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7 Day Trips From Lisbon To Rejoicing The Journey Of City Of Seven Hills


Searching for something different and thrilling this weekend? 

Why you waiting for, Let’s go and relish the best day trips from Lisbon.

First of all, Let’s Discuss the beauty and some interesting facts about this elegant city. Lisbon is one of the largest city and the capital of Portugal and is known for “The City Of Seven Hills”.

Lisbon offers you different options in day-trip destinations and it’s all up to you which type of destination you want to choose like, Seaside town day trips, nature day trips, seaside day trips, historical, Monuments and cultural day trips.

Along with beautiful and attractive tourist places, Libson has to offer you a wide variety of food and wine. Lisbon is also known for the home to one of the world’s most top recipes. Pastéis da Nata (Cream Crayons) is the world-famous dessert of Portugal, loved by all locals and tourists.

Even though it is made all over the country and easily available in every pastry store but the original recipe is known by only 3 Persons all over the world- the same one is sold only in Belem at Pastéis de Belém (Belem pastries).

The best time to visit Lisbon is in the warmest winter i.e, March to May or September to October Because these times hotel rates are cheaper and less crowd than the summer. Surely this time you will get a great experience without facing the extreme heat of summer. Going in late spring and early autumn means expensive hotel rates and more crowds.

That’s all about in the Introduction to this beautiful city, now let’s lookup for the best day trips from Lisbon within 5 hours by road.

Best Road Trips From Lisbon

  1. Cascais 
  2. Sintra
  3. Sesimbra
  4. Berlenga Islands
  5. Óbidos
  6. Estoril
  7. Palace of Queluz

1. Cascais 

Cascais;day trips from Lisbon

Cascais is the coastal town area in Portugal. Basically famous for its sandy beaches, a busy marina, rocky headlines and relaxing restaurants with delicious food.

Once it was just a small fish village but now the city is teeming with lots of fun activities and day by day became more popular, increasing no of visitors every year. If you are a beach and water lover, then this town is perfect for your day trip plan. The best time to visit in Cascais is summer.

Guincho Beach(Praia do Guincho) is one of the dazzling landscapes in the Lisbon region. It is famous for its massive waves that roll in from the Atlantic ocean.

This beach is the best combination of strong surfing with a dramatic scene that’s why it attracts the visitors towards itself and became the most popular in Lisbon. Apart from this beach, there are many lots more things to visit here.

Address: Cascais, 30 km west of Lisbon, Portugal.

Drive Time: It takes 38 min(33 km) via A5 from Lisbon to Cascais.

2. Sintra

Sintra; day trips from Lisbon
Pena Palace

Sintra is the most popular tourist attraction and is known for the fairy tale city of Portugal. This beautiful city offers you both historical and natural attractions to visit and also known as the fairy tale city of Portugal.

You can start a day trip from Lisbon to the Pena place. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sintra. This palace shows the best precedent of the 19-century Romanticism Style of architecture. The interior architecture of Pena Palace is very unique and shows a glimpse of the royalty of Portuguese.

Pena Place is located at the peak of the mountain so it is recommended to take a bus to reach there, especially for elders. The bus will charge you €3 to reach up to the palace entrance. 

Next, visit National Palace(Palácio Nacional), where the Portuguese royal family spends their time in summer between the 15th or 16th centuries. At present, it is a historic house museum.

Explore Quinta da Regaleria – World Heritage site by UNESCO. Hike around the Castles of the moors, etc.

Address: Sintra, Portugal.

Drive Time: It takes 32 min(28.9 km) via A37 from Lisbon to Sintra.

3. Sesimbra


This is a fantastic fish village that is located just 42 minutes from Lisbon if you are local from Lisbon then it will be a great destination for your day trip. This tenny-Winny town is famously known for its beaches, fish restaurant, seafood, pristine coastline, and nightlife.

Within a walking distance, you can easily find many beaches, restaurants, and nature parks.

Here, let us explore the different beaches with their specifications.

Praia da Califórnia – Best beach within walking distance of Sesimbra. 

The Praia da Califórnia or Praia do Ouro – one of the Best Beaches for families.

Praia do Creiro or Praia dos Galapinhos – Most beautiful beach in Lisbon.

The entire Costa da Caparica coastline – Best surfing beach.

Praia do Meco – The Nudist beach of Lisbon. 

Tróia Peninsula – Feel the touch of paradise.

Apart from these beaches, This beautiful town offers you many more places to visit like, Castles, Bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Address: Sesimbra, Setubal District, Portugal.

