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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Hawaiian Airlines is the flag service and the biggest airline in the U.S. country of Hawaii. It is the tenth-largest industrial airline in the US and is based totally in Honolulu, Hawaii. The airline operates its predominant hub at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on the island of Oʻahu and a secondary hub out of Kahului Airport on the island of Maui. The airline also maintained a team based at Los Angeles International Airport.

 Hawaiian Airlines operates flights to the United States mainland, Asia, American Samoa, Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, and  New Zealand. Hawaiian Airlines is owned via Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. Of which Peter R. Ingram is the modern President and Chief Executive Officer.

Hawaiian is the oldest US provider that has never had a deadly accident or a hull loss in the course of its history and regularly tops the on-time carrier list inside the United States, in addition to the fewest cancellations, overseas, and bag handling issues.

Read this article if you are interested in getting information about Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy fees and rules information. If you wish to book a reservation in Hawaiian Airlines, you can just visit our homepage. You can also dial our toll-free number [Airlines]  to get the best flight deals, discounts, and special offers. 

Key Guidelines: Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Hawaiian Airlines gives the customers a set of rules for the baggage during the flight which is flexible and cost-effective compared to the other Airlines. Here we discuss some guidelines to stay away from any trouble during the check-in or on the flight.

  • Passengers must have presented a valid ticket for transportation on Hawaiian airlines or it may have an interline or codeshare agreement.
  • Name and phone number are required for the checked baggage and it must have appeared on each piece of the checked baggage with identification labels to save from theft and loss.
  • Your checked baggage should have in proper dimensions and weight which is set by the airlines. Its linear dimension should not exceed the limit of 157 cm and its weight limit is about 50 pounds(22.5kg).
  • At the airport, security agencies or authorized government agencies can inspect your baggage anytime without your consent. So, if you refuse to inspect your baggage can’t be allowed by the airport authority.
  • Your baggage should be suitable for transportation and with valid destinations. Some Airlines have restricted the items which are not suitable for transportation like flammable items, sharp knives, a medicine containing prohibited drugs, etc., and you are also going to the same route where your baggage is booked.

Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy includes the following for the regular basic fares:

  • 1 personal item – Fee free
  • 1 Carry-on item –  Applicable costs.
  • Checked baggage – Applicable costs according to bag.
  • Overweight and Oversized bags – Applicable costs according to bag depending on weight and size.
  • Sports equipment – Certain items may have relevant charges.

Hawaiian Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy

In Hawaiian Airlines baggage Policy, it allows 1 personal item like a purse, laptop bag, and briefcase fee is free for each passenger. Carry-on baggage isn’t always included as rate-free. To make any kind of changes to any services related to Hawaiian Airlines you can checkout Hawaiian airlines manage booking.

Following size and weight, the restriction should not be exceeded in carry-on baggage for Hawaiian airlines baggage policy:

  • Including handles and wheels, the bag should be within 115 cm or (9L x14W x22H) 45 linear inches.
  • Your carry-on baggage weight should not exceed the limit of 25 pounds or 11kg.
  • In front of you, Fit the seat below or within the overhead bin.
  • Fit the seat below or within the overhead bin and personal items should be of proper size.
  • Assistive gadgets like wheelchairs, crutches,  strollers, and so on, and other items like umbrellas, diaper bags, jackets, and duty-free items are not counted in the carry-on allowance.

Lap-Little one carry-on policy:

  • The toddler does now not receive a carry-on allowance
  • Passengers are approved to carry a vehicle seat onboard and use it on the aircraft if there’s a loose seat (difficulty to their travel protection seat policy), they also give the group travel option, using which you can travel the world with your own pals, friends, and family.
  • Strollers might be checked at the gate freed from charge. Small, collapsible strollers may be carried on supplied the object meets all of the standard size/weight regulations of a carry-on bag.

Hawaiian Airlines Hold Luggage Policy

The details of hold luggage for Hawaiian Airlines  Baggage Policy are the following:

  • 23 kilograms or 50 pounds maximum weight is allowed.
  • 157 centimeters or 62 inches are the maximum dimensions allowed.
  • 2 standard bags up to 10 maximum bags are allowed.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance Fees

In Hawaiian airlines baggage policy, they are decided by way of the type of fare you purchased, your destination if you are an energetic U S military employee and/or dependent when you have popularity with Hawaiian Airlines’ frequent flyer program, popularity with an affiliated carrier, or if you have a Hawaiian Airlines subsidized credit/charge card. Details of allowance fees for Hawaiian Airlines Domestic Flights are given below:

  • $30 USD for the first bag
  • $40 USD for the Second bag

Hawaiian Airlines will not charge any fees for Internal flights in Hawaiian airlines baggage policy.

Frontier Airlines Excess Baggage Fees

It’s worth noting that Hawaiian Airlines does not permit passengers to travel on the same reserving to pool their baggage. If you exceed the maximum individual allowance, then extra baggage charges would apply. Details of excess baggage fees for Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy are given below in the tabular form:

Hawaii to/from62-80 inches51-70 lb71-100 lb
North America$100$50$200
Australia or New Zealand$150$0Not accepted
Neighbor Island$35$35$70
Papeete$150$50Not accepted
Pago Pago$50$400
Japan or Korea$50 (business class: $0)$400

Hawaiian Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

23 kilograms or 50 pounds maximum weight is allowed and  157 centimeters or 62 inches maximum linear dimensions are allowed for checked baggage on Hawaiian Airlines Baggage policy. Details of Checked baggage fees for Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy are given below in the tabular form:

ClassesFirst Bag Second Bag Third + bags
Neighbor Island Main Cabin$25$35$50
North America Main Cabin$30$40$100
First ClassIncludedIncludedNeighbor Island: $50 North America: $100International: $150
International Flights (Korea, Japan, Australia & Japan, American Samoa & Tahiti)IncludedIncluded $150

