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Air China Reservation

Air China is one of the most famous air carriers among all other airlines giving service in the air carrier companies in the People’s Republic of China. They are in service for flying transportation since 1988 and by end of the 2017, they have given 102 million passengers service to fly over domestic as well as international locations.

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As the World know coronavirus has been spread from the country China, thus air flyer transport from China has been strictly restricted and all the scheduled flights in the early 2020 has-beens suspended by the Government of China for both domestic as well as for international flights.
Cancellation of flight due to this pandemic COVID-19 situation has set passengers in loss of ticket fare amount. But do not worry about it, Air China has a refund policy for all whose flight has been canceled due to this Covid-19 reason. You have to apply for an Air China ticket refund online or you can call the Air China reservation customer center.

To the latest Update, Air China will start the flights to an international location. Every week at least 24 flights of Air China will fly through different 19 routes of Beijing, 3 routes from Shanghai, and 2 routes from Chengdu from 12 am of 1 July till 12 am of  August of 2020.

Air China Reservation Service

Service after Air China reservation of tickets is set up according to the value of serving to their passengers which will be quite beneficial for the customers or passengers traveling by Air China. Facilities being the passengers of Air China whether it’s at the time of boarding at the airport or in-flight journey hours or apart from the flight’s service, the self-service facility is also facilitated to the customers for saving time.

In-flight Entertainment

Over the jets of Air China has been set up with a world-class entertainment system which has been one of the state-of-the-art AVOD systems which have multiple blockbusters movies, a collection of 100 CDs with a wide variety of games for making your valuable time in your flight journey enjoyable and entertaining.

Apart from the above entertainment source, you will also get various magazines or newspapers in-flight. For making your time remarkably enjoyable, you will face 12 different music channels along with 8 movies which are been directed by well-known directors. Air china makes sure that you didn’t get bored while flying with them over the long flight journey.

In-flight meal

Air china makes it ensures all the food they serve to their passengers for the safety or health measures for the passengers flying with them. Though they offer quite delicious food with a variety of options according to the season. You will get Chinese as well as authentic western meal choices to have your hunger satisfied in the flight journey with Air China.

They look over the freshness and provide the healthiest meal to the passengers flying with Air China. In the flight with is more than an hour & half journey and timing of the flights are colliding with the meal serving time in-flight which is 3 times a day, then Air China will plan meals for passengers.

And the flight which is of a minimum 1-hour flight journey at any time of the day then passenger on-board will surely get beverages with additional refreshments or snacks of Air china’s choice so that you get the comfortable journey in flight. To know more about the in-flight meal, please click over the link and get more about this.

Preferred seating

While traveling on the flights of Air China, you can select the seat of your choice in advance which will be charged. Though in the economy class of Air china flights only this facility of seat reservation in advance is permitted.

You are allowed for seat reservation along with your booking or after several days of booking or at the time of check-in for the same booked scheduled flight. But once you have checked in then you can not get the preferred seat of your choice.

So to avoid the long queue of the line for seat reservation or anything, Air China has introduced the bar code, in the site which you can from your mobile Air China App and get your seat reservation process easy by booking and giving payment for it online.

Apart from it once you have palace a reservation of seat of your choice, then after you are not permitted to change or endorse it. Though if you have a plan to change the ticket or cancel the ticket you can request a refund for the seat reservation from where it is been purchased.

You can get a full refund for free if you request a refund within 48 hours of the scheduled flight. You are even permitted to apply for a refund for 12 months from the original date of purchase. Get in touch with customer care by calling on 95583-1-5 for Air China Manage booking.

Baggage allowance

Every passenger is limited to the baggage allowance set by Air China for the transport of passengers’ luggage. Some are permitted to carry as carry-on bags or personal items in the cabin whereas some luggage is check-in as checked baggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft of the same flight you are flying in.

