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Top 12 Day Trips From Atlanta To Boost Up Your Weary Soul

Though Atlanta has many beautiful sights to explore, for localized it will be a bit boring to see those places again and again. So to avoid this, they seek to discover the places outside of the city site and not even so far, for day trips from Atlanta.

City Atlanta is surrounded by many charming places (check out some of the best things to explore in Atlanta) which are a getaway from your day to day rough life. Thus, you will definitely have great memories and surely want yo go again and again to get yourself calm in between.

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Below we have mentioned some of the best day trips from Atlanta, Georgia, which will certainly amuse you.

Top 12 day trips from Atlanta

  1. Athens
  2. Lake Lanier
  3. Callaway Gardens
  4. Summerville
  5. Helen
  6. Toccoa Falls
  7. Georgia Guidestones
  8. Blue Ridge
  9. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest
  10. Rock City Garden
  11. Chattanooga
  12. Providence Canyon State Park

1. Athens

Athens, atlanta day trips
Amazing cool city, Athens in days of summer

Athens is a city of huge University of Georgia, just 90 mint far from Atlanta which has a lot to do to spend your day with fun.

City is the birthplace of the indie music scene and there are many theaters and auditoriums where live music shows held, which makes this town the best one day trip near Atlanta.

The town is well packed with plenty of venues to visit. there are many ancient renowned monuments with a touch of southern architecture, a lot of old museum telling the history of the town. 

Furthermore, you will get to have delicious food in downtown in a series of cafes, clubs and bars to meet your hunger.

Time to reach:- 1 & ½ hour approx.

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2. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier, day trips from Atlanta
Beautiful side coast of Lake Lanier

Atlanta is usually very hot, so to avoid this heat come away 1-hour drive from the city to reach Lake Lanier to chill out. It’s been the most fun day trips from Atlanta in summer. 

There is so much to do like boating, swimming, fishing, and many water activities. If you are coming with your family and children then you can sit beside the lake on a sandy beach and let see your children playing in the park created nearby the lake.

For hiker beginners, hiking on Sawnee Mountain is a great starting point. Not the less zip lines, waterparks, and many more fun activities are there for you to do.

Time to reach:- 50 mints to 1 hour approx.

3. Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens, best day trips from Atlanta
Heart-warming colorful Callaway Gardens

About one and a half hour distant from Atlanta, Callaway Gardens is a perfect romantic place for couples, and further the cheap weekend getaways from Atlanta. 

Not to mention, the town has dozens of lakes with boating, fishing trail and wonderful gardens full of lush greenery and flowers. Check out the famous historical pioneer log cabin.

In addition, there is a gorgeous Azalea garden in Callaway garden which mostly attract the crowd to this town. The unique LEED-certified Butterfly Center is built where you will get in have a look to more than 1000 butterflies of more than 50 species which all together will feel you top of the world.

Time to reach:- 1 & ½ hour approx.

4. Summerville

Summerville, Atlanta
Wonderful Colonial Dorchester State Historical Park in Summerville

This tiny cute mountain-based town is 1 and ½ hour away by drive which is worth visiting for 1-day itinerary Atlanta to insight into the picture-perfect views.

You will be spot with many of the quicky buildings, restaurants, street artwork in the town which are quite interesting to explore. In addition, you will enjoy the friendly behaviors of locals. For historic lover, there is Colonial Dorchester State Historical Park.

Here is the lovely places called Paradise Gardens which is really worth its name, paradise. Garden is in its most beauty full sate at the time of full blooms. Perhaps the other one is Wassamassaw Community Park where your children can take a swing to ride.

Time to reach:- 1 & ½ hour approx.

5. Helen

Helen, best for one day trips from Atlanta
Vibrant and most visited city, Helen

It’s better to take day trips from Atlanta Ga to Helen by taking a car drive of less than 2 hours. Many of Georgians citizens get impressed with the charmness and beauty.

This cute city is the third most visited city in the USA and you will feel some german vibes while roaming around. You must visit this Folk Pottery Museum, showcasing the most unique and outstanding pottery art of the country. 

Mountain city of north Georgia has many breathtaking views with lush flora and fauna. Further, you can end up tubing in the Chattahoochee River on a hot summer day.

Time to reach:- 1 hour 45 mints to 2 hours approx.

6. Toccoa Falls

Toccoa Falls, tall waterfall, cheap weekend getaway from Atlanta
Such a wonderful place Toccoa Falls nearby Atlanta

This extremely wonderful waterfall is 1 hour & 40 mints away for perfect Atlanta day trips to dazzling with nature.

186 feet tall single drop shiny waterfall from Mississippi River making it wonderful to see and stand near it. Niagara Falls are even smaller than Toccoa fall as its 26 feet long than Niagara falls. Places has many photo spots to get some impressive shots. At your return will definitely have a full album of snaps from this place.

