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15 Best Day Trips From Marrakech: A Luxurious Imperial City

If you intend for vacations and searching out a famous traveller destination then Marrakech is Morocco’s most famous traveller vacation spot region. Now here, we will help you out with the quality day trips from Marrakech. 

Marrakech presents you diverse activities on a day trip which encompass mystically, natural attractions, historic places, deserts, beaches, and professional adventures riding at the side of the Marrakech traditional hobbies like, aromatic perfume, Moroccan Tajine, Moroccan mint tea, and loved Moroccan. 

There are so many luxurious places you can visit in Morocco. Not only explore just this exciting city but also other best places to visit in Morocco.

Marrakech the call charms up pictures of spice, souks, deserts, and rides; an exotic vicinity of bustling markets, historical walled streets, and ramshackle homes.

It’s a beautiful, vibrant and colourful place to visit and even considered to be one of the best spring vacation spots in the world. Let’s have a glance at great day journeys from Marrakech to explore the modern-day city.

15 Best Day Trips From Marrakech

1. Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls, best day trips from Marrakech, marrakech best tours
Ouzoud Falls

The Ouzoud Falls are an incredibly interesting set of waterfalls that plunge from high cliffs far down into a huge basin. The multi-layered waterfall waterfalls from a maximum height of 110 meters, and in an otherwise arid landscape, the location is a true oasis in the desert, where lush, green vegetation is found amongst the rocky confines of The area is famous for its olive trees. 

After hiking to the falls, you can relax in the shade of these trees while you feel the cooling breeze of the crashing waterfall filling the air with refreshing sprays. If you are really overheated, you can even swim in the AI Abid River which falls plunge straight into. It’s a glorious day trip from Marrakech, and one not to be missed. 

Time To Reach: 2 Hour 39 Minutes
Distance: 157 KM

2. Oukaïmeden

Oukaïmeden, Best day trips from Marrakech

Oukaïmeden is a very high altitude resort that’s found in the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains. At the right time of year, it makes for an incredible contrast to the lowlands and Marrakech. 

No longer is their sun, heat, and desert, now there is snow, wind, and cold. It’s a famous ski resort within the country, and being only a two-hour drive from Marrakech, you can quite literally spend the day skiing before heading back to the warmer climes of the city for the night. 

Time To Reach: 1 Hour 44 Minutes
Distance: 79.4 KM

3. Essaouira

Essaouira, best day trips from Morrakech,best essaouira day tours from marrakech

This delight seaside town 3 hours from the metropolis is the place to travel and relax. Essaouira could be a spirited port town found on the Atlantic lineation of Morocco.

You will be able to fancy the attractive ocean breezes on the coast, furthermore because of the colorful culture and buildings of the town. Thus Essaouira town is the best travel destination from the metropolis. as a result of this town has celebrated foods and beaches.

This town is known for surfboarding, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. It’s a welcome shake off the desert and also the dry climate of the metropolis, and a visit here makes an extended satisfying trip. 

Time To Reach: 2 Hour 40 Minutes
Distance: 191 KM  

4. Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate, best day trips from Marrakech, ,best desert tours from marrakech,

Ouarzazate is a city of Marrakech Morocco’s High Atlas mountains, known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert. You may not know this desert city by name. But you are well likely to understand it nonetheless. 

Four hours from Marrakech and a world away, Ouarzazate is the gateway to the Sahara Desert and the city. It’s surrounded and has been featured in many Hollywood movies. Further along the road, to the south of Ait Benhaddou, can be found in the fortified town of Ouarzazate. 

So like its neighbor, Ouarzazate is also used as a filming location by many studios and has featured countless historical epics and desert-based movies. This trip takes you along the Tizi N’Tichka pass the highest pass in North America blessed with beautiful, vertigo-inducing views. 

Meaning “no noise” in the local Berber language, Ouarzazate is a peaceful ancient city famous for its looks but loved for its history. This city is famous for the Sahara Desert. And many tourists come for only visit Sahara Desert. 

Time To Reach: 3 Hours 49 Minutes
Distance: 193.7 KM

5. Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert, best day trips from Marrakech, best sahara desert tours from marrakech
Sahara Desert

Marrakech is surrounded by desert. However, the extremely brutal and virtually unbelievable landscapes of the noted Sahara Desert don’t really begin till you’re a minimum of a number of hours drives outside the town The desert is the world’s biggest hot desert. This place of extremes, wherever very little water is found and sand dunes tower high on the horizon. 

