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15 Best Day Trips From Dubrovnik The Pearl of the Adriatic

The coastal Croatian city of Dubrovnik is known as a majestic city. Once a hidden gem tucked away in Eastern Europe, Dubrovnik has had an increase in popularity in the past few years. All thanks go to the most popular TV show “Games Of Thrones”.

With its stunning Old Town jutting out into the sea, UNESCO World Heritage Site status and Mediterranean climate, it’s no wonder that Dubrovnik is a huge destination for tourists nowadays.

The affordable city sees its fair share of tourists and cruise ship stop-offs, so getting out into the surrounding area means escaping the bustling crowds – and seeing more of Croatia, too.

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Best Day Trips From Dubrovnik

Without further ado, here are the best day trips from Dubrovnik

1. Sarajevo

Sarajevoe, Gazi-Husrev-beg-Mosque
day trips from Dubrovnik
Gazi Husrev beg Mosque

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia. This city has a beautiful history and culture to experience. Start with a visit to the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque to learn how the Muslim community has shaped Sarajevo into the city that it is today.

You can also visit the fascinating Sarajevo Tunnel in the afternoon time. This tunnel complex was used during the Bosnian war and features a small but incredibly informative military war museum back on the ground level.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo: Four hours and twenty minutes

2. Budva

Budva; Best day trips from dubrovink;dubrovnik day trips

A visit to Budva would take you to cross the international border into the sovereign state of Montenegro.

It is the most scenic and picturesque place in the Adriatic Sea. It also has the biggest bay on Adriatic. Because of its strategic importance in the historically turbulent region, it has been under rule by different nations. Each of them left a mark that can be seen today in a beautiful blend of architectural influence.

This cosy town has a vibrant nightlife so stay out as late as you can before heading back to Dubrovnik.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Budva: About Two and Half hour

3. Cavtat

 Cavtat , best day trips from Dubrovnik, montenegro day trip from dubrovnik

Just the southeast of Dubrovnik is the mesmerizing town of Cavtat. Sitting too on the Adriatic coast, Cavtat is famous for its pristine beaches and ionicIllyrian necropolises.

You have not chosen one but two beaches and you surely walk the length of both during a day trip. In the morning get some time to relax on Mlini Beach and enjoy the view of the bay while the sun makes its way to the peak.

After lunch in Cavtat town, move on to Srebreno Beach and Cavtat harbour. Don’t miss to visit marvel at Rector’s Palace and St. Nicolas church before you depart.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Cavtat: 31 minutes

4. Mostar

Mostar, Best day trips from dubrovnik; best montenegro tour from dubrovnik

Mostar is a real cultural melting place that has a rich and a lot of history to explore. For a visit to Mostar, you have to cross the international border into Bosnia.

The most iconic landmark of Mostar is the Stari Most and amazing old stone Turkish town. Its famous bridge symbolically units the east and the west, While its beautiful street, reveals the story of cultural disputes in the golden old days.

You can visit the city of Pocitelj – a strategic point to the Ottoman Empire and also have the whole chances to cool off yourself and swim in the virgin nature of beautiful Kravice waterfall- Known as the Europen last jungles.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Mostar: About Two and Half hour

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5. Elaphite Islands

Elaphite Islands, best day trips from dubrovnik
Elaphite Islands

This unassuming archipelago is a well known day trip from Dubrovnik and there is an extraordinary number of local tour guides and solo boat owners who will take you from one island to another during the course of a day.

The three largest islands of Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan are exquisite and are not to be missed. Kolocep is very less populated and its landscape includes high rock face. Lopud has the most beautiful sandy beaches and Sipan is the largest one and it is well known for its diverse vegetation.

In the summer season, the water around Elaphite Island is warm and calm, perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Elaphite Islands: Approximately two hour

6. Kravice Waterfall

Kravice Waterfall, Day trips from Dubrovnik,montenegro day trip from dubrovnik
Kravice Waterfall

Kravice waterfall also known as “Mini Niagara Falls”.The Kravice waterfall found in neighbouring Bosnia. This place is surely one of the most breathtaking natural wonders you will ever experience.

On a sunny day, there is nothing more refreshing than dipping your toe in the cooling pool surrounded by the falls and forest area. The water appears to dance and a rainbow appears in the spray from the powerful force of the water.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Kravice Waterfall: About two and a half an hour

7. Peljesac

Peljesac Matusko Wine

This Peljesac peninsula features hidden coves, secret beaches, bountiful oysters bay, and phenomenal wineries. Peljesac is the most fruitful red wine region in Croatia and vineyards can be found throughout the peninsula.