Hawaii Airlines Overweight baggage fees

in Hawaiian airlines baggage fees, Hawaii Airlines will charge for the overweight bags when the bag weight is greater than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. The details of the Overweight fees of Hawaii Airlines Baggage fees are given below:

  • $50.00 USD extra per bag if the bag weight is between 24 to 32  kilograms or 51 to 70 pounds on flights to/ from Papeete, Korea, Japan, and North America.
  • $200.00 USD extra per bag if the bag weight is between 33 to 46  kilograms or 71 to 100 pounds on flights to/ from Pago Pago, Korea, and  Japan.
  • Bags having a weight of more than 33 kilograms or 71 pounds will not be accepted on flights to/from Australia or Papeete.
  • Bags having a weight of more than 46 kilograms or 100 pounds will not be accepted as hold luggage.

Oversized Baggage Fees of Hawaiian Airlines 

In Hawaiian Airlines the bags that have from 160 to 206 centimeters or from 62 to 80 linear inches will charge $100 USD to/from all international destinations, $35 USD  to/ from neighbor Island, and $150.00 USD to/from for all international flights extra. Bags having a size of more than 80 linear inches or 206 centimeters will now not be allowed as checked baggage luggage.

Fees for sports equipment 

Sports equipment like skis, golf bags, fishing instrumentality, hockey, and field game instrumentality are accepted in Hawaiian airlines baggage policy up to size and weight limits and can count one checked bag/hold bag and Associated fees can be applied to that.

Hawaiian Airlines Musical Instruments Policy

In Hawaiian Airlines, you are allowed to bring your musical instruments such as

  • Guitars
  • Violins and violas
  • Cellos
  • Organs
  • Harps
  • Drums

You can carry those instruments onboard along with your carry-on allowance. It should fit in the overhead locker or under the front seat the allowed carry-on dimensions in a hard-sided case that is designed to protect the musical instrument. If it is too big to fit under the seat then you can buy a seat for that instrument if the weight is up to 165 pounds. 

The dimensions of the instrument should be under (length + width + height) 150 inches including the case and the weight should not exceed 165 pounds. You have to pay an extra amount if you exceed the given dimensions.

Hawaiian Airlines Pets Policy

In Hawaiian Airlines, You are only allowed to bring your pet (dogs, and cats) to travel in the cabin if you are above 18 years along with the pet id tag and license. There is a specific rule given by the airline that a pet will be carried in the carrier comfortably in which a pet can easily sit, stand or turn around. The carrier should fit under the front seat of the passenger the dimensions are Length 16 in. X Width 10 in. X Height 9.5 in. and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 25 pounds total.

Exclusions and Waivers

As a member benefit, while flying between the Neighbor Islands, HawaiianMiles contributors will enjoy reduced First and second checked baggage prices, traveling wholly inside the State of Hawaii.

  • $ 10 off on First Bag
  • $15 off on Second Bag

Pualani Platinum contributors receive the primary three baggage complimentary. Applies to individuals only. Applicable obese and excess bag fees will apply. on the 4th bag fee, the next additional bag can be charged 

Pualani Gold and Premier Club participants receive the first two luggage complementarity. Applies to contributors only. Applicable overweight and excess luggage prices will apply. At the 3rd bag fee, the next additional bag will be charged.

Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard: The Primary Cardmember is eligible to earn one complimentary first checked bag on Hawaiian Airlines operated flights. This is similar to any Elite member baggage allowance.

According to paid passengers, Hawaiian Airlines will accept one pre-packaged box of papayas or pineapples,  free of charge (situation to area availability) on flights departing from Hawaii to North America. The box has to now not exceed 10lbs in weight and ought to be pre-agriculture inspected.

Checked Bag in Hawaiian Airlines with Credit Cards

Pick the right credit score card to get your checked bag prices reimbursed when flying Hawaiian Airlines. Check out your options below for Hawaiian airlines baggage policy:

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card – This no annual charge card comes with a 20,000-mile welcome bonus (well worth $200) once you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. When you use your card for your purchases (e.G. Baggage charges), use your miles to repay all, or components of, your statement! This is why we love this card.

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card – With a bigger 50,000 welcome bonus (worth $500), it is the “large brother” card to the VentureOne®when you spend $3,000 in the first three months. For any issues do try to contact Hawaiian airlines directly.

Restricted Items in Hawaiian Airlines as Baggage

  • Seat Accessories: Devices including footrests and infant beds which attach to plane seats, fit among the seats, or block get right of entry to the aisle might not be used onboard. They can be carried on but won’t be used onboard.
  • Smart Bags: Smart baggage” with lithium-ion batteries will no longer be regularly occurring as checked or carry-on bags until the battery can be eliminated. Checked baggage must have its batteries removed and carried in the cabin.
  • Liquids, gels, and aerosols: Containers much less than 3. four oz (a hundred mL) may be located in a transparent quart-sized bag and packed for your carry-on. Larger containers must be packed into your checked luggage. Hairspray and insect repellent are allowed.
  • Alcohol over 24%: Containers less than 3. four oz (100 mL) may also be placed in an obvious quart-sized bag and packed in your carry-on. Larger containers ought to be packed for your checked luggage. Hairspray and bug repellent are allowed.
  • Laptops, Mobiles, tablets: Personal electronic devices may be carried on and used when instructed by a flight attendant.
  • Light Bulbs: Spare mild bulbs ought to be power green and packaged to prevent breakage.
  • Matches and Lighters: One book of protection fits and one common butane lighter may be carried on. All other fits and lighters are completely prohibited.

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