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Korean Air Check-In, Boarding Pass Tips

To know more about Korean Air check-in, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Korean Air is one of the largest air carriers in South Korea. They have formed in the year 1969. In Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul city of South Korea, they have set up their Headquarters. And in Gimpo, Incheon, & Gimhae International Airport are Korean Air’s hub. From which they are manging 180 numbers of aircraft. Till now they have covered 150 destinations including domestic as well as international locations.

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Korean Air check-in & boarding pass process

The check-in service allows passengers to complete their Korean Air booking pre-flight formalities online. Earlier, It was noticed on a daily basis, that travelers had to wait in long and time-taking queues for their turn at the check-in counter. And of course, to prevent such time-taking situations, the airline ease the check-in processes for their customers with varieties of check-in options which we discuss as under:

Korean Air Check-In options 

Specifically, Korean Air upgraded and digitized check-in services completely take care of passengers’ satisfaction and comfort. As it offers various Check-in opportunities that assist passengers in completing their check-in formalities with great accuracy and in a very short time.

If you are traveling by a Korean Air flight, then various options are offered to you to check-in and can be completed before and after arriving at the airport.

  • Korean Air Web or Mobile Check-in
  • Korean Air Kiosk Express Check-in
  • Korean Air Airport Check-in

Korean Air Web or Mobile Check-in

mobile & web check-in, Korean Air check-in

visiting Korean Air’s website and downloading its dedicated app for various mobile devices, the Korean Air web and mobile check-in procedure can be completed in very simple steps. Korean Air web Check-in options can be used within 48 hours prior to the scheduled time for a flight. 

Passengers who have their valid electronic-Ticket by Korean Air can fulfill their web check-in formalities at least 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for domestic flights and up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure for international flights.

Korean air check-in online
Online check-in

Step by step guidelines for check-in Online and getting a Boarding pass

  • First of all, You have to Open the official website of Korean Airlines and log in with your registered Id and password.
  • After log in, you redirect to the homepage of Korean Airlines. Here you can see the check-in tab you have to just tap on it.
  • After Clicking on the check-in tab you have you have to enter the booking reference number, last name, and the middle name of the passenger which is asked in the field while selecting the date from the drop-down cursor and clicking on the reservation inquiry button.
  • After entering the details you will be able to retrieve your ticket then the next step is to pay for your baggage if any and choose your seat.
  • After a successful transaction, you can access your boarding pass and save it to your mobile phone and print your hard copy of your boarding pass. Another way to get the boarding pass is, you can also collect your boarding pass from a self-service Kiosk or check-in counter.
Eligible Passengers For Korean Air Web or Mobile check-InTimings For Check-In
Passengers who are traveling by Korean Air and Passengers who are holding their valid e-tickets can use the online or web check-in servicePassengers who are flying for domestic flights can do web check-in from 48 hours to 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
Passengers who are flying for International Flights can do web check-in from 48 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure.

Restriction to use of Korean Air web or mobile check-in 
  • Departing from Guiyang, Nanning, Mudanjiang,Tunxi,  and Urumqi.
  • Passengers who are flying on charter flights or other airline flights.
  • Passengers who are going to travel on code-share flights that are operated by other airlines can not use the Korean Air web or mobile check-in option.
  • Passengers who have requested for revalidation of the electronic ticket can not access web or mobile check-in by Korean Air.
  • When passengers who are traveling on domestic flights and who have requested additional special services or assistance such as if they are traveling with a pet, they need wheelchair assistance, or they are an unaccompanied Minor, etc., can not use the Korean Air web check-in service.
  • If you are flying to the US and have a green card then Korean Air web or mobile check-in is not for you.

Korean Air web & mobile check-in offers the following options to customers

  • Web or mobile check-in service comes with seat selection options for passengers who are eligible for the Korean Air web or mobile check-in option. 
  • The option to edit and modify frequent flyer numbers is offered to travelers.
  • Passengers can enter passport information.
  • Last but not least here passengers can also check in for their return flight. And the return check-In option is only accessible to passengers who are flying First Class and Prestige Class within 48 hours.

