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Incredible Day Trip From Amsterdam To Relish Your Weekend Vacations

A well organized, outstanding city and even the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is trendy this year for its exotic attractions. This city is the largest among all other cities in the nation. Around the city, there are many places for a day trip from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a huge number of lists for the tourist attractions. But still, there are many cities, towns or villages near the capital where you may make a day trip from Amsterdam. In a day trip from Amsterdam, you will get all types of places of interest.

Some of the villages near the capital, having lush of greenery with the rivers, canals, old windmills, warehouses. On the other hand, they even have a modern luxury along with Amsterdam’s root culture. 

Meanwhile, even many ancient buildings with amazing monuments along with old famous markets selling the best chess.

Places nearby capital, you can experience some of the most exotic food and drinks which will make you feel happy as someone had said: “real happiness comes from food”.

Not only Amsterdam but there are many places to visit in Netherland. Even there are many short stops where you can make a plan for a day trip.

So, by keeping everything in mind, we have shortlisted some of the best places for you to take a day trip from Amsterdam below.

9 Best Day Trip From Amsterdam:

  1. Gouda
  2. Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse
  3. Rotterdam
  4. Zaanse Shans
  5. The Hague
  6. Delft
  7. Utrecht
  8. Giethoorn
  9. Kinderdijk

1. Gouda

Gouda, famous chess market
chess market in front of city hall in the center of the main market

Cheese lovers will definitely don’t want to miss this place to visit. The market is set up every Thursday of spring and summer season where people from all over the Dutch country came to taste the actual Gouda cheese. Chess is even exported to different parts of the world too.

Not only this but also Gouda has special stroopwafel served with syrup which you can have in the local cafes of the market.

Apart from foodstuff, the impressive town hall in the middle of the central market square is something that must not be missed. St Jan church with its stunning stained glass windows. Every window of the church is dual-layered. Hence each depicts a different sense of meaning.

2. Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse

a day trip to  Keukenhof Gardens
will get to roam around with colorful tulips in Keukenhof Garden

Keukenhof Garden located near Lisse 40 mint far from Amsterdam. It’s a heaven of flowers spreading beauty all around the garden. They have tried to symbolize the theme of “Romance in Flowers”.

Kinderdijk Garden is a huge flowering garden covering acres of area. Every year plantation of different species of flowers has been done with 79 colorful acres of blooms and 7 million bulbs. Though it is popular for its tulips, with over 800 different colorful varieties.

The best time to explore this area is end-March or mid-April when you will get to see the eyeful of colorful blooming tulips, daffodils and many plenties more to discover. 

Besides garden seeing, you can take a bike ride or cycle ride on the footpaths or lanes of the garden to explore the scenic view. Moreover, you can even take a shot coffee break on side cafes shops.

3. Rotterdam

Rotterdam, top destination for one day trip from Amsterdam
city Rotterdam, beautifully reconstructed in an organized way after destroyed in WWII

It is the second-largest city in Netherland which is fully destroyed in World-War II. They have recreated their town and city in a modern way which many people claim to be like New York. It takes hardly 40-50 minutes to reach Rotterdam from Amsterdam by direct train.

Apart from building a new city, they have some leftover European touched structure left unaffected by the war, includes many museums, and the famous markets of the city. Museum Rotterdam and Kunsthal Rotterdam are the best museums which are worth visiting on a day trip.

The popular main market, Markthal having basic Netherland’s food and other stuff. Most interesting is you will see the walls of the lanes of the food market is designed with paintings of foods and drinks which is called as the “Largest artwork in the world”.

4. Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Shans, weekend day trip from amsterdam
Windmills beside the river and its museum telling its history in Zaanse Schans

This old village just 15 minutes by bus and have to walk for a while to come to this place near Amsterdam. This gorgeous village has dozens of history to tell.

You will have great exposure with Netherland’s famous windmills, warehouses and traditional houses insight of the River Zaanse. The landscape of the area with river and windmills along with sunset or sunrise is just a feeling of amusement to the visitors.

You need to pay for entering the open-air museum where you will get to know how these works and houses are turned into a closed museum telling the story of the factory and the area too. 

Apart from this, there is an artwork of making hand-made clogs which you can see in front of you till now. Must try the Dutch pancakes at De Kraai.