Drive Time: It takes 42 mins(40.2 km) via A2 and N378 Lisbon to Sesimbra.

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4. Berlenga Islands

Berlenga Islands;day trips from Lisbon
Berlenga Islands

Lisbon also offers you to get the experience of Islands and is located just north of Lisbon. It is also known as the Silver coast of Portugal. Many companies offer the boat tour(Peniche Marina to Berlenga) to explore the island there, each one offers you a journey to and from the island as a basic package only.

If you want to explore island caves and some extra activities like kayaking and a glass-bottom boat then you have to pay extra for that. You can also enjoy scuba diving and birdwatching here.

Berlenga Island is the must-visit place for those who are nature Admirer and love to do something adventurous. When you are visited here at their peak time then it is recommended to book your tickets in advance from one of the cabins in marine

Some tips for visiting the island

  1. Wear Comfortable walking shoes.
  2. Bring water and sunscreen with you.
  3. Do not forget your camera.
  4. You need to take special permission for the flying drones.
  5. Don’t disturb flora and fauna here.

Address: Peniche, Portugal.

Drive Time: It takes 4 hrs 17 min from Lisbon to Berlenga Islands.

5. Óbidos

Óbidos;day trips from Lisbon

Obidos is the best instance of Portuguese Walled town, one of the popular tourist destinations in Lisbon. It is a ravishing town to explore the traditions of Portuguese like narrow cobbled stone streets, traditional painted houses and grand medieval Castles. Obidos is best for those who are seeking peace and natural Portuguese Experience.

One more important thing Obidos is just a small town and it can be seen fully within a couple of hours. There are very fewer destinations to see in the Óbidos than Sintra and Cascais, but it doesn’t mean this place to be neglected. Surely this place will give you a unique experience in a very short period of time.

As we know it is a small town and often crowded with tourists, so we highly recommended you to visit here in the early morning.

Warning: The city walls have no railing and very uneven, so be very careful with the children.

Address: Obidos, Leiria, Portugal

Drive Time: It takes 1h 11 min(85.2 km) via A8 Libson to Obidos

6. Estoril


It is the small town in the municipality of Cascais, Portugal, on the Portuguese Riviera. It is a stylish and fashionable beach in the Lisbon region, not as popular as Cascais but it is great and offers you the same sea and beach without any crowd.

Within the Estoril region, you can explore many sights and perform no of activities, like chilling on the glorious beaches, enjoying the golf courses and visit many historical places.

From Estoril, there is a walking distance to the famous fishing town of Cascais, while on the north are the scenic hills and the beautiful town of Sintra. Estoril’s beaches are very family-friendly with clean and calm seawater and also supervised by lifeguards during the summertime.

Address: Estoril, Portugal.

Drive Time: It takes 33 min( 25 km) via A5 Libson to Estoril.

7. Palace of Queluz

Palace of Queluz
Palace of Queluz

It is an attractive national palace that is popular for its royalty during the 18th century and known as the Versailles of Portugal. This attractive palace is located in the middle of Lisbon and Sintra, that’s why mostly overlooked by visitors but seriously this palace will interact with you with the real pride of Royalty. 

You will need about 2-3 hours to see the interior and exterior beauty of this palace. There is an extraordinary collection of baroque, rococo and neo-classical pieces inside the palace that is worth seeing and definitely will be a new experience for you.

After the tour inside the palace, you can visit the garden where you can explore the lake, fountains, and depicting mythological scenes. Along with this all don’t miss to visit Canal dos Azulejos(Tiled Ceramic Canal). It is fully decorated with 18th-century scenes, where the royal family used to spend their time enjoying a small boat ride in sunny afternoons.

Address: Largo Palácio de Queluz, 2745-191 Queluz, Portugal

Opening hours: 9 am – 6 pm.

Drive Time: It takes 22 min( 13.4 km) via N117 Libson to Estoril.

Ticket Price: €10.00 for adults, €8.50 for children, €8.50 for seniors, €33.00 for family.

After the long discussion on best day trips from Lisbon, surely you got a clear picture of this watery and beachy city of Portugal. So now here wrapping up my article with 7 best road day trips from Lisbon and hope you enjoyed our selection and pretty sure you will look up these suggested places there.

If you really like our selection, please share your precious experience with us. We are always trying to give the best to our viewer, and your valuable feedback always encourages us to do the best.

Wishing you a wonderful time in Portugal.

Have Fun!!

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