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10 Best Places In Wisconsin To See – Most Fascinating Places (Updated)

Wisconsin is one of the famous states of the U.S for its best eye-catching places, sites, and scenarios to visit and explore in real. Tourism is one of the reasons for an increase in the state’s economy. But this country has the world’s largest dairy and cheese manufacturer factories. Best places to visit in Wisconsin are all fabulous and worth to see.

Wisconsin has many old cities that contain authentic food and oldie streets and lanes. The state is full of culture and tradition. Many famous old buildings and monuments usually attract tourists.

Wisconsin is best for its charming lakes. There are a number of beautiful lakes and eye-warming wildlife which you can’t finish to travel each of them. Some old famous cities in Wisconsin have not lost their roots which helps and attracts many visitors to experience their culture and traditions. 

In this article, I will make you clear that what are the most famous places in Wisconsin that a tourist can’t afford to miss.

Amazing Places to visit in Wisconsin

  1. Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison
  2. Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee
  3. Circus World Museum
  4. Wisconsin Dells
  5. La Crosse
  6. National Railroad Museum, Green Bay
  7. House on the Rock
  8. Oshkosh
  9. Land o’ Lakes
  10. Door County 
  11. Taliesin East

1. Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

Wisconsin State Capitol situated in center of  Madison, capital of the Wisconsin,  best places to visit In Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Capitol

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. Though there are many best places to visit in Madison, Wisconsin State Capitol is the most famous place where travel crows can be seen every day. 

This building is 100 years old. Standing high with 284 feet high tomb with elegant marble work and beautiful interior design. You can spend free hours exploring this building which definitely mesmerizes your eyes and soul.

In this city, you can also explore Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Memorial Union Terrace, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chazen Museum of Art, Arboretum and Geology Museum, Veterans Museum, Children’s Museum, Monona Terrace, and Memorial Union Terrace.

2. Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson Museum - Most famous place in Wisconsin,  In Wisconsin
Harley-Davidson Museum

Milwaukee is the oldest city in the State of Wisconsin. People are just come to the museum to see the world-famous Harley-Davidson bike which is invented there.

This museum of-course attracts many bike lovers or especially those who are Harley-Davidson bike fans. They have more than 450 authentic old versions of the Harley-Davidson bike collection. Museum display engines, bike structure, and designs which can make you crazy.

Apart from this, you must visit their local restaurants to enjoy traditional food. You can be charged up yourself watching Broadway, Milwaukee Orchestra, or Milwaukee Symphony which comes in the culture of the state.

3. Circus World Museum

World-famous  Circus World Museum, most visited place by tourist in Wisconsin
Circus World Museum

As the name says Circus means entertainment. The circus is the State’s most leading entertainment industry. Nowadays you can’t see a circus to be held. Thus it is an extinct thing for the coming generation.

This museum has a collection of all sorts of circus objects. Showcased many posters that are used while having circus shows. You will also get to know how the circus is planned and how is the training done for it. This place has the world’s largest collection of artifacts of circus.

The museum has a small circus show for the visitors in summer. Beyond this, they have many more other fun stuff to do too. Peoples from different age groups enjoy this museum. 

4. Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells, Most visited place by tourist due to its water sports and ecosphere, best places to visit In Wisconsin
Wisconsin Dells

Tourists often confuse with the Wisconsin dells and dell of Wisconsin river. Wisconsin Dell is the city’s name and it has many dells formed due to the Wisconsin River flowing nearby this city.

The city is full of beautiful flowers and plants which may not even be seen anywhere else in the world. The river is the largest in Wisconsin with wonderful scenery near it.

There are several things to do in Wisconsin Dells like visiting Noah’s Ark Water Park, Deer Park, Rick Wilcox Magic Theatre, Palace Theatre, Bigfoot Zipline, Riverwalk, Lost Canyon, and Duck Tour.

People will enjoy the silence and peaceful environment of this city and also the river site at night which makes the fragrance of flora and fauna.

5. La Crosse

St. Rose Convent has been the physical and spiritual home of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in La Crosse
St. Rose Convent, La Crosse

La Crosse is the river town. Vibes in the air of this town are soo romantic that you can feel the love with your loved ones. This place comes in the top list of the tourist place who are planning to visit Wisconsin. The town of La Crosse is covered from 3 rivers that die, merging with the major famous river Mississippi.

As this town is surrounded by the river thus you will experience many water sports here. Fun activities like kayaking, fishing, paddling, and cruising can also be seen.

