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10 of The Best Places To Visit In Mississippi State Of Magnolia Trees

Mississippi is located in the United States, and it is truly a glorious state. Historical relevance and high religious identity make it one of the most scenic states in America. The state is named after the Mississippi River and the native word for the river was Mississippi which means “Big River” which is one of the longest rivers in Mississippi. The list of best places to visit in Mississippi is quite varied.

This place works like a magic potion for your soul, Mississippi has never been left behind when it comes to being a tourist destination, its people are all very hospitable, and its food is of amazing. Moreover, Mississippi is the land of beauty infused with blues in the same place, righteously.

This is also home to a vibrant culture of friendly people, historical eye-catching buildings, warm coastal beaches, lakes, parks, and delicious Southern cooking and food. There are a wide variety of tourist attractions and destinations. There are various places to visit in Mississippi but Jackson is the best-known city in all. The seashore is rich with marine life and home to the region’s only dolphin rescue center.

Here I am going to enlist the most tourist attractions and soul-wrenching places right from the heads of Mississippi. Because why not, you have every right to choose the best for yourself, and here is we try to provide to our readers. what we call “ONLY THE BEST” ideas of traveling and stuff.

Best Tourist Attraction In Mississippi- Visitor’s Choice

Here are the top attractive places:

1. Biloxi

Biloxi; Places To Visit In Mississippi

Aaaaah that amazing view of a coastal city lying just beside the blue big sea. that scene in itself is so mesmerizing.

Biloxi is one of the largest cities in Mississippi, attracting thousands of people each year to its numerous top-rated casinos. There are also many interesting attractions and fun in this Gulf Coast city, like Biloxi Beach and the nearby Biloxi Lighthouse, Beauvoir Estate, Maritime, and Seafood Industry Museum.

Apart from all, Beauvoir Estate overlooks the Mississippi Sound and was given the French name of Beauvoir in honor of the beautiful view. For its seafood supply, Biloxi is also called the seafood capital of the world. This city would be the first choice of places to visit in Mississippi.

Top Attractions in Biloxi

The Biloxi Lighthouse; Places To Visit In Mississippi
The Biloxi Lighthouse
  1. The Biloxi Lighthouse is famous for being operated by female lighthouse keepers.
  2. Ship Island is famous for its beautiful beaches. There are also more activities to do like birding, shelling, hiking, and tours of the island’s historic Fort.
  3. Biloxi Shrimp Tour Train is an open-air train that takes passengers on a daily ride throughout the city’s historic district.
  4. Biloxi’s Mardi Gras Museum is a small museum placed inside the historic Magnolia Hotel. 
  5. Beau Rivage has a concert and performance venue where famous musicians and performers regularly make appearances.

Top Dining Options

  • Half Shell Oyster House:- Restaurant, Seafood, Beer
  • Shaggy’s Beach Bar and Grill:- Restaurant, Seafood, Beer Bar
  • Le Café Beignet:- Coffee, Cafe, Vegetarian

2. Jackson

Jackson mississippi; Places To Visit In Mississippi
Jackson Mississippi

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and has much to offer its visitors, a fun weekend destination for families and couples. This is home to historic buildings, museums, and great restaurants.

Apart from attractions, Jackson has a zoo, the Natural Science Museum, and a Civil Rights Museum. Over 300 restaurants in the city where visitors can relax and enjoy some delicious Southern comfort food.

Top Attractions in Jackson

Mississippi Museum of Art
Mississippi Museum of Art
  1. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science provides information about the state’s natural landscapes and its inhabitants.
  2. Mississippi Museum of Art gives you a greater appreciation for American art after a trip to the Mississippi Museum of Art
  3. Russell C Davis Planetarium features a digital cinema that provides viewers with a full-dome visual experience.
  4. Mississippi Children’s Museum gives visitors an opportunity to learn about health and nutrition, discover science and technology 
  5. Eudora Welty House and Garden is adorned with paintings, linens, furniture, rugs, and photographs, just to name a few of the things you will see on your visit

Top Dining Options

  • Hal & Mal’s:- Restaurant, French, Bar
  • Brent’s Drugs (Soda Fountain):- Restaurant, Ice Cream, Bar
  • High Noon Café:- Cafe, Vegetarian

3. Oxford

Oxford Mississippi; Places To Visit In Mississippi
Oxford Mississippi

Oxford is famous as a Heaven and home to several engaging cultural sights. Its rich culture, historic landmarks, fabulous food, beautiful architecture, and expansive green spaces give it a beautiful and glorious look. The city is full of small-town charm and also the location of the University of Mississippi, which gives the town a lively college demographic.

