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Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy

On this page, you will get whole the details regarding Brussels Airlines baggage policy. Before that let’s have an idea regarding the other details of Brussels airlines.

Belgium’s biggest air carrier has been operating since November 2006. In a short period of time, this new airline achieved its reputation. Brussels Diegem Airport, Machelen, Belgium, is the same destination as its hub and headquarters.

Over the past few years, over 100 domestic and international destinations with 58 fleet sizes have been able to operate. Whether it’s in-flight entertainment, seating cabin crew facilities, or on-ground services such as check-in, luggage arrangement, and discussing passengers with their airline without any misunderstanding at the airport, they provide excellent service.

Get to know about Brussels Airlines baggage policy fees and rules, continue reading. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get last-minute unpublished deals and discounts on flight tickets online booking.

Brussels airlines baggage policy
Brussels airlines baggage policy

Onboard Baggage Policy

  • Business-class light: just one carry-on and one personal object weighing less than 6 kg (13 lbs)
  • Business-class flex: 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal object weighing less than 12 kg (26 lbs)
  • Business-class business: no more than 16 kg in total, including 2 carry-ons and 1 personal object (25 lbs)
  • 1 carry-on and 1 personal object weighing no more than 12 kg are permitted in the economy class (26 lbs)
  • 2 carry-on bags and 1 personal item totaling no more than 16 kg for normal business class (35 lbs)

Dimensions limit of hand baggage:

55cm x 40cm x 23cm  (including handles and wheels of the trolley bag)

Holding items in storage:

Onboard luggage must be able to fit in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you, please should not exceed the size limit. It must be stowed in the overhead bin on the emergency exit row for safety purposes.

Cabin space is limited in these situations:

However, we allow hand baggage on board, cabin storage space can be restricted (e.g. small aircraft, a fully occupied flight, etc.). We can stow your hand luggage in the hold for free in this situation. You will pick up your hand luggage on the baggage belt when you arrive.

Dimensions limit of your personal accessory baggage:

40cm x 30cm x 10cm  (including handles and wheels of the trolley bag)

You can bring one personal item in addition to your carry-on luggage.

Consider the following scenario:

  • a clutch bag
  • a messenger bag
  • a bag for your laptop
  • Alternatively, a camera case

Holding items in storage

You must put your personal item underneath the seat in front of you please should not exceed the size limit. It must be folded up in the overhead bin except on the emergency exit row, where it must be safely stored for safety purposes.

If your hand luggage needs to be placed in the hold, we recommend storing important things (travel papers, keys, medicine, etc.) in your personal accessory bags.

Checked Baggage Policy

The amount of luggage you can carry depends on your flight class, direction, and frequent flyer status. For a comprehensive view of how much checked luggage, you can carry on your Brussels Airlines flight, use our baggage calculator. The things you want us to stow in the aircraft’s hold are known as checked baggage or hold baggage. This can be done at the check-in counters or the baggage drop-off area.

  • This includes bags, wheels, and handles and is a maximum of 158 cm or 62.2 in (height + length + width).
  • For Business Class, the standard free allowance is 32 kg; for First Class, the standard free allowance is 23 kg (Premium) Economy Class + an additional charge of up to 9kg to be charged at the airport
  • There is a limit of five checked bags per person (sum of free baggage allowance and purchased extra baggage).

At the check-in desk or at the baggage drop-off points, they’ll check whether your luggage meets the checked baggage limits. You will be paid for excess luggage if you surpass your free baggage allowance. Their baggage calculator will show you the extra baggage fees if you have extra pieces of baggage. If you need to transport luggage that exceeds its size, weight, or a number of pieces restrictions, you must use their cargo service.

Note* It might be possible that if you cancel or make changes in your flight then your service of baggage is to be changed for a different date flight.

Checked luggage details for connecting flights

You won’t have to think about your checked luggage on Brussels Airlines-operated connecting flights because it will be automatically checked through to your next flight. In this scenario, you will easily pick up your luggage at your final destination.

However, you may be expected to pick up your checked luggage at your connecting airport and check it in for your next flight if you are flying with a partner airline.

Checked luggage details for partner airline flights

If your flight is operated by one of our codeshare partners, you may be subject to their baggage policies. For more details, check the baggage information on your ticket or our partner airline’s website. The Most Important Carrier Rule refers to tickets that include airlines other than Brussels Airlines.

Electronic system limits in checked luggage

There are some limits to what you can and cannot carry in your checked luggage with battery-powered devices. The following are examples of common devices that are not permitted in checked luggage or require approval from our hazardous goods department:

  • power bank for cell phones
  • Batteries in stock
  • Cameras and drones
  • Segways, stairs, hoverboards, and other self-balancing devices are examples of this.
  • Smart bags
  • E-bikes

Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy Related To Prohibited Items

In general, any object that may cause harm to the plane or jeopardize the safety of anyone on board is not permitted in checked luggage. We also advise against checking valuable items (keys, jewelry, papers, etc.) or delicate artifacts (glass, ceramics, artwork, etc.) in checked luggage. Brussels Airlines can refuse to transport checked baggage if it contains the following items:

  • Likely to put the aircraft, people, or property in jeopardy
  • Air carriage is likely to cause harm.
  • Inadequately packed items should not be allowed.
  • Any applicable statute, regulation, or order of any State prohibits the transport of any object from, into, or over its airspace.
  • Due to its weight, scale, or composition, it is unsuitable for air transport.

Oversized Baggage Charges

Please keep in mind that each piece of luggage does not weigh more than 32 kg (70 lbs). Luggage weighing more than 32 kg (70 lbs) will be considered cargo and will not be allowed at check-in. For more details, please contact Brussels Airlines Cargo. For a fee, you can search different types of large sports equipment, such as motorcycles, canoes, and golf bags.

CAPA Devices Terms and Policy

CPAP devices can be brought on board and used as long as they adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • During taxi, takeoff, landing, and other circumstances where the crew considers it appropriate, the system must be turned off and stowed.
  • Every lithium battery used in CAPA devices must not be more than 160Wh.
  • If the system must be used continuously throughout the flight, ensure that you have enough battery power to last the duration of the flight, taking into account any potential delays or anomalies.
  • You are not permitted to bind your CAPA to the aircraft’s power outlets.
  • In order to comply with safety requirements, the system must be stowed on board.

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