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Things To Consider When Buying A Fridge For Your Motorhome

Things To Consider When Buying A Fridge For Your Motorhome

You need to know certain information before ordering your motorhome fridge definitively. In addition to the capacity and dimensions, determining the functionalities, the energy used, or the layout of the interior will allow you to better identify the most suitable for you and thus know how to buy a motorhome fridge from better value for money.

The type of energy

Some refrigerators may make more noise than others. It stems from the type of energy they use. Are you wondering which is the best motorhome fridge on the market? The main difference between absorption refrigerators and compression refrigerators is their versatility.

The first are also called tri-mixed since they alternate three sources of energy. Thanks to the gas supply, electricity always works even without a nearby mains terminal. Especially since with the battery that recharges, the fridge draws the 12 V current necessary for its operation. And finally, if an electric terminal is available, the machine operates at 220 V.

As for the compression refrigerator, it does not work with gas. Moreover, there are not many of these models left on the market. Because of their engine, this type of device emits a noise that can disturb many.

The capacity

Are you traveling alone or with others? The answer to this question will help you know how to choose the best small refrigerators for motorhomes. Indeed, not only does it seem important to know the number of occupants of your vehicle, but also to determine the duration of your trip. define the amount of food to take on board.

A small machine, that is to say about forty liters, will be more suitable for a single person or a couple. On the other hand, for large families, devices over 92L are more likely to satisfy them.

Thus, you can place your drinks, vegetables, fruits, and meats there for later use. The larger the machine, the more time you save by avoiding back-and-forth shopping. However, make sure you find an available place for it before confirming your purchase.

The number of compartments

To help you separate each food better, defining the number of compartments is helpful. In this regard, to prevent smells from mixing, vegetables and meat will be assigned to different compartments.

All the more so as some brands, all of which want the title of best brand of motorhome refrigerators, are making considerable efforts to innovate. Their design teams compete in ingenuity to try to find the best arrangement of compartments.

If you are used to frozen foods, eat a lot of meat, sushi or ice cream, bet on a model with a freezer. Thanks to this device, your food will be kept cool.

The performance

Many other criteria can be cited in order to identify which motorhome fridge to choose. Indeed, the amount of energy consumed greatly influences the choice of users. If the machine is greedy in current, it should be recharged more often. The same goes for the climate class and the noise level, these two parameters can determine which one performs better.

The kWh value your appliance needs corresponds to its energy consumption. A device has two quantities relating to the two types of current used: 220V or 12V. In addition, this power also influences its environmental impact. In other words, if it consumes little, your fridge will be more ecological and therefore will benefit from an A ++ class.

It is undeniable that noise pollution can disrupt sleep during the night. In order to avoid this inconvenience, prefer refrigerators with lower noise levels. In general, it is the compression ones that produce the most noise.


Inside a confined space like that of a mobile home, the smallest cm² can make the difference. Especially since to offer modern comfort in a small area, this is a logistical challenge. From this perspective, the arrangement of furniture and appliances plays a big role in the balance.

In order to save space, the fridges offer all the functions expected of a refrigerator in a more compact version. Some models are even equipped with a freezer and several compartments. However, in order to identify the best refrigerator for a motorhome, consider buying an appliance with the right dimensions.

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