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Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris Airlines is a Mexican low-fee airline with its hubs in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana, and focus towns in Cancún, León, Los Angeles, and Monterrey. It is the country’s second-largest airline after Aeroméxico and serves home and worldwide route map destinations within the Americas based in Santa Fe, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City. It is the leading airline inside the Mexican domestic airline marketplace, with a market share of over 28% of home traffic, They have quite a good route map.

This article deals with Volaris baggage policy, fees, and rules. It also covers the baggage rules regarding Volaris carry-on, surfboard policy, and Volaris overweight baggage fees.

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Volaris Airlines Carry-on Allowance Baggage Policy

Are you looking for Volaris carry-on items allowed per passenger? Then read on.

Volaris Airlines baggage policy includes the following for the regular basic fares:

  • 1 personal item – Fee free
  • 1 Carry-on item – Fee Free
  • 6.8 kilograms or 15 lb maximum weight is allowed.
  • 104.6 centimeters or 41.2 inches maximum dimensions are allowed.

Lap-Little one carry-on policy:

In the Lap-Little policy of Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy,1 diaper bag up to 10 kilograms or 22 pounds is allowed.

Stroller Check Policy:

  • The Baby Combo package lets in passengers to check a car seat and a collapsible stroller, which can be added as much as the aircraft doors, further to receiving precedence boarding.

Volaris Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

In the checked baggage in air travel policy of Volaris Airlines, the maximum dimensions allowed is 62 inches and the maximum baggage weight allowed is 24.9 kilograms or 55 lb for passengers to bring in Volaris Airlines checked baggage policy. They have quite an interesting Cancellation policy that will be helpful for the passengers in many ways. You can also upgrade seat in Volaris Airlines,

Volaris Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

Vuela Basic and Classic passengers may additionally pay to grow their combined carry-on allowance to forty-four pounds (20 kg) with the following fees:

Increasing weightseasonInternational RoutesDomestic RoutesRoutes between central America
At the airport gateLow$45Mex$ 500$30
High$50Mex$ 600 $35
During booking at the airportLow$35Mex$ 400$15
During booking online and call centerLow$40Mex$300$25
Pre FlightLow$40Mex$400$30

Excess Baggage Fees of Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

According to weight and routes, Volaris Airlines will charge for excess baggage fees at Airport or Boarding gate. Details of Volaris baggage fees 2021 are given below in the tabular form:

WeightInternational RoutesDomestic routesRoutes between Central America
26 to 35 kilograms or 57 to 77 poundsLow:$80High:$90Low: Mex $800High:Mex $900Low: $25High:$30
36 to 46 kilograms or 79 to 101 poundsLow:$180High:$190Low:Mex $1800High: Mex $1900Low:$50High:$55

Overweight Fees of Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Let’s now check how much the Volaris overweight baggage fees would be.

Volaris Airlines will charge for the overweight bags when the bag weight is greater than 9.97 kilograms or 22 lb up to 99 lbs and the cost for each piece is for extra pounds.

Oversized Fees of Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

In  Airlines the bags that have from 158 centimeters or from 62 linear inches will charge overweight charges extra. Baggage sizes of more than 62 linear inches will now not be allowed as checked baggage luggage.

Sports Equipment 

Volaris permits the following sports gadget to be checked as luggage. If a sports activity gadget exceeds the full free baggage allowance, it will likely be charged based on excess baggage requirements.

Skis, snowboards, and fishing rods- one set is accepted consistent with passenger and includes one of the following:

  • Skis, boots, poles
  • Snowboard and boots
  • Water skis
  • One fishing rod and tackle container
  • Golf Clubs – One golfing bag can be accepted in keeping with passengers containing a bag, golf clubs, balls, and shoes.

Football Equipment – Football equipment consists of one helmet, a football, a set of pads, and a pair of cleats.

Bicycles – Each passenger is authorized one bicycle which must be transported in a field or motorcycle bag, deal with bars turned in, tires partly deflated, and pedals eliminated.

Skateboards and Scooters – All skateboards and scooters have to be packed to save you damage.