And it’s an associate virtually mystical place. You’ll do encampment, artiodactyl riding, etc. The Sahara Desert may be a highly regarded tourer place from the city. thus you’ll trip the Sahara Desert trip from the city and find a much better expertise trip.

Time To Reach: 9 Hours Via Road And Via Flight 1: 30 Hours
Distance: 561 KM

6. Palm Groves of Marrakech

Palm Groves of Marrakech, best day trips from Marrakech, best desert tours marrakech
Palm Groves of Marrakech

Palm groves of Marrakech known as the Palmeraie is an awesome place to trip. The palm groves of Marrakech are dense are of land that is fully devoted to the growing of palm trees. 

This is an extremely beautiful place and the palm trees are grown in the desert and are fully reliant on the ancient irrigation network that has been here for centuries to survive in this harsh. This place is also famous for adventure quad bike. 

So many people will choose to join an adventurous quad bike tour to ride around the desert and the Palmeraie, give a unique way to experience this beautiful and surreal landscape. Palm Groves’s place is awesome for trips from Marrakech. 

Time To Reach: 20 Minutes 
Distance: 7.2 KM in Marrakech city

7. Agafay Desert

Agafay Desert, best day trips from Marrakech, best desert tour Marrakech
Agafay Desert

Agafay desert is the best tourist place from Marrakech. Located between the Atlas Mountains and Marrakech, the Agafay offers excellent day trips from Marrakesch for tourists. 

You will not find the unique sand dunes here that you can be imagining. But you will find a rocky, barren and seemingly lifeless terrain that is hard to completely understand in its sparseness. 

This is a humbling place to visit. You can be able to tour a few of the local villages and wonder how people have managed for thriving here for thousands of years.

Time To Reach: 5 Minutes
Distance: 1 KM in Marrakech city

8. Agadir

Agadir, best day trips from Marrakech

Agadir is every other coastal Moroccan town that’s found a respectable three-hour drive from the Marrakech city. The fabulous town of Agadir, on the beaches of the ocean, was almost destroyed via the AN earthquake back in 1960 but rapidly reconstructed, creating it one in each of the foremost modern-day towns in this still retains its historical Hit the beach. 

Relax at some point of a Hamman, or hike as much as the forehead area with terrific views across the city. The metropolis is growing a reputation for itself in tourer circles as a covered, inhospitable and comfy location to go to. 

There’s an ever-developing range of resorts taking benefit of the attractive seashores and lineation, whereas the city itself is a motivating instance of current Moroccan tradition and It’s sufficiently massive to genuinely getaway the tourer route and discovers one factor new. 

Time To Reach: 3 Hours 1 Minute
Distance: 258 KM

9. Asni


Lower down than Imli, however, may be easier to succeed in, Asni is that the gateway into the atlas mountains after your day trips from Marrakech. It’s a quaint place of mud-brick buildings and dust-covered streets. 

Anywhere you’ll see native life happening on the streets. Thus additionally you’ll visit this place. Because this place feels like a historical place.

Time To Reach: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Distance: 76.6 KM

10. The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains, best day trips from Marrakech
The Atlas Mountains

The atlas mountains compose a huge and lofty range that rises sharply on the brink of Marrakesh. The mountain range stretches through 3 countries and also the highest peak stands over 4000-meters tall. 

The range is an integral part of not solely native earth science however local Berber history and culture. Marrakesh is a superb location from that to launch yourself into the mountains; several of the valleys and villages is reached on day visits from town. 

With spectacular mountain parcel of land and jaw-dropping biking tracks, mountain biking through the atlas mountains is a real rush. Absorb the gorgeous views and stop at Berber villages on the thanks to refueling and capture some unforgettable footage for your day trips from Marrakech.

Time To Reach: By road 12 hours and  by flight 2 hours 30 minutes
Distance: 1159 KM

11. Ourika Valley

Ourika Valley,best day trips from Marrakech, day trips from Marrakesh
Ourika Valley

The beautiful Ourika valley is found 50-kilometers to the south of metropolis within the cool shadows of the Atlas mountains. Another of the simplest day trips from Marrakech maybe a visit to the seven waterfalls of the Ourika valley. Set close within the High Atlas mountains. The Ourika valley is snuggled between stunning landscapes and tiny Berber villages within the region of the Atlas mountains. 

