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14 Best Day Trips From Kyoto To Lookup The Everlasting City

If you are planning for best day trips from Kyoto then you are in the right blog we will guide you with the best places to visit in Kyoto. I believe you all know, in 2017, Kyoto was the top tourist place to visit by the tourists per year.

The main reason which attracts most of the visitor is the unimaginable beauty of nature. Kyoto is full of cloud forests, enchanting ports, feudal castles, Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, gardens and unforgettable attractions. You can reach your prime destination in a very short time with the help of Japan’s bullet trains.

The List of Best Sightseeing Kyoto Day Tours

1. Arashiyama

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, best day trips from Kyoto
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

This place is like a neighbour of Kyoto so it is suitable for day best trips from Kyoto. You can reach Kyoto to Arashiyama in half an hour. Arashiyama refers to the mountain, Oi Rivers. It is one of the historic and scenic beauty places. You must have to visit the Bamboo forest which looks very amazing. when you walk inside the forest you will feel the nature fresh air and the scene of this forest is unforgettable.

If you are an animal lover then you must have to visit the ” Lwayama monkey park”. This park is located on  Mount Arashiyam, There you will get to see the snow monkey. To visit the money park then you need to climb the scenic greenery cherry blossom. I will take only 20 minutes to reach there.

The most popular attraction is “Togetsukyo Bride” here you will get the silence with a beautiful scene.

Timing: 24 hours.

2. Nara temple of Buddhist

Nara Temple ,best day trips from Kyoto
Nara Temple

The Daibutsuden(Big Buddha Hall) makes a world record in the largest wooden building. This wooden building called statues of Buddha(Daibutsu) and it is 15meters tall, seated buddha.

The hand of Big(Daibutsu) is taller than one normal height human being. There are also some small statues of Buddhist. One of the most attractive pillars which have a hole in the base. which is the same size as the Daibutsu’s nostrils? It is said who touches this they will get enlightenment in his next life.

In the Todaiji you will get to find a big wooden gate. In which two horrible statues are made. These statues show the national treasure and you will also get to see here dear in the park.

Opening Timing: 9:30 am- 6:30 pm.

3. Nagoya


This is one of the best day trips from Kyoto. This city is famous for the Technology, Culture, and Aesthetic Marvel. Here you will get to see the different types of building structures.

You can visit the Toyota Car Exhibition Hall. Here you will get to find the 20 different vehicles which are only made at the Toyota Factory.

You can walk around the Noritake Garden here you will get to know more about the history of Nagoya. Nagoya TV Tower is one of the best landmarks. It was designed before the Tokyo tower. Here you go up to the 100 meters of height and take a look beautiful look of Nagoya.

Opening Timing: 10:00 am- 4:00 pm.

4. Hiroshima

Hiroshima, best day trips from Kyoto

Nowadays, Hiroshima is a modern city of Japan’s Honshu island, This place was totally destroyed by the atomic bomb at the time of second world war. this city put a great effort to rebuild the city.

Into the middle of the city, a large park is established and gave the name “Peace Memorial City”. It represents how must effort they put to rebuilt the city. This park is very beautiful but in the season of spring, it becomes pink which gives a gorgeous look to this park.

Opening Timing: 24 hours.

5. Osaka Castle 

Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle

The construction work of Osaka Castle was started from the former site Honganji Temple in 1583 and it was destroyed by Oda Nobunaga after thirteen years. It was the only largest castle at that time. Tokugawa attacked this castle the destroyed this Castel in 1615. 

In 1620s Tokugawa Hidetada rebuilt this castle. The Castle is enclosed by the Turrets, Gates, Citadels, Stonewall, and Moats. The Nishinomaru Garder has 600 Cherry trees, One Tea house, Osaka Guesthouse, and this castle tower looks very beautiful from the below. This is the must-visit place during best day trips from Kyoto and for most of the grounds, you don’t need to pay. Admission fees are free.

In the whole Osaka Castel, there is a 2 square kilometre place where you can play games, multi-purpose arena (Osakajo hall) and one shrine dedicated to the Toyotomi Hideyoshi. At the cherry blossom season(April) it is the most popular place to visit in Kyoto.

Opening Timing: 09:00 am- 5:00 pm.

6. Miyajima

Miyajima, best day trips from Kyoto

It is one of the best day trips from Kyoto. Miyajima island is situated nearby the Hiroshima you take only one hour to reach Hiroshima to Miyajima. This island is considered as the island of Gods.

One of the most famous places to visit in Miyajima is “The Great Torii Itsukushima”. This gate is standing in the middle of the sea and it is also a part of the shrine.

The People of Miyajima believe that this gate is only the boundary between the spirit and the human world. One of the amazing facts of this shrine is that when you look at this shrine it looks it is floating in the water.

If you are interested in the history of Miyajima then you must have to visit the “History Museum” of Miyajima. You want to purchase the amazing gift and visit the restaurants then Omotesando street one of the best options for you.

Opening Timing: 6:25 am6:30 pm

7. Kinosaki


Kinoaski is one of the best day trips from Kyoto and it is a traditional hot spring town. If you want to visit this town then the train will take 2.5 hours to reach Kinosaki. It is one of the attracted places the willow-lined river makes it more beautiful.

This down is designed as an old-fashion onsen town. One of the most amazing places is Kinosaki are: Hot Springs, Town Center, Stork Sanctuary, and Onsenji Temple. These are the most attractive places for tourists.

Kinosaki Onsen most loved since the eighth century when underground aquifers were found in the territory. As voyagers came to wash in the warm waters—a consequence of Japan’s copious volcanic action—pleasant ryokan (customary Japanese hotels) and onsen (natural aquifer bathhouses) grew up around the beautiful willow-lined Otani-Ogawa River. 

