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9 Best Places To Visit In Central America – The Land Of Pristine

Central America is the small section of land that links the North American continent with the South American continent. The region is made up of seven small, mostly tropical countries that would be simple to skip on a map. But still, there are many best places to visit in Central America for a great trip. We have mentioned the best 9 of them, for an adventurous trip.

This place describes a complex mixture of cultures, ancient ruins, tropical wildlife, active volcanoes, and great beaches.

List of the 9 Best Places to Visit in Central America

1. Roatan

Roatan islands, Honduras
Roatan islands, Honduras

Roatan in Honduras is a wonderful island in the Western Caribbean. It is a growing tourist place and cruises to the Caribbean to bring thousands of people to visit weekly.


The Indians of the Bay Islands are related to the Maya, Paya, the Jicaque or the Lenca, which were the families present on the land. Christopher Columbus on his fourth journey (1502–1504) came to the islands as he visited the neighboring Bay Island of Guanaja.

What is Roatan famous for? 

Diving:- Swim half the distance of a football field of the Sunnyside Pier at Sandy Bay on the island’s West End. You’ll come to the barrier reef and one of the island’s most famous dive sites, Spooky Channel. 

Sightseeing:- Roatan’s sister island to the east, Guanaja, also represents raves from divers. You can choose from hiking and kayaking. Scheduled beaches are enough reasons to make the 20-mile journey.

Fishing:- Wahoo is the attraction during winter, however, Roatan’s claim to angling fame rests with bonefishing. The small and wary “bonies” are a favorite with fly fishermen on the island’s shallow saltwater flats.

2. Tikal

Tikal, a popular tourist attraction in Central America
Tikal, Guatemala

The Mayan ruins at Tikal are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guatemala. Here’s some information you should know before you visit.


Guatemala is connected with Mayan ruins, but Tikal is among the most memorable. The kingdom is deemed to have been one of the most powerful of the ancient Mayan Civilisation. Dominated much of the Mesoamerican region from 200BC to 900AD.

The ruins have featured in various films

The Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto starred ruins modeled on those at Tikal, and you can climb Temple IV to see the same view. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope featured this place.

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3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve 

Monteverde-Cloud-Forest-Reserve in Costa Rica
Monteverde-Cloud-Forest-Reserve, Costa Rica

Common known as “Green Mountain” as it is directly translated is suitably named for its large reserve of trees. The National Geographic has also named it “the jewel in the crown of cloud forests”. In 2007, Costa Ricans declared the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve one of the country’s seven wonders.


Quaker communities are highly responsible for conservation. Quakers started to leave the United States for Costa Rica in the late 50s. They had no interest in participating in the war physically or through their taxes.

What is Monteverde Forest Famous For?

Showcasing Local Animal and Plants:- The animals that call the Monteverde Cloud Forest home including birds, reptiles. There are hundreds of species in this forest and hundreds more that haven’t even been discovered yet. 

Local Monteverde Entertainment:- The arts are an integral part of the culture of Monteverde. Costa Rica is famous for its saucy salsa dancing. It is one of the forms of dance that you’ll be amazed to see in Monteverde. One of them is square dancing. 

4. Ambergris Caye

Beautiful Ambergris Caye islands in Belize
Ambergris Caye, Belize

This place has so much to view and can keep you busy from morning till night.  The food, the people, the festivals, the shopping, the gorgeous barrier reef, and the wildlife are just fantastic.


The coconut business was a strong and successful source of income for the island for almost a century. In 1950 a series of disastrous hurricanes destroyed the place.

Later, the Belizean government purchased Ambergris Caye from its private owners and redistributed its ownership rights.

What is Ambergris Caye Famous For?

Bird Watching:- Wildlife watching is the fast-growing trend on this Caye. Visitors can use binocular glass to watch the special birds.

Windsurfing:- This is a great spot for all levels of windsurfer. Winter months can offer 20 plus days of 6.5 winds or better.  

5. Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala city in Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala city, Guatemala

The colorful colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala boasts cobblestone streets, volcanoes looming in the distance and best cafes. This city is unarguably attractive and easy to fall in love with.


In the early 16th century, Antigua was founded. Built 1,500m over sea level in an earthquake-prone area, it was largely damaged by an earthquake in 1773 but its principal monuments are still preserved as ruins.

What is Antigua Guatemala Famous For?

Religious Structures:- The churches and convents of the city are all in varying states of disrepair, though many are still in use, despite the collapsed ceilings. If you want to know more about the history behind these structures, a more organized walking tour is probably a good idea.

Shopping at the Market:- Woven textiles, in particular, are a famous local creation, and although memorials like these can be found all over town. Walking through the tourist market to the west of the main square will be a colorful experience. It is a fun way to read the traditional handicrafts of Guatemala. That’s why it is one of the 9 best places to visit in Central America.

6.  Panama City

Panama City, Panama
Panama City, Panama

Turquoise waves lapping at the shining white-sand beaches lining the oceanfront of Panama City Beach create a picture-perfect summer scene. From spring until fall, this small city on the Florida Panhandle is transformed into a true American beach town.

