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Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Allegiant Airlines is a low-cost American airline that operates charter and scheduled flights. In the united states, it is the ninth-largest airline. Allegiant Airlines is one of the best & low-cost airlines in the USA to book cheap flight tickets. Allegiant airlines are headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. If you talk about the policies of Allegiant then you found how flexible it is and you didn’t get down with the usability of little points which gives freedom to the passengers.

We will give you all the information regarding the Allegiant Airlines Baggage rules, in case you still be unable to sort your baggage situation, you can call us on +1-800-831-1547 our executive will be happy to help you out in such situations, or you can buy all these services directly from us. Check out and get served by our brilliant online services.

The Allegiant Air baggage policy for regular fundamental fares encompasses the following:

  • The small non-public object was inclusive of a purse, a laptop bag, or a backpack – Fee-free. Maximum dimensions allowed  are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimeters)
  • 1 carry-on bag together with a roll-aboard bag, a garment bag, or a tote bag – Subject to an applicable price. Maximum length is 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 centimeters)
  • Checked baggage in air travel – Applicable expenses in line with bag increase with variety checked. Maximum length is 80 linear inches (203 centimeters) in height + width + period. Additional expenses practice for bags weighing greater than forty kilos, carrying equipment, and/or oversize/extra luggage.
  • Overweight and oversized duffel bags-applicable fees based on the category of the baggage weight and size.
  • Sports equipment – certain items may charge related fees.

Allegiant Airlines carry-on baggage policy

Allegiant Airlines Official Website says that it allows It allows 1 personal item size like a purse, laptop bag, and briefcase fee is free for each passenger and allows one carry-on baggage size with a challenge to a relevant charge.
The carry-on size should not exceed the subsequent length and weight restrictions:

  • Including handles and wheels, the bag should be within 9 x 14 x 22 inches
  • Fit in the below or overhead bin of the seat in front of you.

The personal object should no longer exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

  • 38 linear inches (sixteen x 15 x 7 in) or 96.five centimeters (forty.6 x 38.1 x 17.eight cm).
  • Maximum weight: 25 lbs/11.34 kgs
  • Fit under the seat in front of you
  • Auxiliary items such as wheelchairs, crutches, strollers, and other items such as umbrellas, diaper bags, jackets, and duty-free items are not included in the carry-on baggage allowance.

Lap-Little one carry-on policy in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy:

If you’re visiting with an infant on your lap, one diaper bag is allowed in addition to an adult’s carry-on allowance.

Stroller Check Policy:

  • One stroller and car seat are allowed and need to be checked at the luggage counter or at the gate free of cost.

Allegiant Airlines checked baggage Policy

Allegiant Airlines checked bag policy information is as follows:

  • Up to 4 luggage may be pre-purchased.
  • Maximum carry-on dimensions: eighty inches or 203 centimeters (period + width + height).
  • Measurements encompass wheels and handles.
  • Maximum weight per bag: 40 kilos or 18 kilograms.

Allegiant Airlines Allowance Fees

If you are an active US military personnel, they are determined by using the duration of direction and when they’re brought on your itinerary. 
For more information about Allegiant Airline’s bags fees, you can visit here.  Details of allowance fees the per bag are given below in the tabular form:

Baggage fee for:Free Items:At BookingAt AirportAt GatePre-departure
Carry-on baggageOne personal item is free.$18 USD to $30 USD$50 USD$75 USD$45 USD
Checked BaggageNo free item$18 USD to $35 USD$50 USD$75 USD$45 USD
Baggage fees in Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines fee for Excess baggage

Maximum 4 bags are allowed per passenger in checked baggage or hold luggage policy. For more information about excess baggage fees, you can visit here.

Allegiant Airlines fee for overweight baggage

Allegiant Airlines will charge for overweight bags when the bag weight is greater than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. The details are given below:

  • 40 to 70 pounds or 18 to 32 kilograms: $50.00 USD extra according to bag.
  • 71 to 100 pounds or 33 to 46 kilograms: $75.00 USD extra in keeping with a bag.
  • In Allegiant Baggage Policy will no longer be shipping checked bags/hold baggage exceeding 100 pounds or 46 kilograms in step with the bag.

Allegiant Airlines fee for oversize luggage

In Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, the bags that have from 80 linear inches or  203.2 centimeters will charge $75.00 USD extra. The checked baggage cost of first weighing 50 pounds and of dimension 62 inches is $15. The fees may then increase to $35 for second checked baggage and $35 for the third checked baggage.

Fees for sports equipment 

Sports equipment like skis, golf bags, fishing instrumentality, hockey, and field game instrumentality are accepted in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy to size and weight limits and can count one checked bag/hold bag and Associated fees can be applied to that.

Fee for Musical Instrument

In Allegiant Airlines, you are allowed to bring your musical instruments on board along with your carry-on allowance. It should be under the allowed dimensions, and it should be fit in the overhead locker.

If your musical instrument is too big to come under the seat then you can buy another seat for that instrument and it should be secured in a proper case.

Fee for Pet Travel

In Allegiant Airlines, you are allowed to bring your pet (Domestic dogs and cats) to travel in the cabin. There is a specific rule given by the airline that a pet will be carried in the carrier comfortably in which a pet can easily sit, stand or turn around. The dimensions of the carrier should not be more than 9” H x 16” W x 19” D. The carrier should fit under the front seat of the passenger. 

