggage rules related to that airline.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The number of checked baggage that you can bring via Air France depends on the type of cabin, fare, and if you are a Flying Blue Status member.

Economy class passengers except those with light fare tickets can bring in one checked baggage with a weight not exceeding 23 kg. However if you have a  light fare ticket, then you can purchase an additional checked bag.

Premium Economy cabin class passengers can bring in two checked baggage items each weighing up to 23 kg.

Business Cabin 2 checked baggage items allowed each weighing up to 32 kg or 70 lb.

LaPremiere cabin you can bring 3 checked baggage items each weighing up to 32 kg or 70 lb.

With the exception of light fare, infants who do not occupy a seat have a checked baggage allowance of 10 kg or 22 lb.

Want to know what you can bring if you are a Flying Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum member or a Skyteam Elite or ElitePlus member? The advantage is that you can bring one additional checked bag free of charge with weight limits specified as per travel cabin.

Additional, Oversized, & Overweight Baggage Allowance

Alright, so what if you want to bring in more bags than specified in the allowance? Then you would have to purchase an additional bag online. Additional Bags cannot be purchased if you travel with an infant under 2 years of age, or if you have a pet in the cabin or hold, or if you have to transport special sports equipment.

Additional Baggage Option may be purchased online by card payment which is at a lower price than at the airport. You can purchase this while buying a ticket online or after up to 30 hrs prior to your flight departure.

What if I have oversized baggage on Air France?

If your baggage dimensions or total sum, that is, length +height +width is more than 158 cm or 62 inches, then you are required to pay a fee for this oversized bag at the airport. Remember if the total dimensions are found to be greater than 300 cm or 118 inches, then it needs to be transported as cargo.

The fees for oversized bags differ depending on the routes. For routes to /from North America, the cost varies as

  • 300 USD for flights departing from a non-European country to Canada or the USA and also for flights departing from the USA to a non-European country and for flights from the USA to Europe
  • 250 Euro for flights from Europe to Canada or the USA
  • 360 CAD for flights from Canada to a non-European country
  • 345 CAD for flights from Canada to Europe

You can make the purchase at the airport and drop off these bags at the “Oversize Baggage” counter.

Additional information can be obtained here.

You can also transport oversized baggage as hand baggage. It will be placed on one or more additional seats for which one has to pay the fare. You must submit a request 48 hours prior to the flight departure and get approval from Air France Customer Service Department. Here the weight should not exceed 45kg or 99 lbs.

What if I have overweight baggage on Air France?

If your bags exceed the weight limit as per your travel cabin and fare, you will be required to pay a fee for your overweight bags provided they don’t exceed 32kg or 70 lbs. If they do exceed this limit, then the next option would be to transport it as Air France cargo.

The fees may vary for different routes on AIR France.

For flights departing from Canada to Europe, you are required to pay 120 CAD for overweight baggage

  • 100 USD for flights from the USA to Europe
  • 75 USD for flights from the USA to a non-European country or from a non-European country to the USA or Canada
  • 90 CAD for flights from Canada to a non-European country
  • 85 Euro for flights departing from Europe to Canada or the USA

Musical Instruments Bag Policy

As per Air France Baggage policy, musical instruments will be regarded as a standard checked baggage item. They can be transported as checked baggage or as hand baggage.

How to transport musical instruments as checked baggage on AIR France?

For transporting musical instruments in the hold, you require approval from the customer service department and must provide your request at least 48 hours before flight departure. Musical instruments that weigh over 32kg or are more than 300 cm in length are accepted as checked baggage. They should be stored in a hard case 

How to transport musical instruments as hand baggage on AIR France?

You can bring your musical instruments into the cabin depending on their size. If they are smaller than 115cm or 45 inches like guitar, violin and so on it will be considered as a standard baggage item and included in the baggage allowance.

However if larger than 115cm, you must submit a request and gain approval from the Customer Service department 48 hours before departure. It will be placed on one or more additional seats and you will be required to pay the fare for these seats. They must be packed in a hard case with round edges.

Some More Policies and Tips

There are some more policies regarding flight change and cancellation policies which are also entertained at the time of baggage because sometimes it may not be refundable while making changes in flight and cancellation. There must be a baggage tag attached to each checked piece of baggage. This can be printed at home and each bag tag must be inserted into a baggage tag holder which is obtained free of charge by AirFrance at each airport. The holder is then actually attached to the checked bag. Also, attach your contact information to the outside of your luggage. This includes your first and last name, mobile phone number, and email address.

In addition to this, you must provide your name and contact information inside your luggage too. In case if the bag goes missing, this might come in handy. Also, don’t forget to remove all tags used from your previous trip.

You can make a personal mark such as using stickers or ribbons so that you can find it easily at the baggage delivery area. It is suggested to keep valuable items such as travel documents, medicines, fragile items in your hand baggage. Ensure that you don’t have prohibited items in your bags 

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, watches with an Internet connection can be used in the cabin if they are in airplane mode. If they don’t have an airplane mode, then it has to be turned off during the entire flight.

Bluetooth electronic devices are also allowed on board. Batteries and lithium batteries with a capacity greater than 160Wh are not permitted. In addition to this, electronic cigarettes and their spare batteries are prohibited in the hold or in checked baggage.

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