Relish a tasty lunch at one among the restaurants lining the Ourika watercourse and pay a visit to at least one of the numerous waterfalls close to the village of Setti The natural depression is packed with little, native villages that have stood here for hundreds of years. 

Whereas the cool climate makes it a lush and abundant place to explore. There are waterfalls, a mountain backcloth, and epic scenery. 

Time To Reach: 55 Minutes
Distance: 41 KM

12. Imlil

Imlil, best day trips from Marrakech

Imlil is a native Berber village that’s found high within the Atlas Mountains. Standing at 1800-meters, it’s set in spectacular surroundings. several guests can use Imlil as a base for return any into the mountains on multi-day treks, as well as to the summit of Mount Toubkal, the best peak within the vary. 

However, it’s additionally the place to return for glorious food and views. Casbah Du Toubkal, a luxury edifice on the outskirts of the city, has the most effective building within the space. Day trips from Marrakech don’t get a lot of tastier than this. 

Time To Reach: 2 Hour 8 Minutes
Distance: 90.8 KM

13. Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou, best day trips from Marrakech
Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou is a marvelous UNESCO World Heritage Website that’s found on the outskirts of the Sahara. It’s associate ancient, a fortified city that has stood guarding the trade routes through the desert for hundreds of years. 

Today, the city is a lot of famed for the large range of films that are recorded here. You will presumably acknowledge the walls, towers, and streets from a minimum of one film that you just have seen. 

Despite its currently touristed, star-studded fame, the city continues to be an out of this world and distinct example of Moroccan design and history and it’s well definitely worth the dust-covered three-hour drive from Marrakesh to examine. 

Time To Reach: 3 Hour 34 Minutes
Distance: 182.2 KM

14. Amizmiz

Amizmiz, best day trips from Marrakech

Found within the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, simply AN hour’s drive from the metropolis, Amizmiz is a superb example of a comparatively untouched Moroccan Berber city. Life here is slow. 

The city is colorful however there’s very little of nice interest to envision except on a weekday once the weekly market arrives as villagers from the mountains and encompassing space descend upon Amizmiz to shop for and sell their turn out. It’s a fantastic sight to witness. 

Time To Reach: 1 Hour 8 Minutes
Distance: 59.3 KM

15. Casablanca

Casablanca, best day trips from Marrakech, best day trips Marrakech

Casablanca is that the solely different town that might rival Marrakech in terms of international fame. The name city has gone down in history, due to the pic and therefore the romantic connotations related to it. The truth is maybe terribly completely different from what you would possibly expect. 

And it’s a decent issue to solely build an everyday trip to town. It’s a sprawling, urban It’s well worth the journey to ascertain this famed place for what it extremely is, to run through the previous streets and therefore the new and skill an indivisible piece of Moroccan history.  

It’s additionally an important hitter with cosmopolitan street cred. stylish restaurants and an excellent looking scene throng with a various mixture of locals. massive and brash, a town with soul, day journeys from urban center to the city don’t get any higher than this. 

The city is the best place for a day trips from Marrakech for tourists and you can go Casablanca trip from Marrakech city in precisely 3 hours by train or bus.

Time To Reach: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Distance: 243 KM


This metropolis city of Marrakech is rich in all aspects like fragrant perfumes, Tourism, mystically, historical places(Ait Benhaddou and The Atlas Mountains) and many more. The best time to be in Marrakech is from March to May and mid of September and November. 

Throughout these months, the weather is not too hot nor too cold, and there are fewer tourists to contest than there would be at the time of height summer or winter vacation periods. And additionally, this session provides cheap hotel rates. Therefore we tend to suggest to you at this time for your best day trip from Marrakech.

After the long discussion on great trips from Marrakech within 3 to 10 hours now, going to bundle up this article with 15 best day trips from Marrakech.

We hope you enjoy reading this blog and got an awesome plan for your next day trip. We tried to put out our best efforts to give you solid information about this imperial city in Morocco. A visit you can never forget, a city that will never let you forget. Something that will leave a never-ending mark in your heart.

Wishing you a happy journey and fabulous time in Marrakech.

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