Korean Air boarding pass via web & mobile check-in 

Once completing online check-in formalities and procedures, you are all free to access your boarding passes. There can be two ways you can access your boarding pass:-

  • Mobile Boarding Passes
  • Printed Boarding Passes 

Availability of Mobile Boarding Passes For Following places & Destinations

  • Korea, Japan, Canada, the US – all airports.
  • China:
    • Korean Air web or mobile Boarding Pass for. Hong Kong, Taipei.
    • Online Boarding Pass only for places. Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Wuhan.
  • Only Web Boarding Pass. For all European airports, except Moscow.
  • The Middle East in Dubai
  • The web boarding pass for Southeast Asia. Bali, Bangkok, Cebu, Denpasar, Kuala Lumpur, Manila (only Web Boarding Pass),  Phuket, Singapore.
  • For Oceania. Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney.

Passengers who have checked in online and traveling without baggage and luggage then they can straight go to the concourse without stopping by the counter. However, this is the case for passengers who already carry their boarding passes. 

Passengers who have checked-in online and traveling with baggage then they must have to drop their baggage at the drop-off area or counter for luggage check-in.

Korean Air kiosk express check-in

Korean Air self-service or kiosk check-in is one of the quickest and fastest ways to check-in for a flight. The self-service kiosk check is done at the airport, where you will have to submit and scan some required information and valid ID cards about your reservation for a flight.

Korean Air kiosk check-in

After complying with all required norms of the self-service kiosk check-in machine, you can easily obtain a boarding pass even without going to check-in counters. 

Korean Air kiosk check-in allows you to check-in quickly and with more convenience. And make sure to do the check-in with the kiosk machine at least 50-60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for international flights and 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for domestic flights.

Eligible passengers for kiosk express check-in
  • Passengers who have a confirmed electronic-Ticket.
  • Passengers who are flying to a no-visa country.
  • Passengers who are flying from Incheon, Gimpo, and Gimhae to China.

Passengers who need special assistance or help like if you need any medical help or something then you will not be able to use the Korean Air Kiosk check-in service.

Following airports offer self-service kiosk check-In
  • For domestic flight
  • Daegu
  • Gunsan
  • Gwangju
  • Jeju
  • Jinju (Sacheon)
  • Pohang,
  • Ulsan
  • Seoul (Gimpo)
  • Yeosu/Suncheon
  • Busan (Gimhae)
  • Cheongju Wonju
  • For international flights
  • Korea:- Busan (Gimhae), Daegu, Seoul (Incheon & Gimpo), Jeju.
  • Japan:- Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo (Narita & Haneda)
  • Asia:- Singapore (Changi), Cebu, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan (Taoyuan).
  • America:- New York (JFK), San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles,  Seattle (Tacoma), Las Vegas (McCarran), Vancouver.
  • Europe:- Barcelona (El Prat), Moscow (Sheremetyevo), Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion), Frankfurt (Main Airport), London (Heathrow Airport), Zagreb.
  • Oceania: Auckland.Item 1

Korean Air airport check-in

Korean Air Airport Check-in can be accessed by simply carrying your passport, visa, electronic-Ticket Itinerary, the credit card at a Korean Air counter. In the airport check-in service you will be given your desired seat, and your luggage and baggage will be checked-in.

And once you are done with Korean Air Airport Check-in you will be allowed to obtain your boarding pass before your flight departs.

Deadlines for airport check-in 

Passengers who are traveling for international flights or going abroad, then they must reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. And passengers who travel to domestic places then they must have to arrive at the airport at least 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. 

Arriving at the airport on time and complying with all required check-in norms will certainly give you a sense of comfort and satisfaction for your flight journey so make you do the check-in on time and pass security checkpoints. 

The closing time limit for all Korean Air check-in services

  • For passengers who are traveling for an international flight, then the check-in must be done at least 40 minutes before departure. For an international flight, the check-in services will be closed 30-40 minutes prior to the departure time.
  • For passengers who are traveling for a domestic flight, the check-in services will closed time 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • When passengers are flying from Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Africa, the check-in counter will be out of service at least 50-60 minutes prior to the flight departure time.
  • Passengers who are carrying an Exchange Voucher, then they must have to complete their online or mobile check-in process at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure. 

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