Apart from this fall, there is a Christian College Campus of 100 acres where you can even go hiking in this area and on the way you will get many fantastic wooden spots where you can take a break to feel freshen up.

Time to reach:- 1 hour 40 mints approx.

7. Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones, un-revealed place for one day trips from Atlanta
Unique stone formation of Georgia Guidestones giving life guidance

This mysterious place is district 2 hours from city Atlanta, Georgia whereas a one day trip can be made easily. Georgia Guidestones is also known as “America’s Stonehenge”.

Five vertical columns standing high each of 19 feet tall stone which are engraved with 12 different languages about life leading rules and guidelines. 8 one with foreign language and 4 are them are local language.

Placement of the stones are in such a way that balancing each other making this a very unique and interesting place to visit. Though it is still a hidden gem of the country and even undiscovered who has established it.

Time to reach:- 2 hours approx.

8. Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge, best one day trips from Atlanta
Breathtaking mountains scenic view of Blue Ridge

This small pretty town is usually called mountain town g Georgia as it is surrounded between the wonderful high mountains situated in the north of the country.

This place Blue Ridge are having many beautiful little towns where you can get to experience many exhibitions and art centers which amazing art and craftwork. Apart from this Blue Ridge Community Theater which focuses on the work of the thriving artistic community of the town.

Their ancient railway tour between the forests and lush of the mountains which some most amusing scenic landscape which all are so mesmerizing to your heart. Apart all, their old bars and restaurants which serve delicious food and drinks and especially not forget to have their ice cream.

Time to reach:- 1 hour 30 mints approx.

9. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

Chattahoochee, day trips from Atlanta
Beautiful lake and lush in Chattahoochee

This stunning national forest of Chattahoochee is 87 miles away for Atlanta day tour. Though you can’t finish up to travel this place in one day as there are many things to see.

Forest has many this to do like fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, and camping for outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t forget to bring a camera along with you as while walking in long trails you will be introduced to many places for capturing it.

Trek to deep down forest along long asphalt trail where you will get to face a beautiful undisturbed Anna Ruby Waterfall. There are two more minor tributaries of a river, first is Curtis Creek and the second one is York Creek. 

Time to reach:- 2 hours approx.

10. Rock City Garden

Rock City Garden, best 1-day trips from Atlanta
Wonderful, landscape from height of the mountain in Rock City Garden

It will be adventures and fun day trips from Atlanta. This place is having many notorious sights which are risky to see but you will feel that you landed in the wonderland. 

Garden is a enrapture trail of 4,100-foot-long which draws many attractions like wondering cliff formations, charming waterfalls, and beautiful huge caverns. There you will become familiar with the heartwarming long swing bridge joining cliffs of the mountain.

There are man-made caves build like you are in the fairyland. Furthermore, you must not miss to explore the wonderful peregrine falcon nursing and release program.

Time to reach:- 2 hours approx.

11. Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Ruby Falls, best day trip from Atlanta
Stunning unique Ruby Falls in Chattanooga

For nature lovers, Chattanooga is best for fun day trips from Atlanta, takes 1 hour & 45 mints to reach. 

Tivoli Theatre, Warehouse Row, and the Chattanooga Choo-Choo are some of the Historic gateway of the city. Moreover, don’t miss to visit Tennessee Aquarium which has a collection of diverse freshwater fishes and animals of the country.

Frequently liked by the countrymen of Georgia, Ruby Falls; is 145 ft high which is something that is worth exploring. Another one of the famous landmarks in the world is Rock City, where amazing rocky ledges giving this place a beautiful landscape.

Furthermore, the city is full of life and doesn’t miss their restaurants, bars to have delicious food with a great vibe for which you have to walk in 13 paved miles.

Time to reach:- 1 hour & 45 mints approx.

12. Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon State Park, cheap weekend getaway from Atlanta
Gorgeous red, yellow, orange canyons of Providence Canyon State Park

This park is a little bit away for Atlanta day tour but once you are here you will feel worth expanding your time here. Providence Canyon State Park is popularly known as “Little Grand Canyon” of Georgia.

Park is covered with white pink. Red color with clashing layers of canyons making such a gorgeous view which is eye warming to see at sunset and giving picturesque field of vision.

Besides sightseeing, you can also take a trail for hiking, and in many spots, you can even climb the canyons. If you are coming in summer you will experience some beautiful flowers, plum leaf azalea which blooms at that season of the year.

Time to reach:- 2 hours and 10 – 20 mints approx.


Atlanta is a charming sight, where you will not sick of exploring. Though sometimes you need to get out of your own city and forget your day to day life to just immerse yourself to feel complete your desertion.

Day trips are quite appealing to spend your day with your family, out of the city in the lap of nature and feel relaxed and make some memories.

Have a nice and safe journey.

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