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Air Transat Baggage Policy

Air Transat is based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1986, and a Canadian airline it’s far the country’s third-largest airline, running scheduled and constitutional flights, serving 60 destinations in 25 countries. Air Transat is having a fleet of 44 aircraft and is owned and operated through Transat A.T. Inc., 

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Air Transat Carry-On Allowance Baggage Policy

In Air Transat Baggage Policy, It allows 1 personal item like a purse, laptop bag, and briefcase and it’s free for each passenger. Carry-on baggage isn’t always included as rate-free. 

Following size and weight, the restriction should not be exceeded in carry-on baggage of air transat baggage policy:

  • The bag should be within 9 inches * 16 inches * 20 inches or 23 centimeters * 40 centimeters * 51 centimeters of maximum dimensions.
  • The bag should be within the weight of 10 kilograms or 22 lb in Economy class and 15 kilograms or 33 lb in Club class.
  • You can lift your bag just in front of you, below the seat, or within the overhead bin.
  • Your personal items should be of the proper size and be fitted below the seat or within the overhead bin.

Note* Bulkhead seats don’t allow you to under-seat your bags because of lack of under-seat storage.

The lap-Little carry-on policy of Air Transat

  • An ‘infant’ is described as being a minimum of 7 days old and a most of 2 years.
  • A ‘child’ is someone between a while of 2 and 11 inclusively.
  • A ‘passenger’ is described as any character sixteen years of age or older.
  • An own family booking includes at least one baby elderly 12 and under and their parents/guardians.

Infants can also travel on the lap of a passenger without spending a dime. However, there’s a maximum of one infant allowed in line with a passenger. Children aged 2 to eleven have to have their very own seats. It is also worth noting that during the occasion that a toddler turns 2 for the duration of the trip, a seat must be purchased for the go-back flight segment.

Air Transat Checked Allowance Baggage Policy

Air Transat allows only 23 kilograms or 50 lb maximum weight and  158 centimeters or 62 inches maximum linear dimensions for checked baggage in their Baggage policy. You can book reservations through the Air Transat official site and avail a lot of benefits that persist.

Air Transat Checked Baggage Fees of Domestic & International Flights

According to travel class and fare, fee details for the flights within Canada and to/from South Destinations and the United States* for the checked baggage price of Air Transat is given below in the tabular form:

Travel classFareFirst bagSecond bagAdditional BagOverweight Bag

Eco Budget23 kg: $25-$30 CAD/USD**23 kg: $40-$50 CAD/USD**23 kg: $200 CAD/USD24-32 kg: $75 CAD/USD
Eco Standard 23 kg: free of charge
ClubClub25 kg: free of charge25 kg: free of charge25 kg: $200 CAD/USD**26-32 kg: $75 CAD/USD

*To/from Haiti:

All classes – up to 25 kg in step with a piece of bag.

Eco Budget & Eco Standard – 1st piece freed from charge.

Eco-Flex – 1st & 2d piece freed from charge.

**Prices for the first and 2d pieces of checked bags range if paid earlier than or within 24 hours of departure.

Fee details for the flights between Europe and Canada for the checked bag in air transat baggage policy are given below in the tabular form:

Travel class
FareFirst bagSecond bagAdditional BagOverweight Bag

Eco Budget23 kg: $40-$50 CAD/USD*€45-60*23 kg: $100 CAD/USD€8023 kg: $200 CAD/USD€16023 kg: $75 CAD/USD€60
Eco Standard 23 kg: free of charge23 kg: $100 CAD/USD€80
Eco-Flex23 kg: free of charge23 kg: free of charge
ClubClub32 kg: free of charge32 kg: free of charge32 kg: $200 CAD/USD €160Not Applying

*Prices for the first and 2d pieces of checked bags range if paid earlier than or within 24 hours of departure. Keep an eye on Air Transat cancellation policies as well, so that in case you need them

Air Transat Overweight baggage fees

  • If the weight of baggage allowance should exceed air transat baggage policy, they will pay excess luggage prices at Air Transat counters in the quantity of $15 CAD ($15 USD) on flights to and from the South/Haiti/Florida according to a kilogram, consistent with flight segment, or $ 75 CA in keeping with a bag each way and for all other destinations. 1 additional bag outside of the baggage allowance is $one hundred CA, and the second one extra bag is $200 CA.
  • Bags weighing greater than 44 lb might not be accepted in the air transat baggage policy.

Fees for sports equipment 

In the air transat baggage policy, Air Transat gives transportation of several sports equipment objects for no charge. For a full listing of which gadgets are permitted, please Click Here.

If you’ve got booked a package, there may be costs for floor transportation of your sports activities system from the airport to your hotel. These prices depend on each type of sports activities equipment and the destination. You can be required to e-book this service in advance, relying on your destination. Please make sure that equipment is nicely wrapped/secured for delivery to prevent loss or damage. We endorse passengers to purchase extra insurance.

Between Canada and the U.S., Domestic flights within Canada:

The sporting gadget is considered part of your checked baggage allowance and situation to normal bags fees.

Between Canada, South locations, and Europe:

In addition to your checked baggage allowance, we will be given at no price 1 pick wearing object up to twenty kg (forty-four lb) in step with a passenger from the list below (valid gadgets are proven as free).

