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10 Best Day Trips from Philadelphia Get Incredible Holidays | City Of Brotherly Love

When you are getting some vacation and need to cool down your head, what will be better than a trip? But the question is where to go? Ok! Solve that issue, lets read the post and help your self out with the best day trips from Philadelphia. 😉

This place is so magical that once you get into Philadelphia and went through the beauty of this town, you are not going to forget it this soon.

Its tourist attractions range from the arts to sports and cover historic sites, museums, and gardens.

Philadelphia is the biggest city in the state of Pennsylvania which is also called the city of brotherly love. With its rich historical landmarks like Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and other things from American history, it offers an endless array of fun things to do.

This country has a great national park quaint seaside towns, novelty entertainment. All of which will give you a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, make your romantic day trip from Philadelphia.

Best Day Trips from Philadelphia

1. Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey; weekend trips from philadelphia
Palmer Square in Princeton

Princeton is a small city in New Jersey. It is one of the world’s most famous college towns which is established in 1675 near the bank of the Delaware River.

It became the place of high-quality education with the completion of Nassau hall in 1754. Nassau street visits the historic Palmer square and explores the Princeton University art Museum.

Princeton played an important part in the American Revolution and served as the nation’s capital for a few months in 1783.

Travel time from Philadelphia- About 30 minutes
Best season to visit –  April to July

2. Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Best day trips from Philadelphia;weekend trips from philadelphia
Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

It is located in Chester’s country. Kennett square is a perfect picture historic village surrounded by exquisite gardens and working farms for your day trips from Philadelphia. The drive takes an hour or half-hour. Upon arrival, you will feel a world away from city life.

Kennett Square is also known for the Mushroom Capital of the world, as the area produces 65 percent of all mushrooms consumed in the United States. The town celebrates its claim to fame at the annual mushroom festival every year.

Travel time from Philadelphia- 45 minutes.
Best season to visit – Last June to last September (Because this time the sky is clear or partly cloudy 65% of the time and overcast mostly 35% of the time).           

3. New Hope, Pennsylvania

New Hope, Pennsylvania, day trips from Philadelphia; best day trips from philadelphia
New Hope Station

It is one of the most popular destinations in bucks county. New Hope is situated in the shores of the Delaware River about 35 miles north of Philadelphia. The town’s annual pride fest each spring continues to be one of the region’s best parties.

New Hope is a cute trendy area with the main street filled with funky shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Eat a delicious creole- style meal at Marsha Brown’s, built inside a 125 years old stone church, grab a drink and jam to some music at Karla’s then head to Nina’s for some fresh homemade ice cream. 

Travel time from Philadelphia- 45 minutes
Best season to visit –
Halloween season (Because in this season there are ghost tours, and both haunted and kid-friendly trick or treat train rides on the historic Ivyland express). 

4. Atlantic city

Atlantic city, day trips from philadelphia;weekend trips from philadelphia
Atlantic city

Casinos, Spas, Beaches, Nightlife it’s all are easily accessible from Philadelphia along the Atlantic City. Even before gambling was legalized in 1970, it was a happening destination for vacationers.

The area has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, but today this town is one of the nation’s biggest casino destinations. This city is a high energy haven for sun worshippers, high rollers, and shoppers.

Atlantic is home to many venues, including the house of blues and boardwalk hall, where many big entertainers and musicians take the stage.
Also, offers exceptional restaurants and celebrity chef-driven, concepts, including outposts from some of Philadelphia’s favourite culinary masters.

Travel time from Philadelphia  – 1 hour
Best season to visit –
Summer season

5. Amish Country, Lancaster County

Amish Country, Lancaster County, day trips from Philadelphia
Amish Country, Lancaster County

Here is the variety of tours that you can learn about the Amish way of life. The communities and the culture visit some of the local Amish run businesses like bakeries, handmade, goods and farmers markets.

