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Alitalia Airlines Reservation

Alitalia Airlines is a basically Italy-based air carrier since 1946. They have been proven to be quite good air carriers not only within Italy but also over international destinations all around the world. But from 17 March 2020 Alitalia Airlines is now a completely government-owned air carrier. Till 2019 they have successfully taken flights to 97 different destinations worldwide.

Apart from this, they have also given customer satisfactory service whether you in gound or on board. They have a good flight booking service along with a manage trip option, which you can use to manage your ticket booking later. You will be given get great deals and offers for Alitalia Airlines reservation of tickets.

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So the refund of the canceled tickets has either been canceled by the airline itself or by the passengers. You will get back the value of your ticket in voucher form which will be valid to use again for about 1 year from the date the voucher has been issued. Apart from the cancelation of tickets, you can even get changes in the ticket like a change in destination or date of departure without any change in the price of the tickets.

You have to keep the following safety rules for protection purposes from the Coronavirus. Though airlines have to keep an eye on the safety measures of the passengers whether they are in-ground or on the flight.

How to Book Your Alitalia Airlines Flight Ticket Online

If you want to book your flight ticket on Alitalia Airlines then you can do it without any hassle on their official website. You need only a computer or mobile with internet access and registration on the official website with the email id or phone number. Alitalia Airlines improve their services by taking the feedback of their customers on regular basis. They use modern technology to get connect with passengers or customers, especially through social media and the helpline number. Customers can book their flight tickets on different travel websites if they get the chance of a better deal on flight booking. Like, Treknova which is the best platform for flight booking where you can get discounts on every booking. Here we’ll discuss the steps for online flight booking for Alitalia Airlines.

  • The very first thing you have to do is open the official website of Alitalia Airlines in the browser.
  • Now you have to sign in with your I’d and password. Register yourself if don’t yet have any I’d, that help in better two-way communication.
  • After sign-in you are on the homepage of Alitalia Airlines. Here you’ll get the “Book and Manage” tab in the menu. You have to click on that.
  • Now a new drop-down list is open where you’ll get the option of “Book”. Just click on the Book option.
  • Now you are on the next page, you have to enter some details in the empty fields. You have to select the one-way or round trip then enter the origin and the destination place with the date of departure.
  • Then, enter the number of passengers who are going to travel together on the same ticket then click on the search button.
  • Now you have a list of available flights on the screen base on your search with the timing and the price. You have to select the available time slot and the ticket fare class according to your convenience and then click on continue.
  • After clicking on continue, you are on the next page where you have to enter the passengers’ details. Enter the name of the passengers with surname, age, gender, and contact details with email and telephone number and then click on next.
  • After doing the aforementioned steps you have to pay for your tickets through a credit card or the payment applications that are available on the website.
  • After your successful transaction, you will get notified by the airlines through the mail in which you will get confirmation of your ticket.

Alitalia Airlines Reservation Services

In-flight Meal

Yes, you will get meals over in-flight when you are flying with Alitalia AirlinesAirliens. Meals are of different cuisine and taste from variant locations.

Though you have to pre-book for in-flight meal service at the time of Alitalia Airlines’ reservation when you are flying in the Economy class of Alitalia Airlines. Or you should order a meal in-flight at least 24 hours before the departure time of your Alitalia Airlines reservation.

You can even get a special meal on request which has been categorized into the 3 types:

  • Children specialist meals
  • Regional or religious Meal 
  • Diet or medical-based meal

Special meals in-flight have some important factors which they have kept in mind while cooking and offering which are:

Bland Meal, Diabetic Meal, Gluten-Free Meal, Low-Calorie Meal, Low Cholesterol, Low Salt Meal, Lactose-Free MealSeafood/Fish Meal, Vegan Meal, Vegetarian Meal, Asian Vegetarian Meal, Kosher Meal, Muslim Meal, Hindi Meal, Baby Meal, and Childs Meal.

In-flight entertainment

Alitalia Airlines’ international Long-Haul flight has an entertainment source for their passenger’s time utilization over the long flight journey. You will get 100 TC programs along with 100 kinds of music compilations. You can even watch movies from different 80 varieties. Apart from it they a kid’s related shows. Many interesting & interactive games. And for the sports lover, you will be having 2 sports or news channels.

Baggage Allowance

Alitalia Airlines accept bags to carry in the cabin and large baggage to carry it as in baggage hold of the same aircraft you are about to fly in. But there have been certain instructions or limits on the allowance of the baggage.

Baggage in-cabin:

Carrying baggage along with your in-cabin is permitted up to one baggage for each one passenger. The size of the baggage must be small enough to put in the overseat hold or keep under the seat of the passengers. 

So according to Alitalia Airlines, the weight of baggage carried out in-cabin strictly must not be more than 8 kgs. And dimensions of the baggage must be within 55cm of length, 35 cm of width, and 25 cm of height.

You are permitted baggage to carry in-cabin are the type like Briefcase, Laptop computer, Handbag/Small Purse, Small Backpack.

Checked Baggage:

Every passenger has to follow the instructed dimensions for the checked baggage to get permitted to transit your baggage in the aircraft hold compartment of the same aircraft. So the restricted dimension of the checked baggage must not exceed 158 cms in total the sum of length, width & height.

Thought weight of the checked baggage will differ between 23 or 32 kgs according to the destination you are flying to or from or on which class you are traveling in the aircraft. So below we have disclosed limits on weight according to the class you are flying in.