Over hundreds of years, Kinosaki Onsen figured out how to keep up its tranquil mood and legitimate old Japan appeal with noteworthy design and Japanese guests who meander curious avenues in conventional yukata robes, jumping starting with one onsen then onto the next.

Opening Timing: 09:00 am6:00 pm.

8. Kanazawa

Kanazawa;best day trips from Kyoto

It is the capital of Ishikawa, on Japan’s focal Honshu Island. It’s known for well-protected Edo-time regions, craftsmanship historical centres, and local handiworks.

Kenrokuen Garden started in the seventeenth century, is praised for its great scene plans consolidating lakes and streams. Nearby Kanazawa Castle was worked during the 1580s, after the annihilation of the Peasant’s Kingdom, Japan’s just Buddhist fiefdom.

Today, Kanazawa stays a significant city in its area and fills numerous verifiable attractions, for example, reestablished homes and locale, just as present-day exhibition halls. Be that as it may, Kanazawa’s unchallenged principle fascination is Kenrokuen, one of Japan’s “three best scene gardens” and by many considered the most excellent of all.

Opening Timing: 09:00 am- 4:30 pm.

9. Kobe

Kobe, best day trips from Kyoto

One of the best day tour from Kyoto to Kobe it will take approx your one and a half hour to reach the destination. Kobe is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of Japan’s ten greatest urban networks. Arranged between the sea and the Rokko mountain run, Kobe is moreover seen as one of Japan’s most engaging urban networks. 

In 1995, Kobe was hit by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which killed in excess of 5000 people and crushed an enormous number of structures. Today the city is completely redone, and scarcely any signs of the dreadful event remain.

Timing: 24 hours.

10. Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle, best day trips from Kyoto
Himeji Castle

The other name of the Himeji castle is “White Heron Castle”. Himeji Castle is the one the place where mostly spectacular come to visit to see the big size and beauty and complex ground design of the Castle. As another Japanese castle has been destroyed in the war, earthquake, and fire while this castle doesn’t get any scratches. 

This castle was designed in 1609s. This Castle is consists of eight-building which spread across multiple baileys, and these are connected in a series of gates and winding paths. Most of the popular place of photography in this castle is “Cherry blossoms”. you have to pay to get the entry.

Opening Timing: 09:00 am- 4:00 pm.

11. Nagahama


This is a city in focal Japan. In the downtown area, Kurokabe Square is home to a striking dark structure that was at one time a bank so, that is nearby Kyoto so it is the best day trips from Kyoto.

It offers you the world-class museums to visit like, Kurokabe Museum of Glass Art, The Narita Museum shows works by French glass craftsman René Lalique. 

Beside the shore of Lake Biwa, Nagahama Castle is a reproduction of the sixteenth century unique. The encompassing Hō Park is known for its springtime apricot and cherry blooms.

You can visit the most astounding spots like Chikubushima, Keisoku-Ji Temple, Nagahama Railway Square, Kurokabe Square, Yanmar Museum, and Odani Castle.

Timing: 24hours.

12. Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle
Hikone Castle

This Castle is a Japanese Edo-period palace in the city of Hikone, in Shiga Prefecture. It is considered the most critical recorded structure in Shiga. Hikone is one of just 12 Japanese palaces with the first keep, and one of just five mansions recorded as a national fortune. 

Hikone is a little city at the shores of Lake Biwa, Japan’s biggest lake. The city is generally popular for its manor, one of just four strongholds in Japan assigned as national fortunes. Hikone makes a simple and lovely 3-6 hour stop-over out travelling among Tokyo and Kyoto or a side outing from Kyoto.

Opening Timing: 08:30 am5:00 pm.

13. Fushimi and Uji

Fushimi and Uji, best day trips from Kyoto

Uji is a Japanese city south of Kyoto, known for its shrines and temples. The tenth-century Buddhist Byōdō-in Temple incorporates Phoenix Hall, named for the phoenix statues delegated it. Ujigami Shrine is said to be Japan’s most established Shinto place of worship.

The Tale of Genji Museum shows scenes from the great novel. Uji is known as a maker of green tea, which can be inspected at a conventional tea function at Taihō-a Teahouse.

The finishes of the Heian Era, this Shrines houses a Buddha statue and different pictures and is encompassed by a delightful nursery. The sanctuary is enlisted on the World Heritage List as a piece of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. The picture of the Phoenix Hall is highlighted on the 10 yen coin.

Timing: 24 hours.

14. Okayama

Okayama, best day trips from Kyoto

It is the capital of Kyoto this is the best day trips from Kyoto and the biggest city in the Chugoku Region after Hiroshima. The city is a significant transportation centre point, being where the Sanyo Shinkansen meets with the main rail association with Shikoku. The city created as a palace town during the Edo Period (1603-1867) and turned into a huge local power. 

Okayama’s most renowned fascination is Korakuen Garden, which is positioned as one of the three best scenes cultivates in Japan, alongside Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen and Mito’s Kairakuen.

Okayama Castle is found only opposite the nursery. Okayama fills in as the area for the famous fantasy of Momotaro (the Peach Boy), so guests will see numerous references to the amazing saint. Probably the most well-known spot you should need to visit Korakuen Garden, Kibi Plain, and Okayama Castle.

Opening Timing: 06:00 to 10:30 am


Above we discussed the best day trips from Kyoto. You can pick any one of the places according to your interest. The best thing about the mean of travelling in Japan is the bullet trains. If you have less time and you can visit more places very easily. All the above locations are mostly loved by the tourists and surely you will also get impressed by the above-suggested places.

After the visit, please don’t forget to share your expensive adventure with us.

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