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The Best Backpacks For Frequent Travelers

If you frequently travel due to work or leisure, it’s no question how vital it is for you to own and use a travel bag that matches your needs and preferences. Every person has distinct tastes, but if you want to try using a backpack for the first time and have no idea how to find one, this article is a great guide for you. Backpacks are the best things for travelers that can be carried easily as travel bags, especially for those who are going for a solo trip and want comfort and convenience then you have to choose the best backpacks for traveling with ease.
Whether you’ve booked a weekend getaway or a few weeks of business trips, there are travel backpacks that can suit your travel needs. You can skip the queue to check in your luggage and carry your bag on flights instead. With backpacks, you can organize all your belongings and be on the move while keeping both your hands free to do other travel tasks and chores.

Are Business Backpacks a Carry-on Item?

Von Baer says that all backpacks are considered carry-on luggage unless they fit the measurements of the airline’s personal item allowance, in which case they can be used as your personal item instead.

Backpacks for frequent travelers
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Types Of Backpacks

To get you a head start towards backpack shopping, here are some of the best backpacks for frequent travelers like you especially when you are on a solo trip so do prepare before starting your traveling with ease.

Leather Backpack

No one would dare argue how leather could be the most sturdy and robust of all bag materials. The use of leather material dates back to ancient Greece. However, leather backpacks have limited sizes compared to nylon or polyester and the reason behind this is the weight of the leather. Even though a leather bag makes for a great daypack, it’s not that ideal for a long-term travel pack.
However, if you minted to use something more professional and business-looking, a leather backpack should be right up your alley. There are different leather materials to go for. You can choose genuine, top-grain, or full-grain bags. Among them, full-grain leather is the highest quality. They are often used for heavy-duty cases so if you’re looking for a backpack to use for the longest time, go for this type of leather. Finding something thin and thick enough to ensure durability without being overly heavy is ideal.

Polyester 40L Backpack

For those with a restricted budget for their travel backpacks, it’s good to choose this polyester 40L backpack. At first glance, you may think it’s a bit small in size, but in reality, it’s much larger and more spacious than it appears. A short business trip or weekend getaway is the ideal situation to use it, but longer trips with bare minimum clothing are also feasible.
You can adjust it to fit according to your height using the compression buckle straps on this carry-on luggage. Whether you’re out for a business or leisure trip for some days to a week, this backpack can sustain to carry all your needs. Your carrying experience is also made more comfortable because it comes with adjustable hip straps.
The main compartment can accommodate your laptop and other essentials, while the front zip pocket can hold smaller items like toiletries. Despite the softer polyester material losing your backpack shape, you can use bag organizers to retain the shape and get everything properly sorted.

Functional 35L Overall Travel Backpack

Another on the list is this functional 35L overall travel backpack. As a traveler, you must prioritize functional organization, easy access, and durable materials. This travel backpack checks all those features. If you’re looking for something aesthetically vibrant and patterned, this bag comes with various design and color options, allowing you to easily spot your bag from afar.
In terms of its material, this bag comprises TPU-coated polyester and ballistic nylon. They come with water-resistant features perfect for heading to tropical countries and destinations. As for its compartment side, you can put many of your belongings in the main compartment. They come with the most robust wraparound zippers, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking apart.
The bag also features a back panel compartment, allowing you to get the needed stuff while moving from one place to the next. After all, retrieving items while on the move is common when you’re a backpacker. Overall, choose this bag if you want function combined with the design of travel bags. You can travel safely abroad if you’re comfortable using your bag.

Clamshell Designed Backpack

This clamshell-designed bag is built for easy access to retrieving your belongings. They have several compartments, allowing you to put your clothes, gadgets, toiletries, and other stuff in different pockets. In case you’ll be experiencing an increment in weather change; you can easily use a rain cover to protect your bag. One unique feature of this backpack is that it allows you to carry it like a duffel bag, so you can rest both shoulders and carry it on your hand or with a single shoulder strap instead.
Considering all these useful features, it makes it a great travel backpack wherever you go. It also boasts a high-quality suspension system. The hip belt can be adjusted in height and detachable when not used. The only thing you need to consider carefully is the polyester material, which tends to lose its shape when it’s not full. Other than that, this makes a perfect backpack on the go.

Padded Shell Backpack

Another shell-like backpack is this padded shell backpack. With its versatile design, this backpack can be used as a daypack, weekender, or full travel backpack. It can hold a lot of your belongings and be used for any purpose. Whether business or leisure, the padding on the shoulder straps makes it easy to carry wherever you go.
This product comes with several clever extensions, allowing you to expand the content up to 40L. There is a bit of a sag in the shoulder straps and hip belt when it’s fully expanded. However, it’s fine as long as they’re comfortable and padded, so they won’t hurt your shoulders.

Gadget-Friendly Travel Backpack

For people who frequently travel due to business, you probably need to carry all your gadgets with you. After all, there are several gadgets business leaders can’t live without, such as a laptop, tablet, power bank, smartphone, and other gadgets for work. It means you need a bag to carry all these precious items without compromising their condition and quality.
Fortunately, this travel backpack is well-equipped for traveling with gadgets. It comes with various access points, so you can easily retrieve your stuff from the bag’s front, side, or rear side. As for storing your gadgets, you don’t have to worry about possible scratches and damages, as padded sleeves and compartments are inside.


There you have it; this list comprises some of the best travel backpacks you can find in the market today. Many good brands are selling the best aesthetic and comfortable backpacks today. Defining the best travel backpack is always subjective, depending on the shopper or user. It’s ideal for matching the backpack to your travel needs and purposes.

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