Always remember that you can not replace personal baggage or any other device on your free sporting item. If you need to bring an object not listed below, it is going to be blanketed in your everyday luggage allowance and excess baggage expenses can also apply.

Please observe that the hockey system is considered a part of a passenger’s baggage allowance and a problem with regular bags fees. One bag and most of the two sticks taped together count as one piece of baggage closer to the widest variety of checked baggage allowed with the aid of the fare type.

Air Transat Musical Instruments Policy

In Air Transat, you are allowed to bring your musical instruments such as

  • Guitars
  • Violins and violas
  • Cellos
  • Organs
  • Harps
  • Drums

You can carry those instruments on board along with your carry-on allowance. It should be fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat allowed with given carry-on dimensions in a hard-sided case that is designed to protect the musical instrument. If it is too big to fit under the seat then you can buy a seat for that instrument if the weight is up to 165 pounds. 

The dimensions of the instrument should be under 23 x 40 x 51 cm (9 x 16 x 20 in) including the case and the weight should not exceed 10 kg (22 lb). You have to pay an extra amount if you exceed the given dimensions.

Air Transat Pet Policy

In Air Transat, You are allowed to bring your pet (dogs, and cats) to travel in the cabin if you are above 18 years along with the pet id tag and license. The pet will only be allowed to board a flight if it is carried in a carrier comfortably in which a pet can easily sit, stand or turn around. The carrier should fit under the front seat of the passenger the dimensions must not exceed 21.5H x 40W x 45D cm (8.5H x 16W x 17.5D in). and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 25 pounds total.

The pet must be in good health condition and vaccinated and must be 12 weeks old. If you want your pet a confirmed seat then you should contact the airline within 48 hours so that the airline can help you to arrange the best seat for your pet. The cost for a domestic flight is $75 and for the international, you have to pay $275.

Air Transat Restricted items

A list of restricted items in the Air Transat Baggage Policy is given below:

  • Liquids & gels including alcoholic beverages: The most amount of liquids, gels, and aerosols permitted in carry-on bags is 100ml/100g (3. four oz) in step with the box when located in a single clear, closed, and re-sealable plastic bag no large than one liter (one quart); most 1 plastic bag in keeping with a passenger. Open, colored, or opaque plastic baggage of any size containing liquids, gels, or aerosols in packing containers of any length isn’t authorized through protection screening.

Exemptions: toddler formula, child meals, and milk for passengers journeying with infants (needed for in-flight use only) prescription and vital non-prescription medicines.

Once past the security screening checkpoint, passengers may additionally keep on board any drinks, gels, and aerosols that have been purchased from retail and duty-free shops in the sterile area.

Transport of alcoholic liquids: Alcoholic liquids of more than 70% alcohol by volume are categorized as dangerous goods. Leakage of flammable beverages can end result in a hearth and/or explosion. Proper packaging is required.
You can bring alcohol packing containers (inclusive of wine or beer and business products) for your checked baggage if:

The percentage of alcohol by extent is equal to or much less than 70% (140 proof)

The quantity does not exceed 5 liters in step with a person for alcoholic beverages whose percent of alcohol by quantity is 24 to 70%

If the alcohol percentage is more than 70% (force of proof 140), the product will not be accepted, either as checked luggage or as cabin baggage.

  • Smoking Materials: 1 lighter in step with passenger, packed inside the allowable 1 plastic bag in step with the passenger (due to liquid content). No lighters in checked baggage.
    • 1 ebook of matches in line with passenger, carried simplest on your person.
    • Electronic cigarettes: stowed unused in carry-on bags at all times. Carriage in checked luggage is prohibited.
    • Gun lighters, lighters shaped like grenades, lighter with unabsorbed liquid fuel, and torch lighters are not accepted in carry-on and checked baggage.
    • Specific country restrictions may apply.
    • Entering and exiting Canada with cannabis and derivatives
    • When you are traveling inside Canada, it’s miles your obligation to learn the legal guidelines of the province or territory you are going to. If you use cannabis, comply with the laws in that jurisdiction.
  • Firearms: Per safety and protection regulations, passengers traveling with a firearm ought to notify Air Transat at our airport check-in counters and entire a declaration form. They have this awesome pet policy for your little pooch which will be helpful to you.
  • Accepted firearms: Only looking rifles, shotguns, biathlon rifles, air pistols, and certain handguns are customary as checked bags.
  • Accepted as checked baggage only; most weight consistent with the piece of luggage is 32 kg (70 lb).
  • If the gadget piece weighs is over 32 kg (70 lb), contact the Cargo department. You can charge some extra fee for this service and the cargo department will inform you about the cost after getting the exact weight of the gadget.
  • Maximum five kg (eleven lb) secured boxed cartridges for sporting purposes allowed in line with passengers.
  • Firearms and ammunition should be packed in separate pieces of checked luggage; they cannot be packed together.
  • You have specified entry allows in your possession for the US of destination.
  • Possibility of diversions: In the case of a domestic flight, please be counseled that sudden operational requirements require a domestic flight to divert to a U.S. Airport, wherein arriving in possession of cannabis is illegal.
  • If you are refused entry into a rustic because you were in the ownership of hashish, you may be entirely liable for the consequences, including the fee of your ride lower back home.

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