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Alaska Airlines Reservations

Alaska Airlines Flights Reservations, Online Ticket Booking Tips

Alaska airline is one of the major airlines in the USA and its headquarter is in SeaTac, Washington.

As it is the fifth largest airline in America, they provide the best services to its customer. They have changed their policies and provided more flexible facilities to its valuable passenger. If you are planning a trip and thinking to book your travel ticket with Alaska Airlines, then you are on the right way.

But we suggest that you must have each and every detail about the reservation with Alaska.

Although booking with Alaska through its official website is not a big deal. But in this article, you will get all information in detail that will help you to understand the latest policy and process regarding the reservation.

You have many options to book the reservation with Alaska Airlines as you may go with its official website, ticket window in the airport, the travel agent, or any other third party, etc. Let’s know about the Alaska reservation services.

If you have come here for an Alaska Airlines reservation, you can just visit our homepage to book flight tickets & compare the best deals from top airlines. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

How to book your flight ticket online for Alaska Airlines

Flight booking is an easy task nowadays. Most airlines enhance their user interface to be compatible with the digital world. Alaska is not other than that they also give some access to the passengers that they can book their reservation online on their own. Here we discuss step-by-step guidelines for how to book an Alaska flight ticket.

  • Very first you have to open the official website of Alaska Airlines in the browser. You can open the website of a travel partner like Treknova, which is one of the best travel websites for flight booking with so many offers.
  • After that, you have login with the registered id password. If you don’t have a login id then it is recommendable that sign-up immediately so that it is easy to build a bridge of communication.
  • After login, you will navigate to the homepage of Alaska Airlines. Here you can see the “Book” tab in the menu, just tap on that. Now the new drop-down box is open where you find the ‘Flight’ option click on this.
  • Now you are on the booking page you have to choose your trip either one way or round trip.
  • After choosing one of them you have to enter the details in empty fields where you have to fill out the origin, destination, departing date, the number of adults, and the number of children. After filling in all the details you can click on the Find flight.
  • The system redirects you to the next page where you have all the flight options related to your search.
  • Select any according to your convenient time as well as the fare shown on the screen.
  • After selecting a flight you have to enter the details of the passengers like passengers’ names, passengers surnames, gender, date of birth, and the contact details.
  • Now the final step is to pay for the ticket you are going to book. You can pay through your debit or credit card.
  • If your transaction is successful then you will notify through email. You will get the booking reference number which is a unique code that helps in the future for making further changes.

Alaska Airlines Flights Reservations Services

📺In-flight Entertainment

With people’s expectations for the hospitality from Alaska Airlines, they have begun to improve the facilities that they are providing on-board wifi, in-flight TV, and other facilities. A person can watch the latest movies or TV shows on his device for free while flying on Alaska Airlines. Thus, no more boring flight experiences. Passengers only need to download the application before flying. Something you should do before flying. That is a talk for another day.

If the flight time is too long, they will have their own system or scheduled onboard tablet. Customers can use the Internet on the plane, but according to the length of the flight, all passengers need to pay to use the service.

Airlines are working hard to increase the speed of the Internet to provide customers with a seamless experience. Today, passengers can make calls over the phone at a specific price.

💺 Seat and Class

When you are flying with Alaska Airlines, you will get two cabin classes, with different seating facilities. These classes have been dived on the basis of cabin and seating facilities and service provided to the passengers from the attendant present on the flight for you.

Premium class:

This class is available on some selected flights on Alaska Airlines. The seat in the premium class has 4 inches of extra legroom. You will get the facility of boarding first, with complimentary cocktails in addition to favorable wine and beer from some of the availabilities. Though beverages are served normally as others.

First Class

For first-class passengers in Alaska Airlines either in cash or miles, you will be having extra space with comfort and special service by crew members and you will get privacy too. The beverages you will get will be freshly made.

🍴Meals and Beverages

Economy class passengers have to purchase their own meals. As part of the in-flight purchase program, airlines provide various food packages, such as picnic bags, to charge for economy class on all flights.