The one-way charge to carry a pet on board is $50 and the fee is non-refundable for all pets. There should be no more than two pets in a single carrier and a single person can only travel with a single pet. if you want to travel with two pets even in a single carrier then you must be two people traveling together to carry two pets as per the policy. Every pet must be older than 8 weeks and vaccinated. A pet must be healthy to travel on board so that it won’t smell in the flight and also the must be harmless.

Exclusions and Waivers

  • Active duty, reserve duty, during Allegiant Airlines reservation, and veteran individuals of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Officer Corps, with valid identification: 1 well-known carry-on bag free (inside size limits) and a couple of checked baggage free (must weigh much less than a hundred pounds / 45.3 kg). No price for oversized checked luggage (have to not exceed a hundred and fifteen linear inches).
  • Dependents qualify for equal benefits if visiting on an identical itinerary.

Checked Bag in Allegiant Airlines with Credit Cards

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy requires you to pay for every checked bag, but you can offset that cost with one of the playing cards below.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card – This no annual charge card comes with a 20,000-mile welcome bonus (well worth $200) once you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. When you use your card for tour purchases (e.g. Baggage charges), use your miles to repay all, or component of, your statement! This is why we love this card. Allegiant Airlines Official Contacts to contact them directly.

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card – With a bigger 50,000 welcome bonus (worth $500), it is the “large brother” card to VentureOne®when you spend $3,000 in the first three months.

Restricted Items in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

In all Allegiant flights, some items are considered hazardous and prohibited by Federal Law. When you pack your luggage take care of the items. If you violate the law of Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, then the result is a $250.000 fine and up to 5 years imprisonment. Details of the restricted item are given below:


Consumer portable electronic devices that contain lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries, as well as notebook computers, smartphones, tablets, camcorders, watches, calculators, etc. are not recognized as checked baggage. These gadgets must be carried in a handbag or transported by you.
Passengers are not allowed to carry lithium battery-containing equipment for transportation in personal status, handbag, checked baggage, or Allegiant Airlines baggage policy.

Allegiant Airlines ‘Baggage Policy’ will no longer charge transportable recreational vehicles, including electric skateboards, stabilized gliders, hoverboards, or any form of self-balancing forum powered by lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries on board, or in check-in, Or carry it on the bag in a vehicle.
Luggage powered by lithium-ion batteries (commonly referred to as ‘smart luggage’ or ‘smart luggage’) poses a protective hazard when carried on an airplane. Therefore, in order for this form of luggage to be transported regularly, certain necessary conditions need to be met.

Alcoholic beverages in Checked Baggage:

Following Guidelines must be followed while carrying alcohol or wine in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy:

  • Volume over 70 percent of alcohol is not permitted.
  • Must be within the unopened retail packaging
  • All alcohol is a concern to TSA screening
  • Alcohol or alcoholic drinks in amounts of more than 3.4 oz. must be transported in checked baggage. Amounts much less than 3.four oz. In carry-on bags is a problem to the TSA 3-1-1 rule for carrying liquids.
  • Up to five (5) liters of alcohol or liquor among 24% and 70% consistent with a passenger is allowed in checked baggage.
  • Passengers may not devour their very own alcohol on board.

A. Carry-on Baggage:

  • Luggage is inside Allegiant length limitations. 
  • Lithium battery does no longer exceeds 100 watt-hours. 
  • Any signal transmitting capabilities must be capable of growing to become off and comply with portable electronic device (PED) restrictions in the Safety Information Card.

B. Checked Baggage:

  • The lithium battery has to be removed and carried within the plane cabin.
  • Lithium battery does now not exceed 100 watt-hours.

If the Smart Bag does now not meet the above safety necessities it is going to be refused at check-in, and it’ll be the passenger’s obligation to arrange for the garage or disposal of such items previous to boarding.
All modern necessities at the carriage of lithium batteries apply to the carriage of Smart Bags.

Keep in mind that checked baggage fees for major U.S. airline carriers may differ based on the time paid and the flight’s route. Generally, you can expect to pay around $30 for your first checked bag and around $40 for your second check bag. The price, however, usually spikes up for the third checked bag. In addition to the standard checked baggage fees, you need to also watch out for oversized and overweight baggage fees. Typically, you are looking at weight limits of 50 pounds (22 kg) and total size dimensions (LxWxH) of 62 inches. Going over one of the permitted size requirements could result in hefty charges ranging from $100 to $200.

Spare Lithium Batteries

  • Spare lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries have to be carried in carry-on bags only. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate or at planeside, all spare lithium batteries must be removed from the bag and kept with the customer inside the plane cabin.
  • Spare batteries have to be included from harm and quick circuit (i.E., the terminals need to not are available contact with other steel).
  • leaving the batteries in their retail packaging, overlaying battery terminals with electrical 2 tape, in protection strategies include the usage of a battery case, the usage of a battery sleeve/pocket in a digital camera bag, or placing them snugly in a plastic bag.

Size Limits for Lithium Batteries in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy:

Each established or spare lithium battery will not exceed the following requirements in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy:

  • Lithium metallic batteries are limited to 2 grams of lithium consistent with the battery.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are constrained to a rating of 100 watt-hours in keeping with the battery (2 maximum).

What If I found my Bag is damaged?

After landing, you found your bag is damaged or lost then immediately contact at the baggage counter or before 4 hours after landing. you can fill out an online form at the link as soon as possible after landing. Your loss and damaged items are determined by their executive and then you’ll get your compensation.

What if I left my item on the flight or at the terminals?

If you left your items or bags at the terminal or on the flight, you need not to worry at all, you can claim them at the lost and found department. All the lost items are lodged at the office and you have the option to claim online by filling out the claim form.

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