Top Attractions in Oxford

Lamar Park
Lamar Park
  1. The University of Mississippi Museum has many attractions for people with a variety of historic and modern interests and is one of the top Oxford attractions.
  2. Gertrude C. Ford’s vocal performances, dance productions, and plays are held there on a regular basis.
  3. Thacker Mountain Rail Trail is a popular spot for hikers, bikers, and joggers.
  4. Lamar Park helps visitors to spend time relaxing near the lake or to view the built-in gardens.
  5. College Hill Presbyterian Church is the oldest church building in the Oxford area and the oldest Presbyterian church in North Mississippi.

Top Dining Options

  • Toyo Japanese Sushi & Hibachi:- Restaurant, Japanese, Bar
  • Oxford Grillehouse:- Restaurant, American
  • Bouré:- Restaurant, Vegetarian

4. Natchez


Natchez is a riverside city that is renowned for its beautifully restored antebellum mansions. The city is well known for its gorgeous and well-preserved antebellum architecture, including the Longwood estate, and Dunleith mansion.

Tall white pillars on the veranda will make visitors feel like they are in a scene from Gone with the Wind. the Grand Village of the Natchez helps to learn visitors how the local Native Americans lived in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Top Attractions in Natchez

Emerald Mound Site
Emerald Mound Site
  1. Emerald Mound Site is a National Historic Landmark and is now open to the public to explore.
  2. Everyday Adventure offers the visitor the to explore beautiful natural surroundings and the fauna and flora that reside within it.
  3. Monmouth Historic Inn & Gardens offers tours for the public and a gift shop is open to the public all week.
  4. Natchez National Historical Park has a collection from different eras, and archaeological objects found in the park are also on display.
  5. William Johnson House is a museum a became part of Natchez National Historical Park.

Top Dining Options

  • Roux 61 Seafood & Grill:- Restaurant, Seafood, Bar
  • Steampunk Coffee Roasters:- Restaurant, Cafe, Tea
  • Slick Rick’s:- Vegetarian

5. Gulfport

Gulfport; Places To Visit In Mississippi

Gulfport is home to white and sandy beaches and features various casinos, local people visit here to try their luck and play on the beaches. And if you don’t like these then it is always much to do in Gulfport, like The Institute of mammal studies, water park, and tasty delicious restaurants. There is a list of the best things to do in Gulfport.

Top Attractions in Gulfport

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum
Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum
  1. Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum for those who love trains and railroads can come to visit this museum and become a kid again.
  2. Gulf Islands Water Park is perfect for children, with water slides, wild rides, and cool summer fun.
  3. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies has dolphin presentations that give visitors to learn about these intelligent creatures while watching them play with their trainers.
  4. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center encourages visitors to touch, talk, interact, and have fun.
  5. Half Shell Oyster House serves good food with warm Southern hospitality in a unique atmosphere.

Top Dining Options

  • Half Shell Oyster House of Gulfport:- Restaurant, American, Bar
  • Beach Blvd Steamer:- American, Seafood
  • Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria:- Italian, Pizza

6. Hattiesburg


Hattiesburg has a beautiful historic downtown district. There are various places like zoos, museums, a spectacular rose garden on the University of Southern Mississippi campus, and the Longleaf Trace. For music lovers then there is a district in the city that celebrates African American heritage and a number of famous musicians live here. That will be a more knowledgeable, entertaining, and memorable tour.

Top Attractions in Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg Zoo; Places To Visit In Mississippi
Hattiesburg Zoo
  1. Hattiesburg Zoo is a 12-acre zoo featuring over 100 species of animals. It also has picnic areas, a carousel, a train, and much more.
  2. Mississippi Armed Forces Museum exhibit galleries showcasing artifacts and memorabilia as also tanks, aircraft, and artillery displayed in outdoor exhibits.
  3. All American Rose Garden is one of the most popular areas of the campus and certainly the most beautiful and the most fragrant.
  4. Paul B. Johnson State Park is surrounded by the spectacular natural beauty of Mississippi’s pine region.
  5. Mississippi Blues Trail was the major root source of modern music. You will enjoy visiting and reading on each the facts about blues and blues greats.

Top Dining Options

  • Jutamas Thai Restaurant:- Restaurant, Asian, Thai
  • Crescent City Grill:- Bar, American, Seafood
  • T-Bone’s Records & Cafe:- American, Cafe

7. Ocean Spring

Ocean Spring; Places To Visit In Mississippi
Ocean Spring

Ocean Spring is a picturesque Gulf Coast town in Mississippi. And surrounds the Gulf Islands National Seashore which features full of natural beauty and wildlife which is a pride and joy for locals and visitors. Ocean Springs is nestled on the edges of Biloxi Bay which is a beautiful cultural and charming seaside town.

Top Attractions in Ocean Spring

Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf Islands National Seashore
  1. Gulf Islands National Seashore features camping, a fishing pier, trail walks, swimming, swamp visits, and boat rides to several barrier islands for adventure and fun.
  2. Walter Anderson Museum of Art does a great job of linking art and influences to life on the edge. and murals were an unanticipated wonder.
  3. Ocean Springs Museum of History has a nice history lesson about Ocean Springs and also features a small gift shop consisting of local art and a few books.
  4. Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a nice tribute to the veterans from Mississippi and the information and faces of those that served and died.
  5. Front Beach is so relaxing, and a great place for families and fishing off the pier.

