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Malaysia Airlines Check-In, Boarding Pass Tips

To know more about Malaysia Airlines check-in, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Malaysia Airlines is the popular flag carrier in Malaysia which is also called the Malaysian Airline System, with its headquarter at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The airline operates its flights from Kota Kinabalu( secondary hubs ), Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and from Kuching to various destinations across Oceania, Europe, and Asia.

The airline has also been associated with the Oneworld airline alliance and owns two subsidiary airlines named MASwings and Firefly. Firefly runs scheduled flights from its two home bases, the first one is Subang International Airport and the second one is Penang International Airport.

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We are Treknova, an independent & professional travel portal site. Here we will be providing information related to online check-in, security, boarding pass tips, and the best way to check-in for a flight – whether you’re traveling interstate or international. For any kind of query & support, you can always talk to our customer service team +1-800-831-1547.

Malaysia Airlines check-in & boarding pass process

From managing booking and reservations to flight check-in, Malaysia Airlines takes proper care of passengers’ satisfaction and travel experience in every possible way. Therefore, the Airline believes in providing quick and easy-to-use check-in options with additional features and functionalities for the effective check-in process.

Make flying journeys delightful and splendid by using any of the check-in options by Malaysia Airways of your own choice. Here you are going to look at numerous check-in options offered by the airlines.

Malaysia Airlines Check-In options 

Passengers who travel on Malaysia Airlines flights can use various services or options which can be used before or after arrival at the airport:

  • Malaysia Airlines Self-service check-in- without waiting in a long queue and requiring no human intervention:
  • Malaysia Airlines  Web Check-in
  • Malaysia Airlines  Mobile Check-in
  • Malaysia Airlines  Kiosk Check-in
  • Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal (KL CAT)
  • Malaysia Airlines Check-in counters

Procedure: Malaysia Airlines Web Check-in

Check-in for flight has now been a task of just a few steps and procedures with the Malaysia web check-in option or the online check-in which easily allows eligible passengers to check in with the comfort from their home or office anywhere they are in the world. 

  • Firstly go to the official website of Malaysian Airlines.
  • On the home page of Malaysian airlines, you can see the check-in tab in the middle of the screen at the menubar you just have to click on it.
  • The next step is to select your flight date.
  • Then you have to enter the booking reference number or e-ticket number which you got when you booked your itinerary.
  • After entering the details you have to pay for your baggage and choose your seat and then print your hard copy of your boarding pass. You can download a digital boarding pass which you can show at the boarding gate.

Note* If you are an unaccompanied minor, pregnant woman, your first part of the itinerary is operated by other airlines, you are traveling with pets or animals, traveling alone and below 18 years, and any other ineligibility which is against the terms and conditions of Malaysia Web check-in, then the option is not for you. 

Malaysian airlines online check-in, Malaysian airlines check-in

The Web Check-in service facilitates passengers to check-in for their flight digitally by choosing a preferred seat for them and saving and printing the boarding pass before the scheduled departure of the flight. Web check-in allows you to add up 9 more passengers in your group and can be accessed from 48 hours and up to 90 minutes prior to the departure time.

Once the Malaysia web Check-in is finished by fulfilling all the required formalities, passengers will be redirected to the option called print your boarding pass or receive a Mobile Boarding Pass instead. But after arriving at the airport, there may be required further verification of your flight check-in at the airport, so, it is better to take Check-in Confirmation Receipt, which will be exchanged with a boarding pass before the flight departure.

Malaysia Airlines web check-in times

  • Web check-in is open from 48 hours and up to 90 minutes prior to the flight departure.
  • Mobile check-in can be used only from 48 hours and up to 90 minutes before the flight departs.

Rules & Regulations for Check-in Baggage

If you are going to travel with your baggage, then you will need to go to the baggage check-in counters or desks:-

If you are departing for International Airports

At least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your international flights.

Passengers for Kuala Lumpur International Airport

For domestic flights, you will have to arrive at least 60 minutes before your flight departs.

For international flights, you will have to arrive at the baggage counters at least 60 minutes before your flight departure.

Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak airports

For Domestic flights, reach baggage check-in desks at least 60 minutes before your flight for domestic flights.

For international flights, you must be present at baggage counters at least 60 minutes before your flight departure.

  • Passengers with carry-on baggage will have to show their boarding pass and identification document at the security gate and can go to the gate for departure.
  • Boarding gate closes 25-30 minutes before the departure time of flight so make sure to arrive at the gate as soon as you can. Malaysia domestic routes and Malaysia to and from ASEAN destinations, mobile check-in with the mobile boarding pass is available.
Requirements for Malaysia Airlines web check-in
  • Check-in must be done within 24 hours up to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure takes place.
  • You should have an electronic-ticket along with a confirmed booking
  • You can add up to only 9 other passengers in a group but infants are excluded.
  • If you do not need any special assistance (i.e. unaccompanied minor).
  • You should have enough time at the airport in order to go through security, check your bags, etc.

Malaysia Airlines mobile check-in

Malaysia’s mobile check-in is only available from 48 hours up to 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Passengers who use mobile service obtain their boarding pass in different formats such as Mobile Boarding Pass or a PDF boarding pass, and printed boarding pass according to departure airport rules and requirements.

Malaysia Airlines boarding pass via mobile
  • Mobile Boarding Pass – here you can save the boarding pass automatically on the Malaysia Airlines app or an SMS with a link. Mobile Check-in with Mobile Boarding Pass is only open for domestic flights and flights which are departing to/from ASEAN destinations.
  • PDF boarding pass – the boarding pass will be shown in the PDF file and take a print out of it before arriving at the airport.

In your mobile boarding pass there will be a 2D barcode, which can be scanned or read at the gate during boarding and airport security checkpoints. Passengers who have checked-in already through web or mobile also will be required to go to the self-service check-in kiosk in order to print their baggage tag before they go to the baggage drop counter.

Malaysia Airlines kiosk check-in

It easily lets passengers check-in, select seats of their choice, and print their boarding pass along with the baggage tag at the airport by just using a couple of simple and easy to use steps. Once check-in is completed along with your boarding pass and baggage tags, you surely can proceed to the baggage check-in desks if you are carrying baggage to check-in or you do not have baggage then go straight to the boarding gate for departure.

Malaysia kiosk check-in is available from 48 hours and up to 60 minutes before your flight departs. 

Availability of Kiosks check-in
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Kota Bharu
  • Kuching
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Langkawi
  • Johor Bahru
Exceptions for self-check-in 
  • Passengers who do have a need for any special service assistance from airline staff members can not use self-check-in.
  • If you are traveling with a group of more than 9 other passengers, then you can not use kiosk check-in by Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal (KL CAT)

The KLCAT service is only accessible for passengers who have valid KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit tickets. And they can use this check-in up to 2 hours before the flight departs for international flights, and 90 minutes before the flight departs for domestic flights without luggage.

Malaysia Airlines check-in counters

Be ready with your travel documents in order to proceed for counter check-in and reach the airport as quickly as possible 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. After arriving at the check-in counter you will be asked to show your travel documents in terms of reservation of flight and given your printed boarding pass before the departure.

If you are traveling with your luggage, then you can proceed to the baggage check-in area in order to get your baggage checked-in by the airlines.

Closure time for counter check-in

For International Airports

  • The check-in counter generally shuts down in 50-60 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • The departure gate is closed 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for international flights.

For Domestic Airports

  • The check-in counters are closed in 60 minutes before the flight departs for domestic and international flights.
  • The departure gate closes in 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for domestic and international flights.

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