  • Light Class: No checked baggage permitted
  • Economy Class: one baggage of 23 kgs each
  • Premium Economy Class: 2 baggage of 23 kgs each
  • Business Class: 2 baggage of 32 kgs each
  • Comfort (Rome-Milan) Class: 2 baggage of 32 kgs each

When you are flying in a Light fare ticket then you are not permitted to come up with checked baggage. Only one hand baggage of a maximum up to 8 kgs are permitted to carry.

There are certain destinations for which checked baggage limits changes like:

  • When traveling to or from Japan, Alitalia permits 2 checked baggage of the utmost 23 kgs each.
  • When traveling from Middle east countries or India to any states of the USA or Mexico or Canada or VV, then Alitalia Airlines accepts up to 2 checked baggage for each passenger of a maximum of 23 kgs each.
  • Or when you are traveling all the way from Brazil, then also every passenger are permitted to carry up to 2 checked baggage of 32 kgs each

You have to keep in mind that whenever you want to carry extra against the instruction for baggage allowance by Alitalia Airlines, then you have to pay for your extra checked baggage according to the number of baggage counts.

Pet Travel Policy

Alitalia welcomely accepts animals to travel in their aircraft with Alitalia Airlines pet policy. Animal species like a pet dogs, pet cats, or ferrets. They permit the animal to travel in both in-cabin or in a hold as one such checked baggage.

Pet in the hold:

There is certain instruction you have to follow for your pet to make them travel in the hold compartment of the same aircraft you are flying.

  • Pet must be closed in some strong hard pet carrier.
  • The carrier must build-up of strong hard plastic or rigid fiberglass.
  • To make your pet container in hold rigid, then remove the wheel in the container have and send them to hold compartment to travel.
  • The door of dog carriage must be of mental with a strong lock system in the top, middle, and bottom of the door.
  • The pet container dimensions may change according to the aircraft you are about to travel.

Pet in-cabin:

Pets are permitted to travel in-cabin of the aircraft only if they follow certain rules:

  • Pet must be locked inside the container which has soft curved edges & corners and semi-rigid.
  • The size of the pet carrier must be small enough, as the pet container must be fitted under the seat of the passengers in front of you.
  • You are strictly instructed to be the owner of the pet, that you are not permitted to bring your pet out of the box at the time of boarding, or during the flying hours nor at the time of landing and exiting the aircraft after arrival.
  • The weight of the per along with the container in which they are locked must be a maximum of 8 kgs.
  • And the dimensions of the pet container must be 40 cm in length, 24 cm in height, 20 cm in width.
  • If you are coming up with a soft bag pet container, then the height of the carrier can maybe extend to 2 to 4 cm more in height.
  • The bag container must be spacious enough for your pet so that they can take around inside, lay down comfortably.
  • The container should have proper ventilation 
  • The Pet container must be waterproof.
  • Up to 5 small pet animals in the same container are permitted, but weight must not get more than 8 kgs.
  • And if you are keeping pet food and water container too then weight may exceed 10 kgs.

Travel being pregnant

Yes, Alitalia Airlines allow the pregnant passenger to travel to the desired destination. But you have to submit the medical documents for flying, for the health safety of pregnant women as well as the baby in the womb. 

Before the flight departure date, a pregnant woman had to consult with their doctor about their physical fitness and health. You have to sign and get a stamp for Medical Information Form (MEDIF) for the good health being of the mother about to fly. And the documents must be prepared prior to, maximum of 7 days before the date of departure.

You strictly have to prepare for MEDIF when:

  • Your pregnancy is in the last 4 weeks stage
  • You have a complication in your pregnancy
  • You are carrying twins in your womb.

Traveling with Child

Alitalia Airlines permit children to travel along with their parents. So Airlines has divided the child category in 2, one in minor with the age bar from 0 to 14 years old, who must be accommodated with an adult of age at least 18 years.

In a Domestic flight within Italy, they should have some documents to fly in flight with Alitalia Airlines.

  • Minor should have any document presenting the citizenship of Italy according to DPR (Italian Presidential Decree).
  • If you have some other document other then Italy citizenship, then you have to check the Italian Embassy Website or consult with Italian Consultant about the needed documents for flight.

And the child of 14 age to 17 years can travel alone without any adult with proper documents. But if you have to make your child travel alone who are below the age of 14 years are permitted to fly under the service of the Unaccompanied minor.


While you want to get in contact with Alitalia airlines directly then they have phone numbers, addresses, and emails. You may contact the customer cares support team of Alitalia Airlines to solve your queries and questions.

Calling number:

There are several different numbers according to the country you are trying to contact Alitalia Airlines.

For the USA and Italy, you will get a toll free number to call them other than that you will be charged to get in contact with airlines customer service by calling.

  • For the United States: 800 223 5730
  • For Italy: 89 20 10

Email Id:

You can mail Alitalia Airlines for official queries and suggestions:


Apart from all these, you can even FAA the company with your queries or question, you will get a solution through this also.

For USA: +1 212 903 3568  


You can send post to the registered address of the Alitalia AirlinesAirliens. You will get the respective response for sure and the address is
PO Box R183,
Royal Exchange,
NSW 1225

Social media

You can even get in touch with Alitalia Airlines through their social media handles. You will definitely respond to your question over there. So they have to maintain their social media account over a platform like:

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

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