Top Dining Options

  • Woody’s Roadside:- American, Bar
  • B B’s Poboys and Seafood:- American, Seafood
  • Buzzy’s Breakfast Joint:- American, Cafe

8. Cleveland

Cleveland; Places To Visit In Mississippi

Cleveland city holds a tag of special places to visit in Mississippi for its vibrant culture and history, bustling downtown, and good old-fashioned Southern hospitality. This town becomes synonymous with blues music. Cleveland also has some locally-owned restaurants, antique stores, and lively cultural institutions.

Top Attractions in Cleveland

Bologna Performing Arts Center
Bologna Performing Arts Center
  1. GRAMMY Museum Mississippi features a dynamic combination of public events, past, present, and future of music.
  2. Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum is a place to learn about the history of the town and explore exhibits and artifacts.
  3. Bologna Performing Arts Center is known for its art activities like concerts, tours, performances, screenings, art camps, and more.
  4. Studio 230 Art Gallery presents a rustic yet modern feel with unique works of art along with hand-carved columns and bypass doors.
  5. Dockery Farms is a farming plantation with its own currency, churches, gas station, and much more.

Top Dining Options

  • Hey Joe’s Records and Cafe:- American, Bar
  • Delta Dairy:- American, Dessert
  • Mississippi Grounds:- Coffee, Tea

9. Port Gibson

Port Gibson; Places To Visit In Mississippi
Port Gibson

Port Gibson is located on the banks of the meandering Bayou Pierre River. The city has a historical past and features various historical sites to visit. These sites are related to the American Civil War. If you are curious and want to explore what and how happened after the Civil war, add this city to your list of places to visit in Mississippi. This tiny town is home to just 1500 people. So let’s explore the top places in Port Gibson.

Top Attractions in Ridgeland

Grand Gulf Military Park; Places To Visit In Mississippi
Grand Gulf Military Park
  1. Windsor Ruins is a very beautiful spot and here 23 columns are all that’s left of the mansion that survived the Civil War of America.
  2. Grand Gulf Military Park has a small museum, a loop drive to see the viewing tower and town cemetery, and several buildings, both historic and not.
  3. First Presbyterian Church of Port Gibson church is one of the main attractions featuring historic houses with a history post next to the church that you can walk on the sidewalk.
  4. Port Gibson Town is quite small but it is part of the great Mississippi River Road Drive, and it has the novelty of the First Presbyterian Church with its well-known steeple.
  5. A.K. Shaifer House is a nice historic house and the road is a narrow old ravine.

Top Dining Options

  • Rosie’s Cafe:- Quick Bites, Cafe
  • Billy Bob’s Barbecue:- Barbecue
  • Royalty Lounge and Bistro:- Cajun & Creole

10. Ridgeland

Ridgeland; Places To Visit In Mississippi

Ridgeland is located on the edge of the state capital Jackson. Aarts and cultural scenes, as traditional and contemporary Southern crafts are the main attractions. There are many things to do and various sites available to see and enjoy your visits like Antique Mall, Parks, Trails, and traditional craft centers. Here is a list of some rated and enjoyable things to do in Ridgeland.

Top Attractions in Ridgeland

Mississippi Crafts Center
Mississippi Crafts Center
  1. Ridgeland Bike Trail is the perfect place to see the beauty of nature alongside the historic Natchez Trace.
  2. Antique Mall of the South has more of a variety of items, and there are plenty of booths for everyone to find something.
  3. Enter/Locked Escape Rooms are not scary and the doors were never locked and perfect for team building, birthdays, nights out with friends & family fun.
  4. Northpark Mall is a one-stop, family-friendly shopping with more than 120 retailers. This mall has 2 floors and a clean environment.
  5. Mississippi Crafts Center is a great place to take your crafty friends when you are considering places to visit in Mississippi. Epic Jewelry, fabric, art, pottery, wood and so much more can be found here.

Top Dining Options

  • Amerigo Italian Restaurant:- American, Italian
  • Drago’s Seafood Restaurant:- American, Seafood
  • Burgers and Blues:- American, Bar


By exploring Mississippi we seek out this state has many things to offer and no one will regret it. Its different sites, attractions, and landmarks clear the vision of Mississippi culture, blues, an unrivaled literary tradition, and incredible food. Meanwhile, Mississippi faced a huge natural disaster called Hurricane Katrina in August 2015. 

Being a state in the Gulf of Mexico Mississippi had come along a long way to get to this position where it is right now. It never needed a special introduction of its own but we tourists do need to know a lot about this beautiful city to pay off.

This city has an attraction for every type of tourist. Exploring places to visit in Mississippi will now guide you through every city that has its own possibilities, history, and entertainment and has much to know.

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