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Best Destinations In Jamaica For Adventurous Vacation in the Homes of Blue Mountain

Jamaica is a wonderful island in the country, the Caribbean, which is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. Best destinations in Jamaica are fulfilled with many rivers, rainforests, and beautiful waterfalls that will satisfy your eyes.

Best destinations of Jamaica includes beautiful sea and beaches, amazing rivers and falls, and rich in wonderful food and culture, this island of the Caribbean is well blessed with mother- nature. Not only this but also having some town’s stunning historic buildings.

Whether it is Dunn’s River fall on northern cost, to YS Falls on the south coast, or white-sands long beaches to greeny mountains for hiking. This island makes the tourist attracted by its best destinations for vacations.

Besides some amazing tourist places, this island is famous for its tasty cuisines with some world-famous Reggae Music and Bob Marley, and the culture of this island. There are some best islands to visit.

It’s not only the perfect vacation points with family but also the best-chosen honeymoon destination for newly married couples.

Best Destinations Point :

1. Montego Bay

Beautiful beaches of Montego Bay
Beautiful beaches of Montego Bay

Montego Bay is also known as ‘MoBay’ is the second-largest city of this island. This is the perfect beaches for making yourself relaxing with a sip of your favorite cocktail.

After the sun sets, you will experience the food and culture of the city on their beaches which make the vibes of fun and colorful. They have many inclusive resorts, clubs, and pubs with exotic cultures, foods, and drinks of Jamaica.

The maximum cruise port is available here, thus making the nightlife more fun and it usually attracts those tourists who are party lovers. 

Among all the beaches Doctor’s Cave Beach is the most famous and tourist attraction as it has the clearest beaches and blue sky i.e. amazing atmosphere on the shore of the ocean. 

2. Dunn’s River Fall

Dunn’s River Fall, best destination in Jamaica
Dunn’s River Fall, best destination in Jamaica

Dunn’s River Fall is one of the world’s best falls in Ocho Rios and is the only waterfall that flows down to the beach and ends directly to sea Caribbean.

One of the best destinations of Jamaica, which is hidden between the lush forests, there is a stunning, mind-blowing fall that is spread in 180 meters of area.

This waterfall is in the form of the terrace that means visitors visiting this place can take enjoyment of climbing up the waterfall by holding hands of each other in the invigilation of the guide.

In case you are visiting Jamaica, this is one such place which tourists must not escape when you are in your vacation to this place.

3. Negril Beaches

Negril Beaches  also called Seven Mile Beaches, best beaches of the island
Negril Beaches also called Seven Mile Beaches, best beaches of the island

Negril Beaches are also known as ‘Seven Mile Beaches’, one of the most delightful beaches of the island. Beaches here are of white-sands with super unpolluted and clean sea sores.

Beaches are having full of palm trees spread overall. Negril beaches are a tourist most attraction from all over the world. It strat from Bloody Bay to Long Bay which is having countless wonderful resorts to stay and enjoy the music and food culture besides the sea in the evening.    

Besides the beauty of the beaches, you can also enjoy the many water activities like –  kayaking, boat rides, scuba diving, and onshore horseriding and snorkeling also.

All in one it makes these Beaches, one of the best destinations for tourists to visit and having fun on the attractive and beautiful white-sand beaches of this island. You can’t just keep the Caribbean sea away from the beaches and islands, one such island is Aruba Island. There are many things to do in Aruba Island.

4. Ocho Rios

Cool Blue Hole is one such beautiful place in Ocho Rios, best destination in Jamaica
Cool Blue Hole is such a beautiful place in Ocho Rios, best destination in Jamaica

Ocho Rios is a town, based on the northern coast of Jamaica. This place is popularly known for its fishing culture.

The day and nightlife of this town are amazing due to its exclusive resorts and clubs. Beach environment is of the party with traditional Jamaican food enjoying along with music and dance.

There is a hidden treasure of this island, Blue Hole also known as Cool Blue Hole, Island Gully or Secret Falls cause it’s a waterfall is falling somewhere between the forests of Jamaica, Their beaches are perfect- picture for clicking photos and scenic views of the sites makes it the best destinations of the island.

Tourists not only visit here to see the beauty but also to swim, cliff dive, and make their way through the lush rain forest to Secret Falls.

5. the Blue Mountains

Beautiful scenic view of  Blue Mountain
Beautiful scenic view of Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Range from eastern Jamaica, Stony Hills to 30 miles and in the north of Kington to 8 miles whereas extends towards the east in the Caribbean Sea. The highest peak of this mountain is Blue Mountain Peak (7,402).

As we can analyze it is broadly spread in the area and never had snowfalls so, this place is always suitable for tracking, hiking, and biking for the tourist to come close and explore with mother nature.

Besides just stunning flora and fauna of the mountain, it’s also popular for world-famous coffee plantation. You must visit some coffee cafes in a mountain village and enjoy the cup of coffee over the view of the mountain.