Passengers can order meals before the flight and can choose from a variety of vegetarian food. Food will be prepared and delivered directly to the passenger’s seat.

First-class passengers can enjoy free meals and drinks. These beverages include alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, etc., which can be enjoyed with food.

✈Frequent Flyer Programs

With this, the passenger gets points added for every booking or gets discounts for buying inflight services. Free of cost registration for the passengers and only one-way redemption of the miles that have been accumulated. The miles expire after the inactivity of 2 years. 

There are 3 types of tiers available for the frequent flyers MVP, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75K. The higher tier members get a higher level of benefits like priority boarding, complimentary upgrades to first-class, and bonus mileage. 

  • To achieve such benefits the passenger has to travel 20000 miles or 32000 km on Alaska Airlines to get MVP
  • for MVP Gold when the member travels for 40000 miles or 64000kms
  • and for MVP Gold 75K the member has to travel for 75000 miles or 121000kms.

💼Baggage Information

The airline is a priority for every flight to bring passengers and their safety to their destination. The dimensions for carrying luggage have been changed for 22 x 14 ‘x 9’ flights, these include handles and tires.

Be sure to check the dimensions of your bag before the flight. Passengers are allowed to carry a suitcase, purse, or laptop bag without any personal belongings.

When you check-in for luggage, you can pay at the ticket kiosk or at any of the ticket counters at the airport. Suitcases weigh up to ፓ 50 and the first 62 62 ”(linear) bag costs $ 30, the second suitcase costs $ 40, and the third plus extra suitcases cost $ 100 under certain restrictions. During congestion, airlines may limit the number of luggage to enter.

The passenger will have to pay extra for an oversized suitcase. Extra bags weighing 1-1-100 pounds will cost $ 100, and luggage with 63 ‘–115’ straight lines will cost $ 100.

No piece weighing more than 100 pounds and no more than 115 ”linear scales. Contact 18002252752 for any assistance with overcrowding.

The suitcase can be checked 4 hours before departure. The bags will not be registered after this deadline, the entry counter will be closed and the luggage will not be accepted.

List of the items that are restricted or not allowed to be carried for check-in baggage:-

  • Battery-operated items or any electrical device like a portable charger, mobile, the laptop shouldn’t be inside. Make sure to carry it in your carry-on bag.
  • 5 liters of alcohol is allowed per person if it’s within the restriction, which is greater than 24% up to 70% of alcoholic content.
  • Electronic smoking devices are not allowed to be kept in the check-in baggage.
  • Explosives, flammable liquids or solids, household items such as solvents and drain cleaners, and lithium batteries are not allowed inside the check-in baggage.
  • Sharp objects such as cutting instruments including knives, box cutters, ice picks, razors, or scissors are allowed to keep inside the check-in baggage.

Passengers Allowed in Alaska

Passengers traveling in the flight of Alaska airlines have categories of all ages and give service to their passengers accordingly.

  1. Alaska Airlines Infant policy:
    Though there is no such minimum age limit for infants ages beyond 2 years are not considered to be an infant. The infant has to keep on the lap of the adult who is carrying him/her, throughout the flight journey.
  2. Junior Jetsetters program:
    Passengers who are 2 years old to 17 years old and flying alone are considered to be in unaccompanied minor service under the Junior Jetsetters program of Alaska Airlines. These children will be escorted by the Alaska Airlines staff to onboard them and flight attendants may be sure to give them care and service when they need it. So that they can have a good and safe flight journey alone.
  3. Senior Citizen Discount:
    Though Senior Citizen flying with Alaska Airline does not get any such special service, age beyond 62, i.e 62+ year old are considered Senior Citizen by Alaska Airlines and offer them a 10 % discount on their flying tickets.

There are certain requirements passengers have to submit for the booking of international flights with Alaska Airlines.