5. The Hague

The Hague, Netherland's royal city
Royal palace in The Hague; besides this, many more places to feel royal in yourself

It is often known as Den Haag as the Netherlands’ political center and home to the royal family. From station Amsterdam Centraal it will take just an hour away by train to Den Haag Centraal.

The city is a short version of Amsterdam, beautiful as well as sophisticated. Museum of Mauritshuishas some master art pieces done by him was displayed. One such world-famous painting is “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

The city is situated on the site of the North Sea coast of the Netherlands, where you can touch the cold ocean. Additionally, many bars and clubs are located near the seaside where you can simply enjoy your weekend by the beachside full night parties.

6. Delft

Delft, famous white-blue city in Netherland, easy day trip from amsterdam
City Hall or Town Hall of the main market square of Delft

This canal-crossed city of the Netherland must not be missed if planning for a day trip from Amsterdam which is not soo far from it. The city has a diverse culture of history in contrast with modern-day. 

World-famous Delftware artwork of the Dutch which is white-blue design pottery. As a result, these are been used in the form of tiles that have been used in local’s kitchen, restaurant’s washrooms, or decorate flower vase or used over walls for decor. Together with this, Delft has many more things as a product for home decor.

Apart from this, many historic buildings Nieuwe Kerk, a new church that is houses the tomb of William of Orange. The old church, Oude Kerk is a beautiful old building and Vermeer Centre showcasing the masterpieces of Vermeer. There are many more museums which must not be missed when you visited here.

7. Utrecht

Utrecht, old town, best for day trip to amsterdam
The Cathedral Tower is the tallest building in Utrecht

It is 30 minutes away from Amsterdam by taking a direct train. The ancient city of Netherland where you can get to know the history and the buildings here you can see are in the High Middle Ages style structure.

Canal between the city is something interesting. You can take a boat ride and take a break in waterside cafes and bars. The famous old wharf cellars beside the canal, you can enjoy the city’s best beer and foodstuff. You will get the crowd of students from the University of Netherland nearby.

Apart from this country’s tallest church tower in Holland which is also known as “Symbol of the Utrecht”. You have to climb up over 450 steps to get to the top from where you can have the whole city view which is stunning with the night view of the city.

8. Giethoorn

Giethoorn, beautiful day trip from amsterdam
Giethoorn is the places where you will depart from your day to day stress and enjoy the beauty of the place

This is an extremely beautiful village followed up by canals instead of streets and roads. It will take around 1 & a half hours from Amsterdam by car on only one main road leading to Giethoorn.

You want to vanish from the city life for one day, this village is the perfect place for you to relax from urban life. It seems to be divine with lush of greenery all around and complex canal flowing is something satisfying.

You can take a boat on rent for your one day trip or take a guided boat who will guide you to the whole village. Roam around this village with a flow of water and stay in a wonderful small cottage beside the water. 

9. Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk, UNESCO World Heritage site
Kinderdijk is full with lush of greenery and will enjoy the freshness of the area with riverside windmills

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site having 19 windmills left out of 1740 in Kinderdijk. It has some picture-perfect views at the time of sunset. Though it will take a little complex to reach but it’s worth visiting.

As windmills are based on the bank of the water body, you can take a boat ride and enjoy the cool wind of the river with the lush green grasslands.

You must explore the windmills from the inside and how families live in small areas like these. This beautiful landscape is just amazing to see again and again.

If coming in summer came along with food and had a picnic here, if coming in autumn come along with raincoat, and if in winter come and enjoy the early sunset behind the windmill.


So at the end of the blog, we hope that we have helped you to sort out your one day trip from Amsterdam plan easy.

Best places and villages near Amsterdam where you can go in the early morning and come back by night.

Undoubtedly, most amazing destinations where you can feel relaxed and can stay away from your day to day routine.

Also, have a taste of original chess and stroopwafel in towns and enjoy some delicious meals and famous drinks.

You may either lie down on the grass of grassland or sail on the river or want some twist in old life-style with the present-day stuff.

So, don’t rush yourself, though, these places don’t need as such planning to visit for a day trip.

Be safe. Be careful.

Thank you…

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