6. Port Antonio

Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, one of the best destination of Jamaica
Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, one of the best destination of Jamaica

The beauty of nature has been showered in this town, Port Antonio. Its the third-largest city of this island and major supplier of the coconut and bananas. Besides this, tourism is also a major part of the town’s economy. 

The city has many tourist attraction spots which will mesmerize you for sure. Among one such popular tourist place is Blue Lagoon, the color of the water is purely blue with 200 ft. deep and had such a peaceful atmosphere over there.

Other than this, there are like Frenchman’s Cove Beach, ruins of Folly Mansion, Rio Grande, Boston Bay(know about best places to visit in Boston bay), and beautiful Reach Falls are the tourist attraction for sure.

7. Kingston

Loose Cannon Tours of Kingston
Loose Cannon Tours of Kingston

Kingston is the largest city on this island which is a great city to explore. The city is full of life and energy. 

Tourists from all over the world come here to explore sea river and city life this island. Along with all this, you will definitely experience some best cuisine food on the island.

Devon i Scream Parlour which is a subordinate of Devon house, best place to have some unique ice creams
Devon i Scream Parlour which is a subordinate of Devon house, the best place to have some unique ice creams

Devon House is the landmark of the city for its rich history and culture. Besides this building is have many shops and museum names after it. One such food shop id Devon I Scream famous for its ice cream, serving more than 30 flavors like coconut coffee, rocky river, and more innovative names.

Apart from this destination, there are any more to visit like Haunted Walks, Fort Henry, Kingston 1000 Island Cruises and Trolley Tours, and more by taking a guide for you from a famous spot of the city for tourists help, Visitor Information Centre.

8. Rio Grande River

Bamboo boat river rafting in Rio Grande River, best destination of Jamaica
Bamboo boat river rafting in Rio Grande River, best destination of Jamaica

Rio Grande River is one of the most famous river of this island Jamaica fully filled with lush greenery, different species of flora and fauna in its rainforest. 

The river is flowing between the forest soo bamboo boat rafting in this area is something to make a memory with. You will face many amazing wonderful views of the forest which will be guided by the captain of the boat.

Along with the rafting ride, you will enjoy the traditional food of the island by taking a break in a riverside situated eatery. 

In the relaxing tour of 2-3 hours, you will not feel exhausted but will really enjoy experiencing some new things to make it memorable in your tour for sure which marks this one of the best destinations of Jamaica island.

9. Dolphin Cove

Visitors playing with dolphins in  Dolphin Cove
Visitors playing with dolphins in Dolphin Cove

In the middle of somewhere near white beaches and rainforest this a one water center whose concept is just unique. Here you can play, interact and swim closely with the dolphins, the world’s most brilliant water mammals in the ocean.

This tourist destination is best, located nearby Ocho Rios and Dunn’s River Falls which easily draw tourists. As it is one such place which attracts them because of fun and entertainment with the dolphins. 

Not only dolphins but you can also spend your time with many other marine life. Big Fishes like sharks, Carib sharks and many more. Apart from them, there are many shows held in this place.

In the end, we will say this place may in the list of best destinations in Jamaica.

10. Bob Marley Museum

Entry gate of  Bob Marley Museum, one of the best destination of Jamaica
Entry gate of Bob Marley Museum, one of the best destination of Jamaica

The world-famous musician, Bob Marley who introduce the world with popular Jamaican music, reggae songs. this place will be the best destination in Jamaica for fans of Bob Marley.

He lives in his house in Jamaica since 1975. His house is re-featured to make it the memorial of the great singer after his death in 1981. You will experience Bob’s drawing-room, kitchen, bedroom the way he left it.

His music studio, photo gallery, awards, his gold and platinum records. On the premises of his house authority of the museum had arranged the 80 seat theater. At the end of the tour, there will be a 1/2 hour shot film on his life in the theater.

There are shops for you from where you can buy albums of Bob Marley, famous posters of him, photos and other memorials regarding him.

11. Black River Safari

Black River is in southwestern Jamaica. This City is environment friendly and has been developed as a port city for Jamaica. It is a huge commercial center for entire southern Jamaica


We have listed above the most popular tourist attraction in Jamacia. So that it may help you figure out your plan to make the visit to this island easy.

The island is full of life and a different form of nature. It’s a combination of sea, beaches, river, forest, land and mountains, and normal city life too.

Rafting in rivers to watching beautiful waterfalls, hiking on the blue mountains. Not only this but will also enjoy a taste of world-famous coffee plantation over these hills. It’s not just finished here, amazing beaches in front of the Caribbean sea.

The relaxing, peaceful environment of the island will usually attract anyone. In fact culture in diversity adds up the interest. Experiencing famous reggae music and dance with yummy Jamaican food all over the island where ever you go.

All in one makes this island, Jamaica has some best destinations for tourists from all over the world for their vacation.

Be safe and fine while traveling

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