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Porter Airlines Check-In & Boarding Pass

Porter Airlines is a regional carrier in Canada. It was founded in 2006. It’s between cities across the United States and Canada. Held by Porter Aviation Holdings, formerly known as REGCO Holdings Inc., Porter operates scheduled flights between Canada and the United States on Canadian and Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft.

Porter Airlines Check-in & boarding Pass

The service of Porter at Toronto Airport began in 2006 with several controversies. Robert Deluxe, now Chief Executive Officer of Porter Airlines, suggested the development of a regional airline using Bombardier turboprop aircraft to service major cities across the Toronto border. In 2003, the proposed bridge to the airport was canceled, leading to a lawsuit between Deluxe and the City of Toronto.

How can I check-in for my Porter Airlines

When it comes to checking you have options. Here you will find everything you need to know about checking in online, on your mobile device, or at a self-service kiosk at the airport.

There are four easy ways to Check-In  and make flying easier

We make the flight easy by making checks easy. Before your departure, we will send you a flight reminder in your email account to decide how you want to check-in. From the comfort of your home, you can check-in online or on your mobile device. If you prefer to wait until you arrive at the airport, you are welcome to visit our check-in counter or use our kiosk. Whichever route you choose, please make sure you have your valid government-issued photo ID as well as your flight confirmation number.

  1. Online Check-In
  2. Mobile Check-In
  3. Check-in Kiosk
  4. Airport  Check-in

Online Check-In

Use our easy and convenient online check-in when you want to check in early from home or work.

  • You can check online within under 24 hours of departure time. Save $ 10 + tax per bag when you pay in advance and purchase additional travel options.
  • Get your boarding pass. Don’t have a printer? No problem! You can send your boarding pass directly to your mobile device and fly paperless!
  • Tag your bag. If you are traveling with checked baggage, you must have a tag at the check-in counter.

Steps to Check-in Online & get Boarding Pass

Check-in online is an easy task for the passengers who hold the ticket of Porter Airlines through the official website. Here we’ll discuss how to check-in and get access to a boarding pass.

  • First of all, open the official website of Porter Airlines in the browser.
  • Now login with your registered I’d and the password to proceed further. You can also check-in without login but it is recommended to check-in with your registered account.
  • After login, you are at the homepage of Porter Airlines where you will find the “Manage Flights” tab in the menu. Just tap on it.
  • After that, you are on the next page where you have to fill out some empty fields. Enter your confirmation number and the last name of the passengers and then click on the check-in button.
  • This step helps you to retrieve all the details of the ticket.
  • Now the next step is to pay for your baggage if you have any extra baggage and choose your seat from the seat map.
  • After your successful transaction, you’ll get access to check-in and a boarding pass. You can download it on your device for print in the future or you can also print your boarding pass from the kiosk machine which is available at the airport.

Mobile Check-In

If you are constantly moving, just download your boarding pass on your mobile device and fly paperless!

  • You should search online 24 hours before your flight on the official website of Save $ 10 + tax per bag when you pay in advance and purchase additional travel options.
  • Receive your ticket Your boarding pass will be sent directly via email to your cellular phone.
  •  You can save it in your passbook app or save the QR code to scan at the airport.
  • If you are traveling with checked baggage, you must have a tag at the check-in counter.

Check-In Kiosk

Our easy-to-use airport kiosks are designed to help avoid long line-ups at the check-in counter so that you can reach your flight even faster.

  • You can watch it at the airport up to 60 minutes before your flight. Only domestic flights within Canada have kiosk check-in open.
  • Get your ticket Your boarding pass will be printed at the kiosk.
  • If you are traveling with checked baggage, you must have a tag at the check-in counter.

Airport Check-In

Our check-in counters are designed to help you de-stress the airport process.

  • Up to 60 minutes before your departure, you can check-in at the airport and buy additional travel options. You just need your reservation reference and clear government identification.
  • Get your ticket Your boarding pass will be issued at the check-in desk.
  • If you are traveling with checked baggage, you must have a tag at the check-in counter.

Check-in and Boarding Times Of Porter Airlines

When you got an aircraft to catch, you must arrive on time. But sometimes, it can be a little difficult to tell how long everything is going to be. Here you will find your airport arrival time and check-in time for your flight.

Web Check-In

Web check-in is the easiest and fastest way to check-in for your Porter flight. You can check-in online 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. Web check-in closes 60 minutes before the scheduled time.

Airport check-in

Airport check-in usually opens 2 hours before departure (or during the given station operating time). It takes time to get to the airport, complete check-in, and undergo security, so we recommend arriving at the airport as soon as possible; 60 minutes before a domestic flight and no more than 90 minutes before an international flight.

You will need to allow for additional check-in time if:

  • Passengers need special help.
  • Passengers are traveling with a pet.
  • Passengers flying with the baggage of over-dimension or overweight.

Check-in and boarding time depends on the original airport as outlined below. All times are shown before scheduled departure and apply to flights operated by Porter Airlines.

Travel within Canada

AirportCheck-In/Baggage Drop-off ClosesBoarding Gate Closes
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport20 min10 min
Other Airports30 min10 min

You will need to keep your boarding pass with you and your checked bags have dropped off before check-in or you will not be able to board your flight.

Travel to/from international destinations

AirportCheck-In/Baggage Drop-off ClosesBoarding Gate Closes
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport45 min10 min
Other Airports60 min10 min

At  the Gate

On your boarding pass, your boarding gate and time are revealed. We encourage you to come to the gate area later than the time shown.

If you are not at the gate available for boarding 10 minutes before departure, even if you have received your boarding pass, you will be denied boarding and will not be denied boarding compensation.

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