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Virgin Atlantic Airways Check-In, Boarding Pass Tips

To know more about Virgin Atlantic Airways check-in, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British airline and its headquarter is in Crawley, England. The airline was established in 1984. The airline is using Airbus and Boeing aircraft and serves various destinations such as Africa, North America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Asia. Virgin Atlantic Airways has two bases, one at Heathrow and the other at Manchester.

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Virgin Atlantic Airways check-in & boarding pass process

The check-in service allows passengers to complete their Virgin Atlantic Airways reservations, and pre-flight formalities online. Earlier, It was noticed on a daily basis, that travelers had to wait in long and time-taking queues for their turn at the check-in counter. And of course, to prevent such time-taking situations, the airline eases the check-in processes for their customers with varieties of check-in options which we discuss as under:

Virgin Atlantic Airways Check-In options 

Virgin Atlantic Airways has various services for you to check-in for your flight. No matter where you are on the move or at the terminal or even still at your hotel or home, the following mentioned services facilitate passengers’ satisfaction and convenience to check-in for their flight.

  • Virgin Airlines Online Check-in
  • Virgin Airlines Mobile Check-in
  • Virgin Airlines Kiosk Check-in

Virgin Airlines online check-in

Virgin Airline Online or web Check-in service is open for all passengers who are flying with the Airlines. The web check-in process starts from 24 hours up to 70 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.

Steps to Check-in online and Boarding Process

Virgin Atlantic Airways gives an option for customers to check-in by themselves on their official website. They only need to check-in within 24hr of the flight’s scheduled departure and check-in up to 2 hr. And the second thing customer should not be the unaccompanied minors who need help at the airport or at the time of termination. Here we discuss the step of check-in online.

  • Firstly go to the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airways.
  • On the home page of Virgin Atlantic, you can see the check-in tab on the left side of the screen at the menubar you just have to click on it.
  • The next step is to find your trip by entering the Booking reference number, e-ticket number, or Flying club number. This step will help to retrieve all the details regarding the journey.
  • Likewise, If you choose Confirmation details, then you have to enter the airport where you want to need check-in for starting your journey.
  • After entering all the details you have to pay for your baggage if any, choose your seat, and then print your hard copy of your boarding pass.

Online check-in additional benefit

  • You can submit additional information that you would like to check-in.
  • Passengers are free to add additional information, alter any details, and confirm the information which will be needed for immigration purposes.
  • You can easily change and view your preferred seats with this online check-in option. If you have been allotted a seat already and you wish to change it then you can do this easily.
  • Make sure that you have confirmed how many bags you will be taking with you for flying and which items you are carrying for you.

Please make sure that you do not carry any of the forbidden items in the form of your luggage and it is better to check all the terms and conditions related to luggage. After completing the web check-in process, passengers can have their printed boarding pass through mobile phone and email id for their selected destinations. 

Note* Each time when you check-in online, always remember the thing you should have enough time to check your baggage process and for the security checks because baggage drops time is always closed 60 minutes before the flight departure.

Virgin Airlines mobile check-in

Virgin Airline Mobile Check-in service is available for all the passengers who are traveling with Virgin Airlines. Mobile check-in must be done between 24 hours and 70 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for a flight. After checking in via your mobile phone or tablet device, there will be various options for you to receive your paper boarding pass.

Virgin Atlantic airways mobile check-in, virgin atlantic airways check-in

Passengers who use Online or Mobile Check-in services, easily have their Mobile Boarding Pass on their smartphone devices. And if you are traveling as a group then you can store all your boarding passes in one device.

Virgin Airlines kiosk check-in

Virgin Airlines Self-Service Kiosk must be completed 2 to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure for the flight. Passengers have to make sure that they use a machine-readable passport, credit card, frequent flyer card, or Virgin Atlantic booking reference, to check-in with the Kiosk machine or self-service check-in.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Kiosk check in
Virgin Atlantic kiosk at Heathrow Airport

Options for self-service kiosk check-in

  • You can add up to 8 additional passengers to check-in with you
  • Reviewing and changing the seat
  • Altering and adding frequent flyer details
  • Confirm if you have bags to check
  • Printing boarding papers or passes 

After you are done with Kiosk Check-in, then you have to go to the Bag Drop-off area in case you have bags to check-in. Baggage checking-in must be done at least 60-70 minutes before your flight departs. It is a recommendation to all the customers that you should reach at airport at least 2 to 3 hours before the flight departure for doing all the pre-journey formalities.

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