Scuba Gear – One set of scuba tools is accepted in keeping with passengers. Cylinders with compressed air are prohibited and may best be transported if they are empty. Tank valves need to be open and diving lamps have to be disconnected.

Surfboards – As per the Volaris surfboard policy, surfboards under 6.6 feet (2 m) in length are accepted but ought to have the fin removed and be packed properly and you may pay the cost of around $40 to $45 for a surfboard fee.

Volaris Airlines Musical Instruments Policy

In Volaris Airlines, you are allowed to bring your musical instruments such as:

· Guitars

· Basses

· Violins

· String Instruments

· Flutes and trumpets

· Drum accessories(such as cymbals)

· Mandolins

· Keyboards

· Saxophones

You can carry those instruments on board along with your carry-on allowance. It should be under the allowed carry-on item dimensions, and it should be fit in the overhead locker or under the front seat if it is too big to fit under the seat then you can buy a seat for that instrument. 

The weight of the instrument should be under 22 pounds or the dimensions should be under 12.99 x 15.74 x 22.44 inches if it is carry-on baggage. For the checked baggage the weight must not exceed more than 55 pounds and 78.7 total inches (height + width + length).

Volaris Airlines Pets Policy

In Volaris Airlines, you are only allowed to bring your pet (dogs & cats) to travel in the cabin if you are above 18 years. All the pets will board a flight as checked luggage. There is a specific rule given by the airline that a pet will be carried in the carrier comfortably in which a pet can easily sit, stand or turn around. All the animals must be in good health condition and be vaccinated and carried in a carrier. The carrier should fit under the front seat of the passenger. 

The maximum weight of the pet including the cage should not be more than 45 kilograms. In Volaris Airlines you only can carry your pet if it is not Ill, Pregnant, and must be marinating good hygiene.

Exclusion and Waivers

Volaris INVEX credit cardholders receive:

An more 10 kilograms or 22 pounds of weight for the blended carry-on allowance

1 additional checked bag weight up to 35 kilograms or 77 pounds; simplest applies to INVEX and INVEX 2.0

V. Club participants receive:

22 pounds (10 kg) more checked bags when shopping Vuela Classic and Vuela Plus

Checked Bag in Volaris Airlines with Credit Cards

While there are no U.S. credit score cards that offer loose checked luggage on Volaris, you may need to recall the use of the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card to pay your bags fees. This is because you could use the card’s effective Purchase Eraser tool to “erase” the purchase using your credit card factors.

Using this device, you can redeem your points at a value of 1 cent consistent with a point toward any travel purchases within 90 days of making the purchase — and yes, this includes bag fees. For example, an $eighty excess baggage price would value 8,000 points through the Purchase Eraser — actually higher than having to pay the charge out of pocket.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card – This no annual charge card comes with a 20,000-mile welcome bonus (well worth $200) once you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. When you use your card for tour purchases (e.G. Baggage charges), use your miles to repay all, or component of, your statement! This is why we love this card.

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card – With a bigger 50,000 welcome bonus (worth $500), it is the “large brother” card to the VentureOne®when you spend $3,000 in the first three months.

Restricted Items of Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

  • Sharp objects – Pointy, sharp, or penetrating objects; mountaineering ice picks, ice breakers, axes, knives, fight knives, tactical knives, daggers, kitchen knives, letter openers, cutters, scalpels, swords, sabers, foils, machetes, knitting needles, metallic scissors (with sharp ends and blades longer than 2.three inches), unmarried or double-edged instantly razors, and other comparable objects.
  • Batteries – Dry batteries hooked up in wheelchairs or in addition powered gadget that needs to follow our safety measures.
  • Electronic Equipment – Power tools, manual or electric-powered tools, and gas-powered machines for cutting or welding (drills, portable electric-powered saws, torches, welding guns, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers). High-depth lamps with bulbs and batteries. Bulbs and batteries have to be packed one after the other and well-labeled. Harpoons and different underwater weapons, bows, bayonets, arrows, and similar items.
  • Aerosol Sprays – You can check non-public care aerosols with a maximum length and weight of 16.nine fl oz and 1.1 pounds. The total size and weight of aerosols must not exceed 67.6 flounces and 4.four pounds. Cover the openings to avoid spillage.

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