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British Airways Baggage Policy

Are you looking forward to traveling to your destination via flight? Then it’s important for you to be aware of the baggage policies of that airline that would be helpful in your journey. Different airlines have different baggage allowances and specify different dimensions which could be quite confusing. Here we will help you to understand the British Airways baggage policy.

British Airways is the prominent global airline in the United Kingdom with its headquarters in London and serves around  170 destinations worldwide.

British Airways Baggage Allowance 

Hand Baggage allowance 

You can carry one carry-on bag and one additional personal item like a handbag or laptop with you while you travel with British Airways. It can weigh a maximum of up to 23 kg and the maximum dimensions are 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. The second personal item should not exceed the maximum dimensions of 40cmx30cmx15cm. All airport purchases will be counted as hand baggage.

If your hand luggage exceeds these free allowances, then it might be checked into the hold as checked baggage. This will be added to your checked baggage allowance and if it is more than that, then you might have to pay the excess baggage fees.

In the case of infants or toddlers, you will be allowed one carry-on bag (23kg). If they have a seat, they will have the same free allowance as an adult does.

Checked Luggage Allowance 

The maximum weight of each bag should not weigh more than 32kg. If it goes more than it, you might have to pay an extra charge. It’s not possible to split the total weight between multiple bags.Maximum dimensions are 90x75x43cm . 

The amount of checked luggage depends on your route, ticket type, and fare.

The below is applicable for all flights except those traveling to/from Ghana, Brazil, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and  Nigeria, between Europe and Japan, and those connecting between India and USA 

  • If the ticket type is World Traveler Euro Traveler Domestic Eco (economy), then you are allowed to carry one bag weighing a maximum up to 23kg.
  • World Traveller Y Class (Full -fare economy ) and World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) -you will be  allowed to carry 2 bags at 23 kg each 
  • First Club World Biz bed – you will be permitted to take 3 bags (32kg each )
  • Club Europe (Business ) -2 bags of 32kg each 

If your journey involves other airlines or flights, you will get the allowance for the longest flight. In that case, you can check your bags once for the entire journey if you have a single booking reference or ticket number or if your flights are with Oneworld airlines.

If you have a different booking reference number, then you will need to check in your bags both for your first and second flight. And, if you need a cancellation or flight change then the baggage allowance may change according to the next flight fare rules.

Medical Supplies and Equipment 

If you need to carry your medical supplies, you will require an authorized medical letter which you will have to provide at the check-in. A good idea is to carry essential medicines in your handbag that you take with you into the cabin.

British Airways Baggage policy for Sports equipment 

The airline does allow you to bring your sports equipment as hand luggage or checked baggage provided it meets the dimensions. Else, it has to be transported as cargo.

They have to be neatly packed. It would be advisable to inform the airline in advance as they have different guidelines depending on the type of equipment you have. Let’s look into a few :

  • Diving items need to be packed neatly into a kit bag and some of the accepted items are tank harness, tank pressure gauge, Fins, Scuba regulator, and so on .you must provide the cylinder tanks during check-in if required.
  • Golf equipment should be packed in a protective bag  and will be counted as checked baggage 

Musical instruments 

You are allowed to carry your musical instruments for free provided they fit into the baggage allowance. Otherwise, you would have to pay to put them on the hold.

It should be packed neatly in a strong protective case, they won’t accept soft cases.

It is recommended to have insurance for your musical equipment.

If the length of the instrument as well as the case measures up to 80cm, it can be carried in the cabin. If you have a violin or small wind instruments that measure up to 80x45x25cm, you can carry it as hand baggage.

Medium Instruments such as guitars can also be taken into the cabin provided you purchase an extra seat for them for which you are required to contact the airline at least 24 hours before you fly. If not,  it will be placed on hold as a part of the free checked baggage allowance. And if it exceeds the allowance, you will need to pay.

If you have larger instruments, please inform them at least 24 hours before flight departure 

The maximum weight of an instrument is 45kg 

British Airways Baggage Policy Related to Restrict Items

Liquids and powders 

You are allowed to carry liquids in your hand baggage but with certain restrictions.

  • The liquid container should not be larger than 100 ml 
  • The containers should be kept in resealable one-liter plastic bags with dimensions not exceeding 8x8in 
  • It should be screened separately 
  • If you are traveling to the US, you can carry powders like flour, sugar, coffee, or cosmetics in your hand luggage then their weighs less than 350g.


  • You can carry personal devices that use lithium batteries like laptops, Music players, Tablets, and smartphones. 
  • Pack all items to prevent accidental activation and keep them in their original packing in a protective case. 
  • Do not carry any damaged batteries or equipment with you.
  • Batteries used in mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras should be kept in the device itself whether you are carrying it as hand luggage or checked-in luggage.
  • Some sports items with sharp edges or blunt objects are not allowed as carry-on or checked baggage like Hang Gliders, javelins, and poles vaults. However, they can be transported as cargo. 

Baggage Problems 

Let’s say you are faced with an unfortunate incident like your bags go missing which normally would not, what to do then?

You are required to report it to the officials after which you will be given a missing bag report or reference number which can be used in the future to keep track of your missing baggage. In any case, if you find your bag missing after leaving the airport, then report it online for which you will need to provide your booking reference and baggage receipt numbers.

You must report damaged bags within seven days after you have received your luggage.

Use the baggage tracing system to find an update on your missing bag 


British Airways always provide you with a higher level of customer satisfaction. One of its features includes electronic bag tags. TAG is the digital bag tag that connects your luggage to your phone.

You have to open your app and navigate to the settings tab and choose “TAG” after which you are required to scan the QR code behind the TAG. After check-in, you will see the “ TAG available “ option on the home screen under flight details by which you can update your  TAG.


Is British Airways allow my bag if it is bigger than the standard size as per the given policy?

The size for the hold luggage which is permittable is 190 x 75 x 65cm. But if you have longer than the recommendable size then your baggage is accepted as checked baggage and the size limit is 90cms long for the items which are longer than the standard size.

What if my baggage is delayed?

If any passengers can get their baggage delayed at the destination then they have to inform the airline’s help desk as soon as possible. They will try to fix the problem of the customers as soon as possible. You can also report this on the official website of the British Air or email them and claim your baggage. For more information on the claim, you have to click on the link. Click here.

What if I lost my baggage?

Passengers who are yet to get their baggage for the 21 days from airlines at the airport or maybe lost then this is under the responsibility of the airlines to find the bag and deliver it to the customers or ready to compensate for it as per the rules.

For what things can I claim?

If you are a customer of British Airways and travel from one destination to another with your baggage then you can claim for Damage to your baggage, Missing baggage, damage to your content, essentials item is missing and the report for missing baggage is around.

Can I take medical supplies and the medical equipment in the bag?

Yes, any passengers can take a piece of medical equipment with them as a supply but not exceed the weight limit and the size limit. If you travel a full bag of medical supplies then it needs to be supported by the official medical letter.

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