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Turkish Airline Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines operates on the load system for some international destinations and the one-piece system for others, so check the list of destinations below before you travel so that you know which one you are eligible for.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy has tripped and checked allowances to and from the US to work the piece system is 2 bags in the economy and business classes with a generous 70 pounds (32 kg) for the latter.

If you join Turkish Airlines’ frequent flyer program, Miles and Smiles, you will be allowed to pick up an extra piece of checked baggage after you hit Elite or Elite Plus status.

Turkish Airlines Carry-on Allowance

  • 1 personal item: free
  • 1 standard carry-on bag: free

Size and weight restrictions

Personal: Undeclared

Standard: 21.6 x 15.7 x 9 in. (55 x 40 x 23 cm). Each object has a maximum weight of 17.6 pounds (8 kg).

Lap baby carry-on policy

Babies are allowed 1 piece carry-on which does not exceed 17.6 pounds (8 kg).

A walk in the cabin is not allowed.

Stroller gate-check policy

A collapsible stroller can be carried free of charge as checked baggage at the check-in desk or gate.

Check luggage allocation by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy no longer offers a table-format baggage allowance or charge and travelers must use a baggage machine of the airline to validate their journey allowance. After running some searches, we found the relevant fees below, but be sure to use a calculator for your trip. In case things don’t go right you can make a cancellation with them anytime, to make the cancellation check out the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy.

Free luggage allocation for Turkish Airlines domestic flights:

Travel ClassAdult/Child
Business30 kg
Economy PrimeFly25 kg
Economy ExtraFly20 kg
Economy EcoFly15 kg

Departures and arrivals from Turkish airports.

International Flights Free Baggage Allowance:

Travel ClassMaximum Pieces Maximum Weight Per Piece (kg)Maximum Dimensions Per Piece (L + W + D) 
Business232 kg158 cm
Economy223 kg158 cm
Infant (o-2 years old)1+1 Collapsible baby carriage/buggy23 kg115 cm

Note:- Goods for Angola, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Japan, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Information on Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sudan, United States, and Venezuela. International Journeys a Work on a Peace Allowance

For flights coming from Angola, Argentina, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Japan, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania and Is applicable. , Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South America, Sudan, USA, and Venezuela.

Passengers of both adult and child can carry up to 2 bags for free, with a limit of 62″ linear scale (158 cm).

  • Business-class: 70 pounds (32 kg)
  • Economy Class: 50 lb (23 kg)
  • Infant Passenger: 1 bag (50 lb / 23 kg) with a maximum linear size of 45 inches (115 cm) and 1 stroller or pushchair

All other international trips operate on a weight allowance (no restriction on the number of pieces).

  • Business-class: 66 pounds (30 kg)
  • Economy class: 44 lbs (20 kg)

Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage

Cabin baggage (hand baggage) is defined as any luggage of 8 kg and 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Each passenger is free to take care of the carrying baggage to the cabin of the passenger.

Class of TravelQuantityMaximum Weight (kg)Dimension (cm)
Business2 Pieces8 kg (each piece)55 X 40 X 23
Economy1 Piece8 kg55 X 40 X 23
Infant Passenger (0-2 years old)1 Piece8 kg55 X 40 X  23

Note: Suit covers (114 x 60 x 11 cm) will be considered cabin luggage. The application of the cabin luggage carriage rules to duty-free goods would be exempt. If the dimensions and/or weight of the individual items exceed the cabin luggage limit, they will be treated as check-in luggage.

Baggage TypeSize RestrictionsWeight AllowanceFreeAdditional Fees
Cabin Baggage55 X 40 X 23 cm8 kgN/AAirport fees apply if oversized/overweight

Turkish Airlines Extra Baggage cost

Domestic flights Additional baggage fees and conditions:

Free Baggage Allowance (kg)Baggage Charge Per Kg (Turkish Lira)
                                        Adult                    Infant
Business                          30 Kg                    10 Kg                                   12
Economy                          20 kg                     10 kg12
Promotional                      15 kg                     10 kg12

Departing from and arriving at Turkish airports.

For 18 TL per kg, flights are transferred

Turkish Airlines Sports Equipment 

You can fly Turkish Airlines on the sports equipment mentioned below or with you. Golf and ski equipment are provided for the first time free.

Golf EquipmentSkiing/water  Skiing EquipmentSurf EquipmentDiving Equipment
TentsEmpty CanistersInflatable DinghiesRafting Equipment
Archery EquipmentCanoesIce Hockey EquipmentHang-gliding Equipment
Paragliding EquipmentParachute EquipmentMountaineering EquipmentBicycles
Hunting RiflesSporting Rifles and Scopes

Turkish Airlines Musical Instruments Policy

On Turkish Airlines, you are allowed to bring your musical instruments onboard along with your carry-on allowance. It should be under the allowed carry-on dimensions in a hard-sided case that is designed to protect the musical instrument, and it should be fit in the overhead locker or under the front seat. If it is too big to fit under the seat then you can buy a seat for that instrument if the weight is up to 75 kilograms. 

The dimensions of the instrument should be under (length + width + height)140x42x25 cm. You will be charged for the dimensions. You have to pay an excess amount if your musical instrument exceeds your carry-on baggage limits.

Restricted Items in Turkish Airlines

Every airline has restricted some items for the safety and security of the passengers and also helps in maintaining the cleanliness. we are discussing some items below which are restricted:

  • Hair spray, perfume, and medicines containing alcohol only 100ml allowed
  • A packet of safety matches and lighter containing gases or fuel.
  • Firearms and ammunition are allowed up to the maximum weight of 5kg and kept as checked baggage which is packed in seal-proof bags.
  • Camping stoves containing inflammable liquids fuels.
  • Personal self-defense items such as electroshock devices.
  • Safe bags and money bags are not allowed.
  • Dry ice is allowed but as in-cabin and weight limit is up to 2.5kg
  • Medical oxygen cylinders(empty cylinder is allowed but as check baggage).
  • A sharp object like a knife is not allowed as an in-cabin or as personal item.

Turkish Airlines Pets Policy

On Turkish Airlines, You are allowed to bring your pet (dog breeds like Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Spaniel, Chow Chow, English Toy Spaniel, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffon, Bull Mastiff ) to travel in the cabin. If you are above 18 years and have a pet id tag and license. There is a specific rule given by the airline that a pet will be carried in the carrier comfortably in which a pet can easily sit, stand or turn around. The carrier should fit under the front seat of the passenger the dimensions are  23 cm (height) x 30 cm (width) x 40 cm (length) and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 8 kilograms.

You can calculate your baggage through the Turkish Airlines Baggage Calculator. You can find the calculator here.

My Baggage – Airline Baggage Optional

Turkish Airlines is an inexpensive choice when flying off-season in limited amounts. However, you can be faced with substantial charges if you surpass your weight allowance, book your airport baggage or fly during peak hours.

That’s where my luggage comes from, fortunately. With Turkish airlines you also get the liability to book tickets in groups, by this you can enjoy your travel with your friends and family.

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