You can also find the authentic and lovingly made dutch cooking in restaurants surrounding the area. This country is also known as the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Travel time from Philadelphia- About 16 to 20 minutes
Best season to visit – Spring season (Because the countryside bursts into bloom and local farms shake off the winter.

6. Six Flag Adventure Park

Six Flag Adventure Park; day trips from philly; best day trips from philadelphia
Six Flag Adventure Park

One should not really miss the Six flag adventure park. This is in must-see well-known place everywhere.

Six Flag is not just a typical amusement part and it offers a ride for all ages. And wait! There is live entertainment with safari and animal feeding, a lot of array for shopping and options for restaurants. But for sure one day is too little for this place.

Last but not least there are festivals and events getting schedule sometimes. To get the best out of it make sure to check the happening time before you go.

Travel time from Philadelphia  – About 50 minutes
Best season to visit – Late March – Early January

7. Langwood Gardens

 Langwood Gardens, best day trips from philadelphia;day trips from philly
Langwood Gardens

It is indeed a gorgeous botanical garden with meadows and woodlands gardens in it. And this indoor/outdoor botanical garden is host to many events, educational programs, and performances.

Enjoy breathtaking flowers and plants as you inhale the fragrant scents. If you go summer season or spring season you can enjoy a picnic on the beautiful grounds.

However, the place takes on magical feelings during Christmas time. Over 50 trees sparkle with garlands, lights, and ornament, couples cuddle near fire pits and carolers walk around singing a song of Christmas cheer. The opening time of this garden is 9 am though the closing time varies seasonally.

Travel time from Philadelphia  – 30 minutes
Best season to visit – Mid April To Mid October.

8. Belleplain State Forest

belleplain state forest; best day trips from philadelphia
Belleplain State forest

We all need a day off from our routine life and jump in nature to relax the pure air to enjoy and have a better feeling. So make sure to add up for your best day trips from Philadelphia a quite a battery recharge of forest time.

Belleplain State forest is really too good with amazing hiking tracks. But let’s say you want a more relaxing time. Then what could be a better offer than Fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, mountain biking, and a few more light activities! This is a complete journey of fun to treat yourself with an energized feeling.

Travel time from Philadelphia  – About an hour
Best season to visit – Over year

9. Morey’s Piers and Waterparks

Morey’s Piers and Waterparks; best day trips from philadelphia
Morey’s Piers and Waterparks

Wait a moment! Yes, it is a water park with high quality for all ages and a typical amusement park. But you just don’t know the best part of it. Happens some times in our group some people don’t like to be adventures. So what this park is offering to them? Alright, Morey has seafood shacks, freewheel breakfast, and beaches grilles.

In case you decided to go to Morey in summer, you will enjoy with so many sports like volleyball on the beach, flag football, lacrosse, and many other activities. If you decided to keep it for the best day trips from Philadelphia, I bet you ll have hell lots of Fun.

Travel time from Philadelphia  – One and a half hours
Best season to visit – Spring, fall, and summer, but summer will be overcrowded.

10. Cape May

Cape May
Cape May

What is going to be more amazing than the trip to the coastal to run away from cities crowd and listen to the tranquil music of water? Cape May is a day by sea trip and two hours away from Philadelphia.

Bird watching and state park hiking trail in this region are best for tourists to enjoy the fullest of their time. While still, you are in Cap May try climbing Cape May Lighthouse and enjoy the exceptional view in front of your eyes.

Travel time from Philadelphia  – Approximately two hours
Best season to visit – Over year

Bottom lines

You can easily spend a week on your day trips from Philadelphia and not run out things to do. There are ample places for day trips from Philadelphia which is perfect for people who want to get out of the city and explore the surrounding area.

From adult entertainment in Atlantic City to the Giggleberry fair geared for kids, there is something for everyone in this place. you must just give it time and explore your favourite places.

So I hope this blog and information will help you to organize your trip and enjoy it without any stressful situation. Thank you for reading this and please share your experience with us. Your remarks are something we eagerly wait for. It makes us feel proud of who we are and let us know that we are providing the right things to you.

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