  • Full name (last name, first name, middle name if applicable)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Country of residence
  • Travel document type (normally passport)
  • Travel document number (expiration date and country of issue for passport)
  • Destination address in the U.S. (Not required for U.S. nationals, Legal Permanent Residents, or Alien Residents of the U.S. entering the U.S.)

Partnered Airlines

Mileage Plan

If you register yourself as a mileage plan member, then you can earn a bonus and avail the great value deals and offers while booking flights or at the airport or on onboard services, etc.

There are three plans among which you can join:


The lowest tier of Alaska’s program is MVP status, which requires 20,000 miles to eligible for the elite’s membership. You can also get yourself avail of the facility of MVP by flying 25,000 miles or 30 elite-qualifying segments on Alaska and partner flights.

MVP Gold:

The middle tier of Alaska’s program is MVP Gold status, which requires 40,000 miles to eligible for the elite’s membership on Alaska or 50,000 elite-qualifying miles/60 elite-qualifying segments on Alaska and partner airlines.

MVP Gold 75k:

The top tier of the Alaska program is MVP Gold 75K status, which requires 75,000 miles to eligible for the elite’s membership on Alaska or 90,000 elite-qualifying miles/90 elite-qualifying segments if you use partner airlines.

Alaska Airlines Customer Service

✋For Help

They are available 24/7 just for the queries of their passengers.

Find help before you fly, their reservation team can help the passengers before their trip with 

  • Upgradation to first class
  • How to book a ticket with miles
  • Cancellation and change fees
  • Requesting or change of seat assignment
  • Change, view, or cancel an existing reservation

📝 Text or chat with them

The customer can chat with them or text a question to 82008. For a text, use 160 characters or less. 

Most questions can be answered through texting and chat, if you face any problems regarding payment, give a call to them instead.

📞Call service

For any problems or queries, the customer or passenger can contact them at 18002527522. The team is available 24 hours every day to help you clear your problems as soon as possible and efficiently. 

Help for the hearing and speech impaired (TTY)  is also available, just dial 711 for relay services. Accessible services for help are available just call 1800500101. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get last-minute unpublished deals & discounts.

Phone number group Reservation:

Call 18004454435 for group reservations of 10 or more. 

6:00 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 6 pm, Saturday

Alaska Airlines Covid Policy

  • Alaska Airlines wants to tell you that traveling by air is the safest transportation for you as you have the least risk which is a 0.003% of chance of getting infected. 
  • Alaska airlines give you facilities like Hospital-grade air filtration, Clean air exchange, and Top-down airflow to keep you safe even on a full flight. 
  • Alaska Airlines has waived off or you can say removed the change fees permanently from their rebooking policies. Now you can change or cancel your flights without any extra fee. But while rescheduling you will have to pay if the next flight fare is higher. 

Safety measures

  • Even if you are vaccinated you will have to wear your mask for your safety and that everyone traveling with you. 
  • All the employees will be wearing masks all the time while traveling. 
  • You will need the Covid-19 negative report which is the most wanted document to travel these days. 
  • If you are an international traveler in the US, you can upload all your documents to the VeriFLY App by downloading it.
  • Also, you can download our Airlines app which is Alaska App, and make sure to go contactless as much as you can by doing the check-in on that app and also by getting the boarding pass. 
  • During the time of boarding, you will have to fill out a health agreement form to ensure your safety and the safety of the people around you, it will confirm that you haven’t had any symptoms in the last 3 days or haven’t been in contact with someone who had been Covid positive. 
  • Alaska Airlines lounges are open but with a limited capacity. 
  • You can also get food and beverages on board and you get to pay contactless for it if you want. 
  • After every flight, the Airplanes are cleaned thoroughly and Alaska Airlines is in partnership with a University of Washington Medical Director, specializing in Infectious Diseases for getting the best advice. 

The airline’s guidelines are subject to change anytime, so do check before booking a flight or before boarding. 

Social Media

For the latest updates and news about flights follow Alaska airlines on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube. For Facebook, and Twitter just searches for Alaska Airline and subscribe to their social media handle.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

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