Carry-on baggage:

For carry-on bags or personal items carried in the cabin of the flight, you have to keep the weight and size limits of the bag. According to Air China’s business or first-class passengers, only 2 carry-on bags are permitted of a minimum weight of 8 kgs (17 lbs.) each and if flying over economy class then only one bag, it can be either carry-on bag or any personal items of weight not exceeding 5 kgs (11 lbs.).

The dimension of each baggage type carrying in the cabin of any class must be fir in the overhead compartment of the passenger’s seats or under the seats of the passenger. So Air China has set some size measures, you have to keep carry-on bags in between a length of 55 cms (22 in.), a width of 40 cms (16 in.), and a height of 20 cms (8 in.).

Checked Baggage:

Whether you are flying on domestic or international flights, the weight of the baggage for checked baggage will be determined by the routes you are flying to. Though for a domestic flight the general baggage allowance is first-class, for weight is up to 40 kgs, when flying in business class then its 30 kgs limit, and when flying in economy class then the baggage weight limit is not more than 20 kgs in total.

But the dimension or size of the baggage is fixed by Air Chian in advance for both international and domestic flights. Thus the length of the baggage should be 100 cm (40 in), width 60 cm (24 in), and height must be within 40 cm (16 in).

Traveling with infant

The baby of age minimum 14 days till 2 years of age are considered to be in the infant category by Air China who can travel in the flight. And it’s strictly stated that infants just be accommodated along with an adult of least 18 years or with his/her respective parents or guardian.

You have to book flight tickets for infants on the basis of infant fare set by Air China. A child of age beyond 2 years up to 17 years is considered a child and has to travel with a separate seat with the ticket including child fare.

Each adult passenger is permitted to carry 2 infant ones has to sit over the lap whose ticket is from infant fare whereas the second one will occupy a seat in the flight under child fare ticket. Or one adult passenger can carry one infant with an infant fare ticket and 2 children of age above 2 years old who come up with child fare tickets.

Though apart from this there is much more information regarding the same when you are traveling with an infant or child.

Pet Policy

Pet in the flights of Air China are been accepted until it’s a domestic pet, dog, or cat. But if your breed of pet dog or cat or any hybrid which might be aggressive or dangerous for other co-passengers or if your pet breed is one such from snort nose, then they are not permitted to fly in the aircraft.

You have to place some valid certificate which is mandatory to have according to Air Chian, if you want to get the approval of your pet for entry at departure, for the exit at arriving, and to travel in-flight baggage hold of aircraft.

You can not come up with a pet directly for entry at the check-in point. You have to keep your pet locked in the closed container where it will be traveling in the baggage compartment of the same aircraft you are flying.

Only one pet can be locked in one container and each flight of Air China is limited to transit one pet container only. And small-sized pets can come up as a special baggage category with suitable charges for it.

Your pet can not travel in-cabin of the Air China flight. And the weight of the pet with the container must not exceed the maximum weight till 32 kgs, set by Air China for letting your pet travel in the baggage hold of the same aircraft. Otherwise, if it gets exceeded then your pet will be transit in the cargo hold of the aircraft.


Though Air China has serval offices worldwide, and thus you can get in touch with any of them to get your query or question solved with the help of the Air China official customer care center either by call or by mail, or by post.

Calling number:

There are serval phone numbers according to the destination and country, but the calling number of the customers center of Air China, in general, is 00800-86-100-999.

Email Id:

You can even get in touch with them through Air china mail id


You can even write to them directly at their registered address:

Beijing international post office
PO BOX:100071-666
P.R. China 100071

You can even solution to your problem in the FAQ section for sure. Or you can contain for complaint through:

Phone/Fax no.:  (+86-10)59036666

Or give your feedback to Air china customer complaint site:

 and you will get a response from the Air China side accordingly.

Social Media Platform

Air China is quite active on its social media platform which is been handle by the special department od Air China. If you make your queries written in the comments or by DMS, they will respond to you from the social media handle also. Apart from this, you will also get to know new updates and information changes done by Air china and which are been shared over their social media platforms.

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