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The city was discovered on August 15, 1519, by Pedro Arias de Avila, also known as Pedrarias Davila. Within a few years of its founding, the city became a launching point for the research and success of Peru and a transit point for gold and silver-headed. The city of Panama is still a banking center, although with very noticeable controls in the flow of cash.

What is Panama City Famous For?

Beach:- Panama City’s attractive beach is the centerpiece of the city. It is admired by locals and tourists of all ages, who come here to play, swim, relax, and soak up the sun. The state is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts.

Pier Park:- Directly across from Russell-Fields Pier, more commonly known as City Pier, is a dining, shopping, and entertainment complex, with a tourist-oriented twist. This is a great place to shop and go for lunch or dinner.

Gulf World Marine Park:- It is one of Panama City Beach’s fun family attractions, with all types of sea life and free daily shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, and a variety of birds. Park residents include alligators, sharks, penguins, and many other exciting critters.

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7. Granada, Nicaragua

The beautiful city of Granada, Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua

The beautiful city of Granada fully deserves its place in the list of most visitors. Nicaragua’s oldest town is known for it’s attractive and photogenic areas. It’s no wonder many travelers use the city as a base and spending at least a day, then venturing out into the countryside for trips to nearby attractions.


Granada was founded in 1524, it is the oldest city in Central America. There remains a wealth of sign of its colonial past, including the wonderful, brightly painted buildings. A perfect place for photo opportunities.

What is Granada, Nicaragua Famous For?

Colorful Colonial Architecture:- The majority of the original building remains, kept alive by new generations. Color-washed walls, produce and an impression of the history and crafted wooden gates guarding grandmothers rocking in the afternoon breeze.

Masaya Artisan Market:- Masaya is the gateway to the Masaya Volcano National Park, one of the most famous attractions in the Pacific region of Nicaragua. This small and truly remarkable town is also popular for the crystalline crater lake Laguna de Masaya.

Laguna De Apoyo:- Formed in the base of a volcanic crater, Laguna Apoyo is claimed to be the cleanest and deepest lake in Nicaragua. Add in warm waters, truly beautiful views, and a peaceful environment and it quickly becomes clear and this is why it is at the top of many people’s to-do lists.

8. Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
Arenal-Volcano, Costa Rica

The most famous and well-recognized of Costa Rica’s volcanoes is Arenal. The Arenal Volcano is a balanced cone-shaped volcano that dominates the fertile landscape of Arenal Volcano National Park. Although the Arenal Volcano is currently in a resting condition, the region offers plenty of exciting adventures.

These attractions listed this place in 9 best places to visit in Central America


On July 29, 1968, at 7:30 am, the Arenal Volcano suddenly and strongly erupted. The eruptions continued unabated for several days, burying over 15 square kilometers under lava, rocks, and ash.

Although the volcano took the lives of many people, it has given back to the community by becoming one of Costa Rica’s most visited natural attractions in today’s time.

What is Arenal Volcano Famous For?

Hike to La Fortuna Waterfall:- The little farming town of La Fortuna near Arenal Volcano is identified for its beautiful neighbor, the La Fortuna Waterfall. As one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.

Lake Arenal:- At the base of Arenal Volcano remains Costa Rica’s largest lake, Lake Arenal. With the great volcano as its backdrop and the surrounding rolling hills and forests, Lake Arenal is truly a vision. Fishing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding are some of the most popular activities enjoyed by the lake.

Volcano Hiking:- Before Arenal Volcano began the active period of 1968. It’s said to be that inside the crater there were massive trees, and a lush vegetation umbrella covered the slopes. This gentle hike gives you amazing views on one of the trails close to the volcano.

9. Copan

 Copan Ruins in Honduras
Copan Ruinas, Honduras

The ruins of Copan is truly the name of the town rather than the Mayan ruin that it’s world-famous for. The funny thing is, even though this is usually one of the most creative and important sites to visit along the Maya route, however, the area is much more than just a formal visit.


Copan founded by Diego Garcia de Palacio in 1570, the ruins of Copan, one of the most famous sites of the Mayan civilization, were not dug until the 19th century. The Maya Site of Copan has maintained its structure and design and has largely preserved also it’s setting.

What is Copan Famous For?

Ruinas Town:- This is a small, colorful town that can be walked from one end to the other in less than 15 minutes. You can also chill out at Central Park.

Macaw Mountain:- You can spend half a day in this aviary where you will find Macaws, Owls, Parrots, toucans and more. Plus, they have an interactive area. 


White sand beaches, jungle adventures, hidden waterfalls, and volcano hikes, when it comes to visiting Central America, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re a first-time traveler and looking for all the best vacation comforts or an experienced backpacker, Central America has lots of options for everyone.

So just pack your bags and get ready for this incredible trip. I hope this blog will help you to find the best places to visit in Central America, don’t forget to share your travel experience. Thank you

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