The famous vineyards in Peljesac are Matusko winery and you can taste the sample of various wine. The wine tour will take you to the heart of Croatia’s best wine country so you can taste wines that you will not found anywhere in this world.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Peljesac: About an hour

8. Trogir

Trogir, day trips from Dubrovnik, montenegro day trip from dubrovnik

The incredible city “Trogir” is an architecture mishmash featuring buildings in Renaissance, baroque, and Romanesque style.

Three-quarters of the city sits on the mainland and the fourth quarter is the Island all of its own, called Ciovo. Ciovo is connected with the mainland by various bridges.

In the summer months, Cafes open their doors out onto the street and place their table and chair out under the spinning water mist fans.

There is a relaxed and easy feel to Trogir that will see you struggle to return to Dubrovnik at the end of the day.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Trogir: About three hour

9. Korcula

Korcula, day trips from Dubrovnik

Did you realize that Croatia has an incredible wine industry? Perhaps not, but it does and one of the finest places to taste distinct wine is on Korcula Island.

There is an old Croatian phrase that says “ A day without wine is like a day without Sunshine” – who are we to deny.

This can be the best ever experience the place for wine and food lovers. On this Island, you will discover some interesting places off the beaten path. It is the home of the great explorer Marko Polo.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Korcula: Approximately three hours

10. Kotor

Kotor, Maritime Museum, day trips from dubrovnik, montenegro day trip from dubrovnik
Maritime Museum in Kotor

The coastal town of Kotar falls in the sovereign state of Montenegro. There is a certain romance to Kotor with its a labyrinth of winding stone streets and town squares.

The town lies between the tranquil Bay of Kotor and the big mountains behind giving a photogenic environment. An amazing place for best day trips from Dubrovnik. 

The Kotor Cathedral and the Maritime Museum can be visited over the course of your morning, as too can the novel Museum. In the afternoon you can spend your time, walking through the Stoney streets.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Kotor: About two hours

11. Medjugorje


Medjugorje is one of the holiest, sacred and spiritual sites in all of Europe. It is the second-largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, and it said that Mother Mary graced the earth here in 1981.

The peace and tranquillity of this site are palpable, you need not be of faith to appreciate the awe and wonder that surrounds this holy ground.

While visiting the holy spot if you find the time to visit the villages of Medjugorje and Bijakovici themselves to speak with locals about their life in this holy land. It will provide you with more clarity about this wonderful place.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Medjugorje: About two and a half an hour

12. Konavle Valley

Konavle Valley, day trips from Dubrovnik
Konavle Valley

The Konavle Valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Croatia and situated at the southernmost tip of the country. It can be one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik.

On your way through the valley, your first stop will be at the Sokol Kula or ‘Falcon Fort’. Walk the stairs to the top of the fort you will be greeted by wonderful and inspiring views of the cliffs below and the mountains above.

The route through the Konavle Valley follows the flow of the River Ljuta and you’ll pass a lot of beautiful farms and homesteads.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Konavle Valley: About forty-five minutes

13. Mljet Island

Mljet Island, best day trips from Dubrovnik
Mljet Island

Mljet Island lies between the southernmost and easternmost of the Adriatic Islands and is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and totally enchanting. Chances are if you visit Mljet Island you will never want to leave.

There is just a single road that connects with the island. Mljet Island has various features such as olive groves, vineyards, and undisturbed natural forests.

Snorkelling and diving off the shores of Mljet Island is something quite incredible. The water is clear and the marine life is so abundant.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Mljet Island: Two hours and twenty minutes

14. Ston

Ston, Dubrovnik, best day trips from dubrovnik
Ston, Dubrovnik

The village of Ston is a beautiful place that is nestled away on the Pelješac peninsula. The Ston Walls Entrance and Fort Kastio are the best part of the Ston valley.

You can visit Ston with the neighbouring village Olipa. You can also experience the local life in the Ston and taste the variety of traditional food and homemade wine in this valley.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Ston: About an hour

15. Split

Split, day trips from dubrovnik,montenegro day trip from dubrovnik

Split is one of Croatia’s major cities and sits on the Dalmatian Coast. This city is a joy to explore and can be toured easily in the space of the day. Tourists can find a lot of cafes, bars, and souvenir shops to explore.

Split is indeed picturesque with the added bonus that once you finished hitting up the incredible landmark you can chill out on the beach. The top attraction in the Split includes the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery and the beautiful Marjan Forest Park and Marjan Stairway, with hiking trails and the spectacular view of the city and sea.

Distance from Dubrovnik to Split: About three hour


Dubrovnik is the perfect place for the traveller who loves to explore a different place or a culture. Dubrovnik has a rich history and beautiful nature or you can say that “God blessed this place with everything”.

There are a lot of winery yards that provide different types of wines and it is also part of their culture. If you are planning to go on vacation then day trips from Dubrovnik is a perfect idea to relax your self. Once you visit this place then definitely you feel that Dubrovnik is the best place for vacation.

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