Apart from these things, people also do Green Coulee, Hixon Forest, tracking mountain biking due to its wetlands and greeny environment and nature near the river. 

6. National Railroad Museum, Green Bay

Ancient railway heritage collection in famous  National Railroad Museum, most visited place by tourist in Wisconsin
National Railroad Museum

Wisconsin is mostly filled with the museums. Railroad Museum is one of such which contains all possible historic rail engines. These are such a good places for a family trip or for the tourist from other countries too. This museum is having 20 diesel engines and steam engines, not only that it also showcased many more rail-related memorabilia and artifacts.

The main attraction is the Eisenhower collection. This is the Dwight D. Eisenhower, a streamlined vintage British engine which is served to pull the leader’s military train across Europe during WWII.

Apart from all this, you can enjoy many fun activities in this place. You will get a ride of the haunted train as well. All in one, this place makes the most famous visited place in Wisconsin.

7. House on the Rock

 House on the Rock, most famous place of Wisconsin
House on the Rock

This fascinating place is always a tourist attraction in Wisconsin due to its natural beauty and infinity rooms. The place is located on the top of Deer Shelter Rock, extends over a large area. It was designed in such a way that it imitates fine works by Frank Lloyd Wright.

This house or studio is having a 218-foot long room which seems never-ending feeling when you enter. Thus, this unique concept attracts travelers extremely.

8. Oshkosh

world largest joint point of  aviators organized by EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Oshkosh is situated near Lake Winnebago, northwest of Milwaukee. This small town is one of the most favourable places in Wisconsin and also the most famous for tourists to travel and visit.

The place is renowned for its world’s airshow circuit. It’s the world’s largest point to showdown their art of flying aviators. Every year in summer since 1970, this place is organizing EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. It also has the EAA AirVenture Museum where you can see some most fabulous ancient aircraft.

The place has some great historical monuments, cultural sites, breweries, and more. You must visit the Menominee Park Zoo, Paine Art Center & Gardens, Loos Cruise, Union Star Cheese Factory, Vines and Rushes Winery, Bare Bones Brewery, and Oshkosh Public Museum.

9. Land o’ Lakes

Land-o-Lakes in Wisconsin, U.S.A
Land-o-Lakes, Wisconsin, U.S

This graceful place is wrapped between three places: Boulder Junction, Eagle River, and Rhinelander in the northern part of Wisconsin which make this place fully filled with the beauty of nature.

Water Sports activity lovers will definitely be attracted to this place for fishing, boating, hiking, biking, and swimming in summer, to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Also, even campers and backpackers will surely come to explore here by canoe or kayak.

Besides this tourist is the most influenced by its flora and fauna. Along with doing fishing, you can watch beautiful birds in this area.

10. Door County 

Door country situated in  northern Green Bay
Door country, Northern Green Bay

This Country in Wisconsin is one of the lovely places and cutest among tourist attractions. It is located 46 miles from northern Green Bay sited beside the beautiful Michigan lake. Due to its location, it becomes the most ideal vacation point of countrymen. Their riverside charming hotels or enough camping sites give travelers the soulful happiness.

The place is having some rural coastal vibes which will be a taste changer for them who are bored of city life and enjoy and want some peace and silence at night sitting near a river site with a bonfire and light music.

Besides this, in the day time, you can enjoy many outdoor sports activities like trout fishing, sailing, diving, and swimming. Additional as hiking and biking too. Washington Island is a must-visit place for tourists when you are roaming around Door Country as it has the country’s oldest Icelandic settlement.

Nearby of these places lie small towns which you should visit. Like Sturgeon Bay, a beautifully picturized town that is charmed with a high lighthouse. Then comes Ephraim town, a place more comforting and has many historic places and monuments to visit.

11. Taliesin East

It is an 800 acres estate built-in for some stay away from the normal crazy city life. This is a UNESCO world heritage site. Taliesin is a natural place having a huge impact on the cultural drift. There is a big cultural environment. It used to be the property of Frank Lloyd Wright, he was an American architect. This is why this place is built with such precision and beauty to just wander around your eyes.

Taliesin is surrounded by lush greenery. It has a windmill as well, named Romeo and Juliet Windmill. Such is the reputation of Taliesin. Amazing beautiful Estate.


The State of Wisconsin is best to travel for all age groups. It has many famous places for children as well as for old age ranges from bored city life people to adventures peoples. Apart from all the famous places, don’t forget to try their world-famous chess and authentic food.

While writing this article, we have analyzed some attractive things, which we will definitely suggest you explore more and don’t miss any of the tourist spots over there.

Thank you…

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